This weeka€™s roundup includes several new games that challenge your mind while helping it relax.
Blyss ($2, iPhone and iPad) is just about the chillest puzzle game youa€™ll ever playa€”a a€?self-evolving endless puzzle experiencea€? backed by a New Age ambient soundtrack straight from the hearts of space. Klocki ($1, iPhone and iPad) isna€™t all that different from Blyss: A relaxing puzzle game with calm music backing the gameplay.
NOVA Black Holes (free, iPad) helps you learn about science through 50 levels of play in which you watch your star eventually turn into a black hole. Pocket Casts ($4, iPhone and iPad) has launched Version 6.0 with a whole host of new features, including a redesigned user interface, the addition of a€?remove silencea€? and a€?volume boosta€? features, a new stats section to help you track your listening time, and much, much more. Prava (free, iPhone) is designed to help you plan and execute group travel: You can make itineraries, publish the plans to your friends, and discover travel plans made by other Prava users to help guide your own journeys. Prisma (free, iPhone) has long been a popular photo editor, but recent updates appear to have given it new life among picture-sharers in social media.

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The app lets you transform your photos into images that look more like paintings and drawings in dozens of different styles.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Show your love for this teen sensation with a high definition wallpaper for your laptop, cellphone or other mobile device. If you wish to download and use these images for your laptop, desktop, or mobile phone, you must acquire permission from the respective authors. This charmer will steal hearts right from your desktop with his disarming smile and pretty-boy good looks.

Say goodbye to your generic background and add a little personality and a lot of charm to your screen of choice.
Get Justin Bieber wallpapers and make this your desktop, tablet, and smartphone device background. These simple to download images of your favorite heart throb will have all the girls clamoring for a look.
Begin your day looking at this charming artist, or take a break from your homework to catch a glance at the Biebster’s brown eyes. We have a wide variety of celebrity, holiday and nature-themed HD and 3D wallpapers for your laptop.

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