This portrait of Naomi was of a fun afternoon when I was not feeling well and we were hanging out on a blanket in our backyard. This is how she looks this summer, sun-kissed with freckles, shoulder length hair and a whimsical smile. Liz~ What a stunning portrait of your beautiful Naomi, and such a heartwarming story of her gathering flowers to make you feel better. Tania, thank you, it was amazing how everything came together, Naomi wanting to pose for the camera, the light and day, and then the painting process. This is my virtual space where I share my artwork, muse about art books and technique & celebrate the beauty found in our daily lives.

This island is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in eastern Spain. What sets Ibiza apart from any other party destination is that the clubs offer more than just music. The highlight on the island is Space, which has a gigantic outdoor dance floor and loud music. The clubs put on an incredible audio-visual spectacle which will make for a crazy bachelors party. You can go para-sailingĀ (sober-up boy!) or take a boat and enjoy the beautiful natural landscape.

I love the way the light fall on her skin and the tender way you portray Naomi with the wild flowers.

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