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The Aluratek Slim LED Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect accessory to wirelessly transform your Tablet into your own personal laptop.
Featuring Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technology and LED indicator on the top of the keyboard for Battery Status and Bluetooth Connectivity, you can work freely without the hassle of space, angle or distance. Utilizing a space saving design, this 84-key Bluetooth keyboard with full size keys delivers a soft touch with quiet keystrokes and backlit keys to make working in any environment easy. Receive exclusive offers and promotions and be the first to know about new Aluratek products. My only complaint is I wish the backlit keyboard didn't go out so quickly or that it was an adjustable time, but for the price it's great. Last year Amazon began a new service called service called Amazon’s Choice that allows Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) voice-activated speaker to order something by just saying what you want aloud. We won’t bore you with a million shots of the PC as the PR images show all the key external features of this case. This particular motherboard supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory (16GB x 4), so you can easily upgrade the memory down the road. The wire management behind the rear back panel is also nicely done considering that no one usually sees this area. I totally understand and I’d take a good EVGA or Corsair PSU over a High Power model on any given day based on the same personal experiences. Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth enabled Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles and Media Centers for seamless typing and navigation.
This compact keyboard is perfect for small spaces, including the multimedia living room, work stations, classrooms and conference rooms.

I got instead of the keyboard case for my Lenovo tablet 2, its a better choice as it allows me to leave the bulk of the keyboard at home or in the bag when I don't need it. You are effectively turning over your decision-making to Amazon, but is stands to make daily life easier.
Amazon is only charging $719.99 shipped for this gaming PC and that really good price seeing how they assembled it, installed Windows 10 along with all the necessary drivers and then delivered it do your door step ready to go. We did want to take off the front and back panels of the case though and show you the cable management that was done by the employees that assembled this system here in the United States.
If you wanted to add an SSD down the road the Cooler Master MasterBox 5 PC case has front and rear mounting points available! Having used this system and pounded on it for a week it seems like this PSU is okay and it should be okay.
This ultra-slim keyboard is the perfect travel companion for when you take your Tablet on the road. The one thing that we quickly noticed about the MSI B150M Bazooka Motherboard used on this build is that it only has one PCIe x1 slot available for add-in any expansion cards.
If you were expecting a fully modular name brand power supply at this price point you are out of luck. The good news is that a standard ATX power supply is used, so you easily swap it out down the road if desired. While you may think jewel tones are the norm, you may be surprised at the range of styles and colors represented by mineral themes in interior design. You can easily add more SATA or USB devices though and there are two open DDR4 DIMM slots for additional memory expansion. In fact, not only do mineral specimens take center stage in today’s design world, they have inspired a range of products, from wallpaper and tiles to artwork and coasters.

Check out the fabulous mineral finds below…Mineral SurfacesWe begin with surfaces that showcase mineral design in all of its glory!
Note how wavy bands help add a sense of texture… Agate wallpaperSpeaking of agate, there is a current agate craze, thanks to amazing showpiece features like this agate stone fireplace.
In fact, this item is a true work of art, serving as a centerpiece of the room while inviting inhabitants to take a much closer look. One mineral decor technique of choice: echo the shade of your featured mineral with another standout item, such as the pendant lighting below.
The kitchen bar, which appears to be onyx, couldn’t be more fetching in this clean-lined setting. In fact, the amethyst specimens below appear to be the inspiration for this space, which features rich purple tones and surfaces that sparkle. In fact, the quartz specimen in this space is as striking as the pendant light overhead, and its shimmering white tones nicely complement the crisp white trim in this family room.Quartz in an eclectic family roomMineral samples add interest to a space, evoking that magic of gathering your first rock collection as a kid. If your coasters are going to be on display (and they should!), make sure to strategically select a color that complements your decor. The teal coasters below are the perfect match for a space that features yellow and lime green accents. If you look closely, you will see artwork that celebrates the formation of minerals such as agate.
In fact, agate-inspired artwork is another one of today’s emerging decorating trends.

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