Check out these exotic baby names for boys that carry a cool foreign passport in their luggage. Exotic baby names have unique stories behind them and are all about storied heroes, brightness and royalty.
Arjun: the shining meaning of this exotic Hindu name makes it popular among Indo-Americans. Rajah: now that the royal baby name is known and the guessing frenzy has gone away, you can start to consider alternative ways to welcome a young King in your life. Enter your email address to receive new posts full of baby names ideas grouped into meaningful and fun lists to help you make up your mind and understand each name meaning and origin! Shakira's son Milan joined his mum on the small screen for his debut appearance as a judge on The Voice. Dressed in a cute checked shirt and t-shirt picturing a stereo Milan took to his role as the show's fifth judge, joining Maroon 5's Adam Levine, country singer Blake Shelton and Usher.
Before starting her role as the only female on The Voice US judging panel after having baby Milan, Shakira warned that she wouldn't be showing a softer side. Finally, after seven months stateside, I broke out my worn navy passport and traveled abroad once again! I needed a break, but I still can’t believe it lasted seven months.
And at the end of the month, my mom came to visit me and my sister in New York for a few days.
Hudson, New York: The Coolest Small Town in America — I loved discovering this cool local getaway! For real-time updates from my travels, you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat — I’m adventurouskate on both!
This book is enormously popular right now, and I get it, but the author’s descriptions went way overboard.
This novel is beautifully told — I got it after reading its laudatory New York Times review. Almost all of my travel blogger friends who have been to Colombia consider it one of their favorite countries.
I’ve passed the midpoint of my longest stint at home in years (four months down, three to go!) and reading about your return back to travelling has me feeling inspired!
Colombia is my favorite country so far (Sri Lanka being a close second though!) and super happy to see Salento in the list– Valle de cocora is stunning. Hmm, I’d heard about Girls and I thought it would be good but reading your review makes me slightly reconsider.
My friend introduced me to Hamilton on a roadtrip to Ireland in May, and I’ve pretty much only listened to that and Beyonce since.
Our exhilarating list will take you through an exiting journey to the unknown and will give you some amazing ideas for exotic baby names for your beloved son. Arjun means bright and you will find it sitting comfortably on the top 500 baby names chart thanks to it’s pleasing sound. First of all, it starts with the popular K- letter, a trend that we have identified as the most important for 2014. They are famous for their handcraft batik texture which is a unique method of creating fine clothes.
Having said that, Rai is an awesome alternative for parents who are looking for exotic baby names that are not so common.
Renato is an elegant choice that has a musical vibrato theme, fuelled by the hipster -o ending.
But what you probably don’t know is that this exotic baby name is a variation of Alaric which means all-powerful ruler. Milan, two-months-old, sat on mum Shakira's lap as he pressed the famous red button that decides the singing hopeful's fate. Last week Waka Waka singer Shakira added another adorable photo to her Instagram collection showing the youngster sitting with dad Gerard Pique waiting to get his first passport. My friend Beth and I spent just over two weeks in the country, my third visit and her first.
But the older I get, the less I’m able to tolerate long periods of heat and humidity, so a trip to South Africa during their winter was a perfect way to take a break from the heat. I had such a good time with my friend Beth and loved seeing how much she fell in love with South Africa!
This was my first time flying business class for longer than a two-hour flight, so flying super long-haul (eight hours from New York to Amsterdam, then 11 hours from Amsterdam to Johannesburg) was a treat. Seeing the Big Five at any time of year is somewhat rare, but we lucked out: first rhinos (I know!!), then lions, Cape buffalo, elephants, and finally a leopard.

This was my third visit and the best visit by far! From hanging out in Camps Bay to enjoying steampunk java at Truth Coffee Roasters to having an unforgettable meal at the Potluck Club to making friends with a Wine Guy at the bar at the Doubletree and sharing a bottle of the most interesting wine I’ve ever tasted, Cape Town blew me away this time around. In four days we actually did tastings at 10 wineries in Stellenbosch and Franshhoek, pairing wines with chocolate, cheese, cured meats, and even salts! Our connecting flight to New York was cancelled, so we were booked on the next day’s flight and had a 24-hour layover. We got to check out some new parts of the city, including the New York Botanical Gardens, where the corpse flower was in bloom!
My friend Jodi sent me some unusual jet lag tips she’s discovered, which she later turned into this excellent post. I usually take Lyft Line rides (carpooling) home from JFK because it’s $35 as opposed to $55ish, and they just pick up someone near you.
There’s one part of my neighborhood that I feel the absolute safest in, and I never get catcalls there, but men yelled at me constantly in that neighborhood one day.
My Snapchat followers loved that, particularly since it ended with me telling him to fuck off. Kristin is a Manhattan freelance writer who suddenly falls in love with a farmer and starts a new farm with him in upstate New York.
Yes, he was handsome and a great cook and he did thoughtful things for her, but other than that, I feel like he was didn’t even have a personality.
A teenage girl joins a cult of mostly women led by a messianic leader in 1969, and later the cult is involved in a murder. For literary reasons alone, you should read it, and because it was originally a screenplay, it has a cinematic quality to it. Season Four made up for the weak previous season — and ultimately ended devastatingly. Season Three was about the prison going from nonprofit to for-profit, and all the negative changes that ensued, but Season Four pushes the horrors to new levels. My dad’s cousin collects those KLM houses, there are 96 in total and she is only missing 10 or so! But my favorite place was the la Guajira region, if you can fit it after Santa Marta– deserted, absolutely beautiful. And what a great place to escape to from the heat of summer =o) Glad everything is ok with your credit card and that your phone case saved the day! I was a big Weeds fan and I think Jenji Kohan is excellent at portraying events happening now in a realistic way. If you choose to purchase items through these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Arjun comes from Arjuna, an epic Hindu warrior known as one of the finest archer in the world. An even cooler nickname could be short version Jari, perfect for confident handsome boys that will grow up to be strong and dependable men.
Second, the name is straight forward and sounds familiar to American parents without being strange or too hard to spell. Manu is associated with the popular among tourists Indonesian island of Bali and brings in mind their fine art.
This distinctive version of Ray, is blessed with the illuminative association to the healing sun rays that make people smile and keep them warm. The meaning of Renato is reborn and comes from Renatus which has Latin origin (re-natus, natus means born again).
As such, it was a common name for Ostrogoths kings (circa 4th century AD). Other baby name experts suggest that Ulrich comes from the quirky English name Ulric which has a similar meaning, wealthy.
Zesiro is among the exotic baby names that is both unusual and attractive at the same time.
In addition to that, we spent a day in Amsterdam and the rest of my time was spent in the New York and Boston areas. It felt great to wear the closest thing I have to a uniform: jeans, boots, and my leather jacket! We also got along great the whole trip, which is all you can ask for when traveling with a friend.
Beyond that, some of our wildlife highlights were a tiny baby rhino nursing from his mother, a lioness feasting on a kudu, the most playful elephants you can imagine, and two cheetahs, seen on foot, just 15 feet away! Well, Beth and I hailed Lyft Lines at the same time and got paired together, which is bizarre because she lives in Brooklyn and I live 50 minutes away in Harlem. It’s a fictionalized version of Charles Manson and the Family, which is what interested me in the book.

The show has significantly changed direction since Season One and I don’t think anyone would consider it a comedy or even a dramedy anymore. Without giving anything away, this season highlights many of the problems with our prison system, and on top of that, the storytelling is fantastic.
A fairly basic Colombia itinerary, but one that will take me to the most popular spots and let me create the most useful blog posts for you.
I’ve been reading your blog since the Asia Jaunt days, it would be so fun to be able to meet up if we overlap at all. Finca del Cafe was far and away our favorite coffee farm and exploring Valle de Corcora was definitely a highlight.
I was in Bogota and Leticia which we used to explore the Colombian Amazon, which was amazing and definitely a trip is recommend. We flew from Bogota to Pereira and then took a bus to Chinchina to visit a coffee plantation.
Arjun was an undefeated hero, a strong and powerful attribute that could boost any boy’s confidence.
The Hollywood actor who played Neo in the mega hit Matrix saga (get the complete deluxe DVD trilogy plus Animatrix as a bonus) brought the cool Hawaiian name in the spotlight. In fact, it comes from a Scandinavian form of the Latin name Laurentius which would be too classic for this list.
The meaning of Manu is bird of the night and it can be used by parents who appreciate hand made craft.
However, the actual meaning of Rai is wise protector, since it derives from Raymond, a name of German origin. Perfect for religious parents who are looking for names outside the bible, Renato has a spiritual meaning. The food was constant, the seats were so comfortable, the flight attendants were so nice, and the souvenir KLM houses they give business class passengers are my new obsession! I had a speckled burn on my thighs which eventually turned into a speckled tan on my thighs.
Long story short, it usually takes me 30 minutes to get home from JFK, but between the traffic and the detour it took me TWO HOURS to get home.
NOTE: That is NOT blaming myself, because the only people that deserve blame are the street harassers.
I enjoyed the book, but I found the emotional distance borderline bizarre, especially for a memoir. And I kept waiting for the plot to start and as soon as it became mildly interesting, it abruptly ended.
It does not matter that you personally did not own slaves — the effects of slavery have been passed down through generation after generation, and the more you read, the more you will understand. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was a 2004 movie that tells the life-chaning story of an investment banker and a med-school student (watch trailer). If you are a mom working from home and sell your creative stuff via Etsy, then Manu is a name that you need to seriously consider! I took tons of photos (making up for my rainy first visit to Amsterdam), Beth bought her husband his favorite cheese, and we enjoyed a delicious Indonesian rijsttafel dinner. I’m interested in Colombia, too, so glad you’ll be going there and blogging about it!
It’s in the middle of the Coffee Cultural Landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Thus, it was adopted massivly by early Christians that wanted to highlight how crucial baptism was. I asked the hotel to send them to a shelter, so hopefully they’re keeping someone warm now. You can find Laszlo in the Doctor Who series and other popular TV series, but you won’t find many in a school class! Saint Renatus, a 5th century Bishop that became a martyr is celebrated on October 6, so it could also be considered among the October baby names list. Usaquen, the area around Parque de la 93, and Zona G are also fun areas to wander with lots of shops and restaurants.

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