After the 2016 revamp of the Galaxy A series, Samsung has also started releasing similarly updated versions of its affordable J series phones. This year, the 5-inch slot in that series will be taken by the Galaxy J3 (2016), the review of which is provided here for your reading pleasure. As uninteresting as the design of the all-plastic Galaxy J3 (2016) may seem at first glance, there are a few points that deserve mention. Furthermore, Samsung has replaced the rounded, shiny frame seen in last year’s J devices for one with a matte finish that more resembles the design of the Galaxy A (2016) series.
Still, thanks to the newest version of Samsung’s own fairly optimized interface, at least the basic daily tasks will run fast enough on the Galaxy J3 (2016). The 8-megapixel rear cam is capable of shooting decent images if there is enough, if not too much, light.
On top of that, the J3 (2016)’s old-school design enables exchanging of the battery, a feature Samsung once advertised loudly for all of its phones but has now become a feature limited to the more affordable Galaxy devices.
Sure, some extra software goodies known from other Galaxy devices are found on the Galaxy J3 (2016) too.
Wrapping all of the above into a neat conclusion, the Galaxy J3 (2016) really is a simple, down-to-earth phone, with its Super AMOLED display and above-average battery life as primary selling points. Without spilling all the beans, we will give away that it is a simple, affordable smartphone with a gorgeous (for its price range) AMOLED display. First off, unless you buy the black version of the phone, you will get a device with a two-tone front. Combined with an equally matte back plate, the J3 (2016) definitely looks less cheap than, for example, the first-generation Galaxy J5. Its 294 ppi pixel density is neither high, nor too low, and will be sufficient for anyone looking for a smartphone in this price range. The Galaxy J3 (2016) offers sufficient performance to guarantee a relatively smooth user experience, as long as that user sticks to messaging and some modest browsing or video watching. If you don’t expect heavy games to run smoothly, or apps to install within the blink of an eye, you will be just fine with the experience. We were not surprised to encounter camera performance on par with the phone’s price tag.

Dynamic range is very limited, and thanks to the modest processing power, the HDR mode is too slow to take sharp pictures reliably.
If you’re looking for a more capable shooter, you not only have to look elsewhere but should likely spend more money no matter where you go. After all, a phone with such modest hardware and a 2,600 mAh battery should be capable of above-average endurance. Aside from the SD card slot, NFC and the FM radio, there are no fancy extras. The body does not resist dust or water in any particularly special way, nor are there any sensors capable of reading fingerprints or heart rate. It should be noted that the device, despite being an all-plastic affair, does not look as cheap as previous Galaxy J models. We specialize in making Paper Cups, and our staff offers quality and reliable Paper Cups you can count on. Although, you can find people selling these devices on the internet, you do not actually find adequate information on them since not much of explanation is given on the machinery's functions. This State is predominantly demarcated for the Tamils who made most of the population along with people from other States such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and the rest of India.
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Obviously, color reproduction isn’t as good as on the more expensive Galaxy devices, but it still makes for a very pretty screen, overall. Sunlight readability is decent, especially using the special Outdoors setting, that pumps up the screen’s brightness for fifteen minutes. The front camera is, relatively speaking, the best of the two, providing well-lit 5-megapixel selfies. By comparison, last year’s Galaxy J5 camera clearly outperforms that of the J3 (2016). As it turns out, this is the J3′s second real strong point, next to its AMOLED display.

There is the unique S Bike Mode on the Indian variant of the J3 (also available on last year’s Galaxy J devices as part of an update), a feature that we will be talking about in detail in a separate article. However, anyone looking for fast performance or a good camera should do so elsewhere (and perhaps even bring some more cash). In addition, our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services. They form a minority in this coastal State where the eastern part of the city culminates into the seas. As the largest manufacturing hub in the State, it enjoys having several industries within its vicinity. Whether you think it looks nice is a matter of personal preference, but at least it gives the phone a distinctive look that, so far, it only shares with the smaller Galaxy J1 (2016). This feature, unfortunately, comes in place of automatic brightness, which is nowhere to be found on the J3 (2016). Anything more demanding will bring out the limited processing abilities of the Spreadtrum SoC and its Mali-400 GPU, which first gained fame in the Galaxy S2 five (!) years ago.
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