Twitter though is finding itself involved in a copyright infringement suit, filed by one photographer who asked the site to remove copies of his photos that he hadn't authorized, but failed to convince Twitter to do so. Christopher Boffoli, a photographer known for his miniature people and food series, alleges that Twitter failed to comply with requests to take down infringing copies of his photos despite a total of four DMCA takedown notices being sent its way. So, he's now suing for willful copyright infringement and failing to comply with a takedown notice, therefore forfeiting any DMCA safe harbors Twitter may claim.

It's kind of a given when you go to the beach with your best friends, you have to take cute pictures. Kirby had the most darling dress that sadly broke right before, but I had on the Let's Get Nauti Lockwood dress and Caroline had on one from the sale too! Courtney Layne BrewerApril 10, 2014 at 10:34 AMI love that you've been posting more recently!

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