Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! Long-exposure photography gives us the ability the capture some pretty amazing shots by delicately capturing moving elements in an image while keeping the shutter at a slow speed. I’ve seen accounts that were really good at promoting** themselves and those Instagrammers tend to succeeded sooner or later.
The easiest way to get your composition right is to place your subject right in the centre of the photo. I suggest sticking to one filter on your Instagram feed, it’s the easiest way to get some consistency in your style (more about here) and make your Instagram stand out from the crowd. Subscribe to our dedicated Social Media Newsletter – just for social media and blogging articles and news. Or, follow us via Bloglovin for daily updates. One of the easiest ways to add interest and variety to your outfit photos is to have fun with incorporating props. The biggest trick to achieving great OOTDs is to become comfortable in front of the camera – no easy feat when most times the photos are being taken outdoors in the public. As easy as it is to always take your outfit photos in the same area, try to venture out of your comfort zone and add a few different locations into the mix. Although you’ll get the best results taking your outfit photos with a DSLR camera, there are a number of ways of getting these photos without investing thousands in camera equipment.
Joelle is a twenty-something wife, working professional, and personal style enthusiast living in Toronto, Ontario. The most important thing you can do at a child’s birthday party (in my humble opinion), is to take photos! The presents will eventually break, your child will grow out of playing with the toys or cute outfits, and really who is going to remember the details of this special day without photos?!
Today with the help of Evite we are learning how to take amazing birthday party pictures with these great tips to ensure memorable photos on your child’s special day. With these fabulous tips you and your child will remember the details and special guests who came to celebrate on that special day! Apps, Apps, And More Apps- My phone is full apps already, so if your phone is anything like mine, the sound of adding another app sounds like a space waster. For The Perfect Selfie- I love a good selfie and the secret to a good selfie is lighting and positioning. Using Your Camera’s Best Features- Your IPhone already comes with amazing features to help you take those perfect pictures.
Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. To convince you that it’s possible, I will use some of my pictures and tell you what I did to improve them. I will be talking about sunset pictures as well as giving you a general overview on how to improve every type of picture! You can achieve this result  in many ways, sometimes even with a shot taken from a crappy mobile phone. On my edited photo the colors are very intense because  I was trying to recreate the scene as it was in real life, and the colors were THAT intense. Here are a few examples on how I changed 1 parameter, in this case the shutter speed for different results. Downside:In poor light conditions you always need a tripod, or a surface to keep the camera still when shooting. This is a good example on how challenging it is  to take good shots when it is already too dark, this is why you should know how to use the manual settings.
When you know how to use the manual settings properly, you’ll take much better pictures!
Many people asked what kind of camera did I use when I started and which one I use now, so I listed my Photo equipment below. When I was a total beginner (back in 2008) I bought a Canon Point and Shoot ,which is totally great as it has automatic and the manual settings so you can practice a bit before spending some serious cash on a DSLR.
This is the Canon EOS 700D , the better version of my current camera, a Canon Rebel T1 (now discontinued by manufacturer). Click here to know more about the GoPro3+ Silver Edition (update as we speak: I’m switching the silver Edition with the new version! It’s fantastic for videos but the quality, but the resolution and colors of the images are spectacular too.

I did read them several times and they are the only books I would NEVER SELL under any circumstance.
In this article I will give you very practical and straight to the point tips on the best ways to organize and find the pictures you want within seconds.
Let me know if you have other tips and tricks or if you want to discuss some of mine, just leave me a comment! Interesting comment as when I decided to switch and buy my new Full Frame 6D, I was not quite sure whether to buy a Sony instead. I have the Canon 70D and really recommend it if you were ever considering moving up your gear a little. Thats a super helpful post, photography skills is something I lack and am always trying to learn.
With a packed sporting calendar now taking place all-year round, we'll teach you all the shooting skills you need to know to improve your action photography - just in time for this year's London Marathon!We start off by explaining which type of lenses you'll need to best capture the action in various shooting situations when trying to capture the action of the London Marathon 2016. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. While that's great for things like traffic, scenery, and carnival rides, it can come in especially handy for the 4th of July fireworks.
Also, I’ve seen many accounts with absolutely fantastic photos that do really well too. One beautiful object, like a flower, nail polish or a cake on a plain background will get more attention then a complex, busy photo. I’m definitely trying to increase my followers, and love to discover new beautiful feeds. I like to carry a coffee cup, some flowers or have my little dog make an appearance in my photos. Maybe you have a friend who’s taken up amateur photography that would be happy for the experience and the practice.
Her blog, La Petite Noob, covers everything to do with exploring personal style, beauty and lifestyle, as well as documenting her list of 30 things to do before 30. Beautiful, artfully taken photos can be seen in cities and towns, with corner captions that read “taken with an IPhone 6.” It’s no secret that the IPhone’s photo taking capabilities are like nothing else out there.
Turn on your camera’s grid option to keep your photos straight, make use of the AUTO-HDR, do what can to take that amazing IPhone photo and then upload it to your favorite app to jazz it up and share with friends.
After all, photography is an art form and like all art forms, it takes time, patience and practice to master. You look at that beautiful scenery in awe, you shoot as that sunset were the last one you’ll see in your life, and when you check the results all you have is a bad copy of what your eyes are witnessing.
I’m using my travel pictures as an example, because I know what kind of light there was when I took the shots and how I edited the images in post production.
When the shutter remains open for a long time any movement can result in a blurred picture. If you decide to use this setting alone, the camera will set the shutter speed automatically. I will explain what I did wrong and I will give you some more tips to improve and learn from my mistakes. Since I chose to use only one manual setting (the shutter speed),the camera chose the other settings for me.  I could have used the full manual options to have total control on the shot. When you master one setting,  move on and try the others to finally  combine them and find the perfect balance. You can read a million books, but if you stay in your room staring at a computer screen you’ll never improve.
This is a very decent camera, professional enough to take great shots BUT, when someone asks me for advice on DSLR’s I always suggest to buy the body and the lenses separately.
I obviously couldn’t cover everything in this article but  you will find many of the notions I’ve learned (plus a million more) by reading these amazing books!
I will also explore some of the coolest editing programs available (and it’s way shorter than this one I promise! During my trip to Africa, I’ve met a guy with a Sony and the pictures were impressive indeed. I like it for travel photography because it can shoot video and pictures well, and has a flip LCD screen that comes in handy.
I usually set my sony Nex5 to “intelligent auto” mainly because I assume the camera is more intelligent then me!

I can’t give you a straight answer on that, there are specific websites on the topic so I’d say you better check them out, they will have more information!
We reveal tried-and-trusted techniques for capturing sharp action shots and show you how to pan like a pro. The formula is very simple: always shoot in natural daylight, avoid flash and find an area that is totally shaded from direct sunlight. Not only do props help to convey a feeling or a story with your outfit photos, but they also help you to relax and become comfortable with being in front of the camera. I have the easiest time when not looking directly at the camera – even turning slightly away from the camera can make the difference between good and great outfit photo.
She is an aspiring world traveler, obsessive Instagrammer and will never say no to a good gin and tonic.
With a new IPhone, we get a better, and improved camera and accessories to go along with it.
There is not one clear path to taking great pictures and a lot of it comes down to the intuition of the photographer and how it resonates with the viewer. Trying to edit under exposed pictures is more difficult as when you add brightness to them they will look grainy. This is especially true if you want landscape  or sunset pictures that really stand out and look amazing. I am referring to the setting of my beloved DSLR camera, a  Canon 550D , but the settings are similar for all the DSLR’s. If you want everything on focus, you choose a small aperture which means less light and the camera will give you a longer exposure. I’m still happy with my Canon tough, but I can’t say that I envy those who carry a lot less weight than I do! Or, for instance, like the photo above, place your subject diagonally with the main focus in the top right corner. To find that perfect composition, use the lines on the screen when you open up the camera. My best tip for getting the lighting right in a photo is playing around with focus on your camera.
Think for a minute what this photo is about, what message you’d like it to carry and then express it all in one sentence. We would like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our Travel Photography Competition.
Although we've concentrated on the London Marathon 2016, action photography techniques aren't necessarily restricted to sports. Get creative with how you find a photographer to take your outfit photos and it could save you a lot of money in the long run. That said, there are guidelines and techniques that you can adhere to that will help you along the way. In our comprehensive guide, we also show you some cool methods for capturing creative shots of performers – and, of course, all these techniques can be applied to absolutely any subjects that move!What lenses do I need to photograph the London Marathon 2016?It all depends on what you're shooting! While you may not be taking great pictures overnight, you can start learning how to take great pictures this very moment.How to Take Good Pictures of Buildingsby jakedobkin in PhotographyMake great long exposure neverknowingwhy in PhotographyHow to Take Amazing pictures of Lightning! It really comes down to how close you can get to subjects, and how tightly you want to crop. For instance, when taking a flatlay photo, like above, I always tap on the darkest object (i.e.
Wide-angle zoomIf you're shooting in a stadium, or near some gorgeous landmarks during the London Marathon, think about getting some wide shots of the whole setting rather than just focusing on the runners.
And if you’re still not happy with the result, try one of these photo editing apps to brighten up your photo.
You'll need a really wide focal length around 10-12mm on a typical digital SLR, or around 16-17mm on full-frame cameras. Have a safe and happy 4th, and share some of your fireworks pictures with us in the comments!For more tips on taking better fireworks photos with your Android phone, check out my previous guide here.
These ultra-wides can also be used for dramatic shots of some extreme sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding.2. You'll need a telephoto zoom lens with a long maximum focal length if you are going to fill the frame with your subjects.

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