Taking a screenshot is one of those things that every single smartphone owner does at some point daily, weekly, either way, regularly. Android is fortunate enough to offer a consistent method of achieving this across any phone that runs the platform.
When you hit the square task switching button along the bottom of the phone, the resulting window will have a taskbar along the bottom. The first two methods still allow you to quickly share, by pulling down the notification tray and tapping on the "share" button beneath the image. Flawless How Take Screenshot The Sony Xperia Draalin image above has 550 x 330 png 75kB dimension and part of fabulous Mulberry Outletz collection website. Amazing Sony Xperia Review Screenshot Menu Gadget Guy Australia photograph above has 900 x 524 jpeg 117kB dimension and part of exclusive Mulberry Outletz collection website. Lovely How Take Screenshot The Sony Xperia Mulberry Nails image above has 600 x 406 jpeg 42kB dimension and part of excellent Mulberry Outletz collection website. Fantastic How Take Screenshots The Sony Xperia Android Central photo above has 800 x 600 jpeg 94kB dimension and part of special Mulberry Outletz collection website. Inspiring Take Look The Gallery Below And Let Know There Anything artwork above has 315 x 559 jpeg 31kB dimension and part of awesome Mulberry Outletz collection website. Fantastic Take Look The Gallery Below And Let Know There Anything artwork above has 315 x 560 jpeg 33kB dimension and part of exclusive Mulberry Outletz collection website. Great Disable Automatic App Start Sony Xperia Techtin photo above has 500 x 419 png 160kB dimension and part of fabulous Mulberry Outletz collection website. Great Xperia image above has 540 x 888 jpeg 107kB dimension and part of great Mulberry Outletz collection website. Wonderful How Screenshot Amazon Kindle Touch Smartphone imagery above has 606 x 404 jpeg 51kB dimension and part of great Mulberry Outletz collection website.
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Inspiring Recent The Commons Under Galleries World Map App Garden imagery above has 281 x 500 jpeg 27kB dimension and part of special Mulberry Outletz collection website. Fantastic One Advantage Having Smartphone That You image above has 344 x 550 png 242kB dimension and part of special Mulberry Outletz collection website. Lovely Download Free Android Fifa Game For Xperia Play Others Will artwork above has 550 x 309 png 249kB dimension and part of fabulous Mulberry Outletz collection website. Wonderful Cops Man Pockets Ice Cream Sandwiches Pulls Knife Worldnews imagery above has 480 x 360 jpeg 13kB dimension and part of awesome Mulberry Outletz collection website. Flawless Amazon Fire Screenshot Colorchecker Colors Original imagery above has 1145 x 763 jpeg 336kB dimension and part of exclusive Mulberry Outletz collection website. Sony Mobile has released a new update for its Android 6.0 Marshmallow Concept firmware for the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. Other changes include ‘simple’ support for the Sony Smart Cover and a number of stability fixes.
I did point out that the blur is more prominent on other people’s handsets and could also be less prominent, but the issue is there.
The engineers were apparently using a plain piece of white paper to test for the blur on photos.
Also, I’m well aware of a company like Sony having multiple teams for multiple purposes. But commenting here and telling Sony to stop software development just to fix hardware defects policy is just desperate.
Typically customer care from any company is trained to deny, or at least not acknowledge, issues such as this. I’m happy that you have ZERO ISSUES with your Z5, but spare a thought for people who are not lucky enough to have ZERO ISSUES. I can already take screenshots in the power off menu with my xperia z2, so that is hardly something you have to wait for Marshmallow for. Currently using Sony Xperia sola on CM11 I told to myself I will never ever root my Z series phone whenever I buy One. The reason i buy sony is for the sony media apps (except for battery life and more recently design). I want root access but unlocking bootloader wipes all the drm stuff and disables many enhancements. It was present in the Sony rom, but as the concept rom is just a public beta for M rom, you have to wait for stuff.
I’m hyper because you’re acting like an utter cockwomble and anyone else reading that comment (regardless of religious orientation) would of understood it and seen that it was meant as a joke and not a racist or defamatory comment you made it out to be!
Please anyone here’s with Z3 compact on Concept ROM 2153 can show me where the Theme section is?
The screen size war has begun and smartphone manufacturers are engaged in a ever escalating war of larger and larger phones every few months, but do consumers really want them?
But, we live in a world where Android phones that are creeping over the five inch mark are becoming more and more popular. We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups. Sony obviously isn’t the most well known Android manufacturer, but with their latest attempt they hope to be. The Xperia Z feels premium and solid when you pick it up, unlike my experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (which feels like cheap plastic), the Xperia Z feels as premium as the iPhone does.
Unfortunately, that premium feels seems to diminish slightly when the phone is actually turned on.
They’ve also added in these strange little mini applications that are able to float over anything else that’s on the screen. Not all of the modifications to the software are bad, though, with Sony managing to add in some legitimately useful things such as “stamina” mode for battery which actually manages to stretch the battery life over at least two days.

In general, the performance of the phone was good, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s got a quad-core under the hood with all that RAM. The added security of the phone being waterproof is stellar, though and can make for good fun when you drop your shiny new phone in the pool to shock your friends. One of the biggest things any buyer will ask about first is “what about the camera?” In the Android world, they can be pretty hit and miss and for myself, ever since I switched from using the iPhone I’ve never taken as many pictures. It takes photos that are pretty good (some examples above), capturing deep colors and a good amount of detail but seems to inexplicably take grainy photos that wash out. Unfortunately, the Xperia Z display doesn’t quite live up to the butterfly screen, but it’s still good.
I really liked the Xperia Z but believe Sony released it at an unfortunate time for a company that’s trying to break into the Android market like Samsung have.
I don’t know if the Xperia Z has enough going for it (aside from the waterproofing) that makes dropping a similar amount of cash on a Sony phone as opposed to Samsung or HTC one worth it. As with virtually every current Android phone, hitting power+volume down at the same time will grab the current screen.
The volume button is way down on the bottom next to the camera button and as such it's not terribly convenient for using to take screenshots.
Sony made an odd choice in where it put its hardware buttons but it also made it really easy in software to still get all the grabs you need with minimal effort. So we’re kicking things off with a simple tutorial, which is how to take a screenshot.
Sony’s developers are doing a great job of slowly adding some core Xperia features to the Marshmallow experience, whilst still keeping bloat low and performance zippy.
Also you can set a default home screen by clicking the home icon on the top right of the screen. Adding more people to a team doesn’t mean an issue like this will be resolved more quickly.
I’m not suggesting they should actually drop Marshmallow Concept, there are things such as figures of speech. There have been dozens of horror stories regarding hardware issues and broken updates for the Z2, yet I haven’t had any such problems on the Z2. Because all customizable default apps have been replaced with stock Android versions, and I don’t think those can be customized. All I see on XperiaBlog is Sony releases this theme and another build of Marshmallow Concept and there is absolutely nothing from Sony in relation to the above. As I stated above, I shouldn’t of used the analogy that I expect Sony to drop everything and sort this. But Sony’s Concept updates are so awesome It is making me change my decision for a future Xperia.
Again as I have said, think before you reply and STOP taking things OUT of context to make me out to be a bad guy or, as with your last comment, a RACIST! It fits with the whole MD theme but its still Sony with all those suttle gradient and animations. If you are using a JB phone with the Walkman app that was preinstalled and I show you the latest music app, you know it’s the same music app but a new version. Although I’d prefer it if they made it a bit more Sony like and a little less stock like.
It’s a hard question to answer; if you ask Apple they don’t seem to think that anyone would ever want a phone that’s over five inches.
The Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One and the Asus Padfone are all examples of this slow creep towards bigger. The Xperia Z is a huge leap away from their previous devices in design and build quality as well as the size.
Many argue that it doesn’t matter what it’s made of — plastic, glass, metal or polycarbonate — but it does matter. We won’t go into too much detail about them, since they can generally be replaced, but the icons and general styling basically ignores the Holo UI and leaves much to be desired.
You can drop a calculator, post-it or timer over your screen and it’ll persist no matter where you are in the OS. Stock Android could indeed learn that trick from Sony, since the only other Android phone I’ve ever used that’s able to do this is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The waterproof factor changes the game and naturally, I wanted to see how far I could push the phone. The biggest drawback of this waterproofing is that all the ports of the phone are hidden behind little rubberized plastic flaps — which feel solid — but can be a pain to pull open and closed. I don’t get it, since Sony raved about how great the 13-Megapixel shooter was at the launch event.
There’s a holy war in the smartphone world between those who think that size phone is ridiculous and those that actually kind of like them. Mirroring the comments of many others in their reviews of the Xperia Z, the viewing angles are a bit strange. Their marketing push is admirable, which shows what’s needed to succeed in a tightly-packed Android world.
It may come down to just what a customer is looking for in the device materials; the Xperia Z features sandwiched glass instead of plastic in the S4 or the unibody metal design in the One.
There's an option to take a screenshot in here that you should be able to reach with one hand. Tap the capture option and you're thrown straight into a basic editor where you can tweak and share your image.
While it may seem simple to most people, this is the number one thing that we get emails asking about, for just about every device you can think of.
Press the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds, and voila, you’re all done. In fact, it often has the opposite effect especially if the programmers lack experience or expertise in that particular area.
That’s not something unreasonable or unheard of for a company to do and would actually make thing easier to develop and debug in most cases. It doesn’t change that making them non-system apps would be more effective for updating and debugging.
Their support is useless and their customer service is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Now that’s not the fault of XperiaBlog, they have tried and failed to get any comment from Sony.

Blowing up your date refers to blowing up a sex doll and NOT blowing up a date with C4, TNT, triacetone triperoxide (or TATP) or any other explosive! The company has really thought about how they can differentiate themselves and they went ahead and added something that their competitors haven’t managed to yet: waterproofing.
Not bad; add on the fact that the phone can support pretty much any frequency you can throw at it (it’s LTE capable too) and you’ve got a solid handset. Sony’s insisted on rolling their own flavor of the UI, which comes with odd animations and strange cartoon graphics that really make no sense.
Some menus, such as the application launcher feel half finished, which leaves much to be desired from a phone with stellar hardware. In the two weeks I had the phone, the only time I actually used this was to see what it actually did. I really don’t understand why the company needed to throw in a processor with so many cores, because it provides no clear benefit. The Xperia Z works happily in situations where there’s lots of splashes of water (the shower) right down to in a spa pool.
But hey, that’s not a deal breaker for a phone that’s completely waterproof and actually looks nice. The first time I ever considered that a 5? screen could actually be nice was when I saw the HTC J Butterfly. If the phone is on a table and you’re looking at it seated from the side of the table the screen is clearly dull and off-colored. Unfortunately for them, the other handset manufacturers have released their flagship phones too, which either have the marketing advantage or the style advantage. That said, I can’t find a compelling argument that Sony is giving to get the Xperia Z over the other offerings. It’ll then save your screenshot and give you a notification, so that you are able to share it or view it in the gallery and edit it. Now to be fair, that may be the case as my handset was an upgrade through my network, where as some people may have returned theirs to retailers like Clove or MobileFun.
Besides, who says the marshmallow update doesn’t address this issue or that they aren’t including the fix alongside said update? It’s one thing that Motorola has done extremely well by implementing and it is a trend that ought to continue.
I just wish Sony would shed some light on the situation instead of keeping myself and others in the dark. Either way I just want this fixed sooner rather than later and that’s what I probably should of said originally.
If the 1.8 billion muslims were really following a religion that teaches you to blow things up, then none of you guys would have existed to be honest. I donno about the other three but socialife looks good option to have all social services at same place if you use them but not much to warrant downloading the app.
I just don’t get why manufacturers can’t leave the experience alone, either, since stock Android became something awesome when Ice Cream Sandwich was released almost two years ago. It can be fully submerged too, but don’t expect the touch screen to behave how you would want when it’s wet.
It’s not good enough, unlike HTC who have spent a lot of time perfecting their ImageSense technology, Sony hasn’t spent long enough in this area.
The display on that phone is stellar and was the point where I thought that perhaps the size was worth it. The usable screen space makes up for the overall size of the phone, although the adjustment in how I had to hold the phone was probably the most jarring part. We’re talking about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, of course, which are the phones to beat this year. If Sony had released a year ago we might have been having a different conversation, but unfortunately for the company they’ve entered the market at a time when the Android wars are at fever pitch with little reason to switch sides. It’s important to remember that not everyone is as knowledgable about Android as most of us are. I understand your frustration but your argument is flawed and should be ignored(not about fixing the issue, just about forgoing marshmallow development in favor of the camera fix. We have Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, huawei who just follow their own language and then there is OnePlus and Moto who ware just stock.
That’s because Sony — for some inexplicable reason — opted for a TFT display in the phone instead of an AMOLED or something else.
If you have small hands you’ll likely need to do what I do and hold the phone up with your pinky to be able to reach the top of the screen, which may be an issue for many already.
There are plenty of Android users that have just switched over from another platform for the first time. We’ve also got a video down below showing you how to take a screenshot, for those that need more visuals here.
Their skinning even resembles stock Android but it almost seems like they’ve just skinned it for the sake of it.
For a company that prides itself in making TVs, it’s strange that they didn’t think to put something nicer in here. Indeed, sometimes it’ll need to be used with two hands, but it’s comfortable enough to use with one hand on the go. Not only that, we must be wrong and the blur only appears when we’re looking at it and not the Sony Engineers. The display is stellar when you’ve got it in your hand (which is likely where you’ll have it 90% of the time) and despite The Verge saying that the “Xperia Z is more attractive with the screen off rather than on” I disagree and believe your average person won’t even notice it. For the majority of Android phones, taking a screenshot involves pressing volume down and power simultaneously. With the LG G3 the button combination is still volume down and power at the same time but since the G3’s buttons are located on the back the approach is a little different. No matter the reason, we are going to present you the easy instructions on how to take a screenshot with your Moto G. The Moto G screenshot method follows the Android standard which is holding the power button down and the volume down button at the same time for 3 seconds.

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