Although taking a photo of your Android telephone’s Display sounds like something only app reviewers would wish to do, there are all different types of other scenarios the place a screenshot would turn out to be useful, from sharing your own home Display setup with chums to obtaining pictorial proof of your new high ranking in a sport. Regrettably, it has never been all that easy to perform, ceaselessly needing a 3rd-birthday party app to succeed in.
On the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Observe 10.1 (2014 Model), there are now two new tips on how to take screenshots (or one thing like them). Reveal Write: This Option was Also on the Notice 2, however that device lacked an Air Command menu. This will have to work on virtually every other contemporary Galaxy telephone (ones that have come out for the reason that Galaxy S3 in 2012). This must work on the Galaxy S3 and more latest phones like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Lively, Galaxy Notice 2, Galaxy Notice Three, Galaxy Mega, and Galaxy S4 Mini. Pressing the facility and home buttons on the comparable time may even grab a picture of the Reveal.
Both these methods Also work on the Samsung Galaxy Notes as well, and the second method can be appropriate to the Galaxy S2.
Most devices (outdoor of Nexus 5 and different Google telephones) don’t have Android KitKat yet, but many will get it quickly.
For older Android telephones, corresponding to those running 2.Three Gingerbread, you’ll need to head over to the Google Play Retailer, the place there are a few apps as a way to do the job for you.
Open an app or a game or anything on the phone so that we can easily take a Screenshot of it. Now, you need to press and hold Power Key and Volume down Key together for up to 3 seconds. A required Screenshot will be taken and you’ll even get a proper notification of it as well. But for those of you who are coming over from an iPhone or another Android phone, it's a slightly different procedure. Probably the easiest way to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S5 is to just use the physical button combination. You'll now be able to see the screenshot in the Gallery app, or in Samsung's built-in "My Files" file browser. Be sure to check out our Galaxy S5 help, tips and tricks page, and swing by the Galaxy S5 forums! There are actually two different screenshot methods available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Just follow the steps below to start taking screen shots on your new SIV.
Its just that you have to press simultaneously the Volume Down+Power button for a little longer than what you used to (Home button+Power) on Gingerbread.
Press the home button then about half a second after press the lock key and hold for approx. This works fine after the upgrade, however if I try to upload the screenshot to Instagram, it simply won’t let me, however there were no problems prior to upgrade – anyone else come across this issue?

Surely a workaround to go back to the ORIGINAL Home+Power for 2sec needs to be brought back.
Josh I had the same god dam issue with my phone so I took it back to the Samsung store….
Update – Look like Samsung disabled default Android 4.0 ICS screenshot shortcut function on some firmware.
Simultaenuosly press and hold Home and Power for ~half a second and you should see a quick animation and a picture taking sound. A screenshot would come in handy when you want to share your homescreen setup with friends or obtain pictorial proof of a great score on a particular game.
Take screenshots of your Android phone can be a bit confusing, since the process is not the same on every device. The phones that run Android 2.3 and below don’t have screenshotting built-in, you will need to download a third-party app to achieve.
Accidentally deleted some important screenshots from your Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 and want to retrieve them back, Photo Recovery will perform a full scan of your phone internal flash memory or microSD card to find, list and recover your desirable screen capture in minutes. With the introduction of Android 4.Zero (Ice Cream Sandwich), that all changed, so here’s a quick guide on how This Feature works on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Notice 3, Galaxy S4 Lively, and Galaxy Word 2 as examples. Additionally not too long ago Brought newer Samsung units like the Be Aware Three and Introduced clarification language to each section, higher detailing which telephones you should utilize every method with. To Use these, you have to open the Air Command menu, which you are able to do by way of pulling out the S Pen stylus, or with the aid of hovering the pen over the Reveal and clicking the button on it.
Form your hand like you’re “chopping” the Display, set your hand vertically on both side of the Display, then horizontally swipe across it – it doesn’t matter which method – like your hand is a photo scanner. This can be awkward to get proper, so it’s vital to Remember to press Each buttons at the similar time, and hang them except the shutter sound is heard. Fortunately, taking a screenshot is the same as it’s been on account that Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Four.Zero). And it's actually the same method as with the iPhone — it's just that the buttons are in different locations.
Once you've taken a Galaxy S5 screenshot, it's easy to share them on Facebook, Twitter, email or Google+ — or anywhere else, for that matter. Method 1 does not seem to work on Note 3; but it has extra methods using the s-pen and the palm wipe works. I started obsessing about the Android platform as soon as I got my HTC EVO phone in mid-2010. Reading the discussions in this post, seems like there is quite a number of people having troubles to take screenshots with Galaxy S2.
After the Samsung Galaxy S2 updated to this new version, it uses this method instead of the way mentioned in my old post. Like others said I couldn’t get the screenshot to work by holding the down volume and power key.

Why the F*** wont people who are offering solutions READ THE DAMN POSTS OF PEOPLE WHO ITS NOT WORKING FOR?!?!?
F*** the task manager, I preferred that under Home button only for 2sec – AND ITS STILL THERE!!!! Change back to Press and hold Home + Power buttons at the same time for 2 seconds to take screenshot. If you are running Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 and above, screenshots are built right into your phone. After you are taking a picture of part of the Display, Which You Could add tags, notes, and categories to prepare the pic. For Those Who’ve done it correctly, you will have to hear the digital camera shutter and receive a notification that an image has been saved to the gallery. This works on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Google Nexus 7 tablet and will have to be the primary approach you are attempting on any Android tool. For those of you who are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5 from another Samsung Galaxy phone, you'll be right at home here. Now you can capture screens by moving your palm on the screen from left to right or right to left. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with learning all that I can about the Android OS and sharing that knowledge with my friends and family.
Therefore, for Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 users, you can press the Home and Power buttons at the same time to grab an image of the screen.
Remember That to carry Both keys down at precisely the identical time, and grasp unless the you see a shot being taken or hear a shutter click. I'm the editor chief of Techraze technology blog, which has been helping people with tech issues since years! This will take screenshot of whatever screen you are currently on. You can go to your Gallery app to see the screenshots that you have captured. I almost gave up and I am doing it the same way as when I first tried, so I’m not sure what was going on.
And the screenshots will be show up in your Gallery app for your to share with whomever you wish.
If you have recently bought this device, get to know how you can take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos smartphone from here!

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