We previously covered various Messages capabilities on iOS 10, like Spotlight Suggestions in chats, using Digital Touch to send animated kisses and broken hearts, managing read-receipts on a per-chat basis, to mention just a few. The iOS 10 Messages app lets you send messages with one of its built-in full-screen animations for added impact: Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting Star. Should you receive a message saying “Happy Birthday!”, Messages will render the text using the Balloon full-screen effect.
And because iOS is localized in many languages, these auto-playing full-screen effects kick into action no matter the language. For those wondering, iOS 10 beta doesn’t seem to provide a switch to optionally turn off this feature, but things may change as we get closer to the official release date.
As the most-frequently used stock app, Messages is being advertised as one of iOS 10’s tentpole features.
How do you like these auto-playing full-screen effects in Messages based on the contents of your chats? Take a wild ride in 1989 with the full version of Cake Mania to the Max, where you get to help Jill through level after click management fun! Today, we take a look at another cool Messages feature: the ability to automatically play appropriate full-screen effects based on certain messages.

What you may not be aware of is that Messages will automatically play one of these animations based on the contents of the texts you receive. Another example: receiving a “Happy New Year!” message will automatically invoke the Fireworks effect.
For example, here’s “Happy Birthday” in Croatian, my mother tongue, German and Japanese. With iOS 10, Apple wants to make Messages even more expressive and fun while enabling third-party developers to leverage the power of iOS Extensions to build downloadable stickers, bubble effects, full-screen animations and more.
Similarly, if you receive ”Congrats!” in a message, the app will use the Confetti animation.
Cisco Talos senior security researcher Tyler Bohan found the critical bug in ImageIO, which is used to handle image data.

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