Developers of biteSMS have released a useful tweak for Whatsapp – one of the most popular cross-platform messaging app.
Jailbreak Tweak – Quick Reply for Whatsapp allows users to reply to incoming Whatsapp messages using the Quick Reply pop-up window (as seen in the screenshot below) without quitting the app they are using.
The jailbreak tweak works seamlessly from the lock screen, banner notifications and Notification center.
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Air Video HD takes any video that’s on any computer on the network and streams it to my iPhone — transcoding on the fly if it has to — and from there lets me AirPlay it straight to the Apple TV. With apps on multiple platforms, fair pricing, and great UI, Toggl is the clear winner for tracking your time for freelance work.
Alok Singh is a senior at UC Berkeley where he studies Mathematics and is also interested in Computer Science, reading, and research. The best app for managing personal finances and budgets, a reader's Mac and iOS setup, a tip on managing Wi-Fi networks in iOS, and more.
When you don't want your iOS devices to automatically connect to certain WiFi networks, it's easy to forget them. A continually-updated short list of some apps and other gear which we recommend even when they’re not on sale, but right now they happen to be at a good price.
We put together a brief list of our all-time favorite iOS games to share with you, grouped into their respective categories. At its core, accessibility is about access — hence, iOS's accessibility options are tools with which users, regardless of physical or cognitive ability, are better able to access their devices. Here are a few apps that add significant functionality to your Mac that we believe every Mac user would benefit from.
When I do this, all my screen does is shoot to the bottom because my PRTSC key is also the END key. If you have ever used a Samsung device in the past, then you know most of what you need to know already. If you are a convert from iPhone or any other platform, then the easiest way to capture a screenshot is to use a key combination. Finally, the Note 5 also allows you to take scrolling screenshots; that is, a screenshot of the entire screen area from top to bottom.
We previously covered various Messages capabilities on iOS 10, like Spotlight Suggestions in chats, using Digital Touch to send animated kisses and broken hearts, managing read-receipts on a per-chat basis, to mention just a few. The iOS 10 Messages app lets you send messages with one of its built-in full-screen animations for added impact: Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting Star. Should you receive a message saying “Happy Birthday!”, Messages will render the text using the Balloon full-screen effect.
And because iOS is localized in many languages, these auto-playing full-screen effects kick into action no matter the language.

For those wondering, iOS 10 beta doesn’t seem to provide a switch to optionally turn off this feature, but things may change as we get closer to the official release date.
As the most-frequently used stock app, Messages is being advertised as one of iOS 10’s tentpole features. How do you like these auto-playing full-screen effects in Messages based on the contents of your chats? City Builder 2016 County Mall , a new city construction game from Vascogames, will put you in the spot of a real city builder. Our awesome (and infrequent) newsletter will make sure you always know about hot games and apps, with in-depth reviews, recommendations for channels to follow, and more! Applications and games listed on are from the Google Play™ Store and the Apple App Store™ and all the rights belong to their respective owners. Looking for App Market Insights?Explore and analyze the App Markets via the 42matters App Market Explorer and give your app the edge it needs.
On the screenshot you can see the different symbols and notifications icons on your Android phone. The Status bar is shown at the top of the display. If you end with more icons than your status bar can show, you will see a plus icon prompting you to open the Notifications panel to view them all. We do these interviews because not only are they fun, but a glimpse into what tools someone uses and how they use those tools can spark our imagination and give us an idea or insight into how we can do things better.
I run iMore, a website dedicated to all things Apple, and co-host a bunch of podcasts for Mobile Nations, including Debug, Iterate, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and Ad Hoc. There’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to iPhone Twitter apps, but Tweetbot just fits the way my brain works and how I use Twitter. Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland just made it so easy to enter events, and so fast to find them again, that I can’t make excuses any more.
Being able to enter stuff quickly, tag it, then eradicate it when it no longer has value has proven far more useful to me than any complex task management or traditional notes app.
When I get a confirmation email, I forward it to Tripit, and it gets parsed and pushed out to the web service and the app. No human should have to wonder or worry if their old videos are compatible with their new components, and with this, they don’t have to. Instead of having to use the Print Screen button and then paste into Paint (or a similar application), you can now automatically save a screenshot to the Pictures folder as a png with just the touch of a couple of buttons.
David loves technology and the only thing he loves more than technology is teaching it to others.
There are a total of three ways in which you can capture the screenshot in your Galaxy Note 5. Simply push and hold the power button and the home button at the same time, and then let go the buttons. Today, we take a look at another cool Messages feature: the ability to automatically play appropriate full-screen effects based on certain messages. What you may not be aware of is that Messages will automatically play one of these animations based on the contents of the texts you receive.
Another example: receiving a “Happy New Year!” message will automatically invoke the Fireworks effect.

For example, here’s “Happy Birthday” in Croatian, my mother tongue, German and Japanese. With iOS 10, Apple wants to make Messages even more expressive and fun while enabling third-party developers to leverage the power of iOS Extensions to build downloadable stickers, bubble effects, full-screen animations and more.
8 different construction vehicles are waiting for you to be used in the dirt with each their own mission and difficulty, i hope you brought your lunch box because there are going to long hours. So you could say this construction simulator is a forklift simulator, excavator simulator, big crane simulator and many more cramped into one epic construction game! Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine really nailed the physics and playfulness of iOS 7 in the latest redesign as well. I use it more on the iPad, but just having it on the iPhone is the modern equivalent of a security blanket. One way to do this is by using a shortcut key, another way is to use a gesture swiping method, and the third one is brand new to Note 5. Similarly, if you receive ”Congrats!” in a message, the app will use the Confetti animation. Cisco Talos senior security researcher Tyler Bohan found the critical bug in ImageIO, which is used to handle image data.
Next to the 20 epic construction missions, this city builder games has 8 (!) epic bonus missions for collecting more money. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Dropbox stores my entire documents folder, so I can access and work on any file from any device, and it also stores my 1Password database so I can log into any site as well. That said, one basic thing that many people might want to know is how to take a screenshot with their brand new Galaxy Note 5. To capture the screen, swipe the edge of your hand across the entire display (from one side to another). Together, within minutes, I can be up and running on anything Apple makes, and that makes them invaluable.
You can then swipe down the notification area to open or share the screenshot from there, or you can also access the screenshot from Gallery.
You might have also used this method by mistake perhaps when cleaning the screen, but now you know why that happens. This method is very useful especially for websites and blogs, which require you to scroll the screen.
It means that instead of capturing each screen area individually and capturing 10 screenshots, you can now capture one large image of the entire screen.

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