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In my opinion, selfies may lead to the end of the world, but nevertheless they are amazingly popular amongst pretty much everyone one. Okay, with the front facing camera ON and your wonderful face in frame, you can begin snapping your Live Selfie.
The 5MP FaceTime HD camera also includes Retina Flash, which makes use of Retina Display rather than using LED flash. You will also be able to play and view Live Photos in OS X El Capitan when it is released on September 30th.
Now, you can go ahead and share your Live Selfie by tapping the Share button and sending it off via your chosen method of image transportation. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
TweetDual camera shots, Smart Pause, Hover control, Wireless Charging, these features were unimaginable to bring into reality some years ago but it seems that the Research & Development Cost of Smartphone manufacturers are not going in vain as the impossibilities of the past are now becoming our present as well as future. The Laser Keyboard in iPhone 6 could work as second option apart from touchscreen keyboard as users would take time to get used to of it & can use the traditional touchscreen keyboard for quick work. One expense that Built in Laser Keyboard technology of iPhone 6 will reduce is the purchasing price of Laser Projecting keyboard devices which serves as a laser beam projector for iPhone, eliminating a need of having an extra accessory for keying. Apart from the responsive requirement of iOS for Laser Keyboard, the other requirement of the availability of Flat surface for Laser Projection can hurdle in the way of its complete usability. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Tweet TweetApple has finally unfurled the great whopping veil from the mysterious secret which has kept everyone in frenzy for a long period of time in the entire history of mobile  phones. This is a list of the best iPhone 6 apps to showcase the power and the longevity of Apple’s current flagship. Many of these are free iPhone 6 apps, but there are certainly a few that are worth paying for if you want the best possible experience on your new iPhone 6. The following iPhone 6 apps are mostly comprised of the apps that I use every single day or at the very least, every week.
Tweetbot – If you use Twitter as much as I do, Tweetbot is an essential application for your iPhone 6. Hangouts – Google Hangouts is the app I use for real time communication with co-workers, friends and family. HDE OTP – If you use two-form authentication on any of your accounts, Gmail for instance, HDE OTP is an absolute godsend. Evernote – Evernote is a beautiful application that allows you to take notes, cherish important moments, and keep your day organized.
Swype – Apple finally allows users to install official third-party keyboards without jailbreaking. FirstAid by American Red Cross – First Aid by the American Red Cross is a fantastic alternative to WebMD.
Remote – Remote allows you to control iTunes Radio and Apple TV right from your phone. Xbox Smart Glass – If you own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One, do yourself a favor and get Smart Glass. PayPal – A lot of people use Venmo, I still use PayPal to easy send off money for goods or to friends. Google Maps – Apple Maps is getting better but I still rely on Google Maps to get me around.
Sigalert –  Those that want more information about traffic will want to take a look a Sigalert. Afterlight – Afterlight is an extremely cheap application that allows you to add effects to photos after you take them. NFL Sunday Ticket – If you have DIRECTV and subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket, this app is a must. Bar Link – Bar Link is an insanely useful application that essentially allows you to takeover a compatible jukebox. Grubhub – GrubHub allows you to easily order delivery or takeout from your favorite local restaurants. Bandsintown – I love going to live music and this application allows me to easily track my favorite artists on my iPhone 6. Monument Valley – If you want something more than puzzle games, Monument Valley is the ticket.
Tiny Wings – Tiny Wings is one of my favorite iPhone 6 apps and one of the best iPhone games period. It is a fantastic app for the iPhone that uses a compass image which is laid over the live image of the camera. Today, more people take photos with the iPhone than they do with any other camera, and we really can’t blame them. But while many people prefer the iPhone 6 for its whole collection of features, photographers know that there’s a treasure hidden beneath the lens of that camera. What makes the iPhone 6 a great tool, even for professional photographers, is its strong battery, which lasts longer than the iPhone 5s ever did. While previous models of the iPhone recorded video in 1080p with 30fps, the iPhone 6 can record video in 1080p on 60fps. Even selfies are better with the iPhone 6, as the phone’s improved front-facing camera can now take in even more light, producing better-quality images and less noise. A complete photo editing suite also makes full use of the iPhone 6’s powerful processor, and allows for truly unique and customizable panoramic images. This early on, we can already tell that the iPhone 6 is setting the stage for all other smartphone cameras. 5kshares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Pin to Pinterest Share on StumbleUpon+What's This? But we will not just ask you to browse through those breathtaking pictures and videos but also help you understand how to take better pictures with this outperforming camera phone. The tiny little yellow box with a sun icon on the camera interface gives you the ability to change the exposure in the picture. The grid lines makes it easier to level out horizontal or vertical lines and helps in positioning the subject. This option is something that we do not use often, but put it to its best use and it will give you great results.
The standard and the usual way of taking panorama pictures is to move the phone vertically from either left to right or right to left.
In the real world, many of us like to doctor our photos a little before sharing them on different social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A quick glance at these photos makes it fairly evident that Apple’s megapixel bump over the iPhone 6 and the smartphones before it adds a huge difference to the overall quality of the photos being taken. Showrunner Bryan Fuller has also stated that he'd love to feature Spock's mom, Amanda Grayson. You can slide it up from the lock screen, ask Siri, or use Quick Actions with 3D touch to launch the front camera from the Home screen. A new custom display chip drives the Retina Display to flash three times brighter than usual. The front of your screen will flash, hopefully providing enough light to improve your image. Instead of pressing into an image, just tap and hold and the Live Photo will eventually animate.

Similarly, the same can be said about the much talked concept feature of iPhone 6 which is Laser Keyboard in iPhone 6. The technology works by projecting a virtual keyboard pattern via laser beam point from iPhone to a flat surface & the key strokes are fed in device when hands movement is detected by device camera. Flat Surfaces are not available every time especially when you are outdoors, which makes us wonder would Laser Keyboard overshadow the traditional touchscreen keyboards or will iPhone offer a flat card in future for Laser Projection when you are outdoors? After using the device for over two months, these are some of the best iPhone 6 apps available. Without these apps I wouldn’t be able to use the iPhone 6 as much as I do, and it would not be a valid replacement for the Nexus 5 that I also carry with me on a regular basis.
It features a beautiful, clean interface and it allows you to easily interact with your follows and messages.
The app has dramatically improved over the years with new functionality and better stability. It’s a quick and easy way to ensure that your accounts are secured and that you have easy access to them.
It allows me to use strong passwords for all of my logins and it keeps them stored away for easy use.
The app is much improved with the arrival of iOS 8 as it allows you to easily take note of content in Safari.
One of the best options is Swype, an Android staple, that uses predictive swipes to make accurate predictions. It tracks and analyzes my sleeping patterns and then wakes me when I am actually ready to get up. It provides helpful tips in case of emergency and best of all, it provides all of that even when you’re offline. The Kindle application for iPhone 6 is a fantastic way to read whether you’re in a plane, train or sitting on the couch. The app has improved over the years and is a necessary app for Netflix users, especially iPhone 6 users. The app is able to scarily predict things like when it’s going to rain and for how long.
If you want a solid free weather application, The Weather Channel will suit all of your needs. It offers detailed traffic reports, offers traffic cameras, and allows you to personalize your route. Waze pulls in information from other drivers on the road and offers you a glimpse at potential roadblocks ahead. There are a mind-boggling amount of options at your disposal so that you can get the right look for your photos. Another alternative to these two other iPhone 6 photography apps and one that is worth checking out if you find yourself taking tons of photos with that improved iPhone 6 camera. It’s another powerful editing tool and it allows you to easily edit photos taken on your iPhone 6. It provides scores, updates, and highlights and it allows you to follow the games right from your iPhone 6.
Make an account, load up credits and you’ll be able to request music at your local pub right from your phone. It has been a lifesaver for me in the past when I’ve needed a great hotel on the cheap. I live in Los Angeles and there are tons of artists playing at tons of different venues on any given day. I use it in the car, I use it at home, I use it to play music thru my Bluetooth speaker when I’m in the shower. Spotify Radio is still not that good so when I want things to get a bit random, I use Pandora. It’s like instagram meets trip advisor for people to quickly share and discover cool stuff to do nearby. The popularity of services like Instagram and Snapchat show that we, as a society, love snapping photographs of the world around us and sharing it with our friends, family, colleagues, and everyone in between. Every new iPhone comes equipped with technology that trumps the last, and many people have been quick to upgrade to the latest devices.
It’s something that all traveling photographers need, and something that anyone who likes to take quick snapshots for Instagram will be sure to appreciate. Similarly, shooting in 720p will results in 240fps for the iPhone 6 – double the 120fps on the iPhone 5s.
Save for a few kinks, the iSight camera on these latest models are proving to be truly innovative and revolutionary. The campaign was only restricted to still pictures but Apple has now added videos to it too. You can lock the focus on the iPhone by long pressing the area you want to lock the focus on and remain fixed at. For example if a person is standing against a bright background, it would appear to be dark, with manually setting the exposure, you can increase it and make the person perfectly visible. The composition made with the help of grid lines result in better and aesthetically pleasing photographs. There are often times that we miss the moment either before pressing the shutter button or after. But you can experiment with the panorama feature by using the phone horizontally or in a landscape mode and moving it from top to bottom or bottom to top. But if you dive into the technical specifications of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll come to realize that both the devices are packed with brand new camera sensors that can churn out beautiful images in glorious 12-megapixel resolution. The real test comes into play when you snap up a photo using a smartphone’s camera and scrutinize it on a larger display without applying any sort of filters or wizardry on top. This time around, Apple claims that it has figured out a way to improve the image quality while also packing in more pixels in a sensor that’s already minuscule on its own.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. With the introduction of Live Photos in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, everyone’s selfie game will need to step it up a notch. Remember that these Live Photos take 1.5 seconds before and after your photo is shot, so try to keep the camera relatively steady during the process.
Maybe crack a smile or toss in a wink, so that the selfie actually has some nice animation to it. It also makes use of the True Tone technology that is used in the back LED flash to match the lighting color and provide truer tones. It would have been nice if Live Photos were labeled with the LIVE yellow label, as it is not very easy to figure out which photo is a Live Photo in the camera roll.
Last time we checked the camera involvement, other than capturing photos, was with Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause feature. The speed by which the Laser Keyboard can interact with the device, will tell the true potential of this concept. Apple has planned to open up its retail stores on September 19 at early in the morning on 8 a.m.
While most of these are my applications, a few of these come highly recommended by my colleague and fellow editor Josh Smith. The company has made some solid improvements and the app is far more fluid than it used to be. If you regularly log into a ton of sites on your iPhone 6 , LastPass is an application that you’re going to want to take a look at right now.

I find myself using Google Now way more than Siri and I have a feeling many of you iPhone 6 users will end up the same. A must have iPhone 6 application for those that like looking back as much as looking forward. The iPhone 6’s large screen size makes this far more enjoyable than the experience on my iPhone 5.
This is one of my most used iPhone 6 apps and a must have for those of you that are constantly watching content on one of the web’s most popular websites.
It’s a fantastic app and one that I use on a daily basis when playing games with friends and family.
Amazon has continually tweaked its app for the iPhone and thanks to those improvements, I’m on it almost every single day.
The app allows me to easily check on my bids and on the auctions for things I’m selling. Those of you that get tons of packages would be wise to get the FedEx app on your iPhone 6 ASAP.
No exchange of cash is required, it’s all done through the app, and you can rate drivers on their performance. Most of the terrible reviews are from people who feel screwed over by NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions and don’t pertain to the app itself. Slack is a fantastic communication tool that allows iPhone 6 users to easily share content with friends and fellow employees. It features a massive library of music and even allows you to download and save songs provided you have a premium account.
Also if you hold the phone flat the compass is laid over the top of Google Earth Maps so you can locate your position and calculate your speed and potential arrival time. It seems strange to think that only a decade ago, cameras on mobile phones were an innovation, and being able to quickly take a photo of something was a dream that had only just begun taking shape. It’s no surprise, as Apple has touted the iPhone 6’s camera to be a game-changer in smartphone photography.
It certainly puts forward a new opportunity for iPhoneographers, who can now shoots with their phones in confidence. With this even the exposure gets locked, preventing the dimming and brightening of the picture. Considering the wide use of this mode Apple has put this mode directly on to the camera interface. Infact there are times when pressing the shutter button shakes the phone a little and hence results in a shaky picture. With the burst mode you can long press the shutter button and it will take 10 photos per second, giving you the options to pick the best out of them all. This is generally used for tall buildings, towers and skyscrapers but if experimented well, it can be  incorporated in normal portrait shots. Apple with its constant iOS updates improved the camera functions and we might see some more upgrades in the camera but as of now it remains the best camera phone as compared to any other smartphone, today.
Lucky for us, Apple has posted an entire gallery of photos taken using the iPhone 6s’ brand spanking new 12-megapixel camera, and the company claims that these snaps are entirely untouched and come straight from the device itself. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Here are three different apps that you can use to take a GIF-like picture however.DSCO, made by the developers behind the very popular photo-editing and photography app VSCO Cam, is a great one.
Live Photos animate when you swipe between them in the Photos app, so that is the best way to figure out. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. It’s a free application that offers tips for stress, meditation and offers soothing sounds and music to help bring you back down to the ground. Extremely useful for those of you that aren’t getting a lot of sleep or constently feel tired.
I’m not a heavy eBay user but I still highly recommend having it because you never know what you might find on there.
One of my favorite iPhone 6 apps and one that I’ve carried over with me from the iPhone 5. You’d be wise to get it if you drive a car, take public transportation or simply enjoy getting out for a nice walk.
Uber continues to improve its service and application and it’s become one of my favorite iPhone 6 applications. The app is free and it provides an easy way to ensure that you’re not over or under tipping at lunch or dinner.
Free is the best domino application that I’ve found and it allows you to play against friends and the CPU.
Recompose your frame by locking the focus and exposure and get great flexibility in your pictures.
You can switch the grid lines on or off, though at first the lines might seem as a little distracting and need a bit of getting used to.
It brings out more details in a picture and adjusts the overexposed or underexposed areas in a composition.
To avoid that shake and to get a very stable and crisp picture, use the mode mounted on a tripod or place it on a stable base. It makes sure that you do not miss a moment even if you are not precise while pressing the shutter button.
I’ve yet to have a bad experience buying, or selling, tickets from my iPhone 6 on StubHub. Here you can take a look at the photos and video submissions to Apple by users from across the globe. It’s a little bit easier to use 3D Touch if you change its sensitivity from Medium pressure to Light.
For the moment, Live Photos can’t be posted on social media online without separating the video file from the picture file on a desktop computer.Last but not least is Google Photos, which may have the smoothest implementation of all the apps mentioned thus far. The Flash actor is currently on set of the upcoming Justice League movie and can’t wait to show people his version of Barry Allen. To access this feature, you will to open the Assistant menu that is located in the main menu.
Users can peek into emails with a firm press, bringing up options to reply, forward, mark as spam, set a notification or move the message.Pull up App Switcher with 3D TouchDouble-pressing the home button is so 2014. With 3D Touch, you can hard-press on the left side of the home screen to bring up the app switcher window with all your active app cards.Disable Live PhotosLive Photos are a really cool new media format, but the moving images also take up double the space as a normal still picture. Just take any Live Photo from your camera, tap the share button, then choose Set as wallpaper. To watch your live wallpaper move from the lock screen, just firm-press on the display.Peek at playlistsJust want to take a quick look at the tracks on Apple Music’s Justin Timberlake playlist? Hard-press and you’ll bring up a card showing the track lists, as well as the option to play, shuffle or add it to your music.

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