Child Check In helps you provide security for children's programs such as Sunday School, Children's Church, VBS, Camp, Daycare, School, etc.
Print badges for each child, with any allergies clearly displayed, along with the child's name, birth date, guardians' names and photo and the list of authorized adults whom they may be released to.
Recently I have implemented take photo using web camera in my website for the profile photo.
Now the camera has been set to 320*240 size and when you click on camera icon, the timer will show for 3 second and after flash the image will be taken and preview will be display over the camera.
Shape and strength of shadows varies with the type of light and the angle from which it hits the subject. When it comes to drawing attention of the viewers, there is nothing like vibrant and contrasting colours. Think of props or accessories that could go with the scene, something that would add value to the scene and not only that it should be something that naturally belongs to the situation. Webcam Toy is a free interactive application to take photos online from your webcam applying camera effects to them.
Go on to the Webcam Toy homepage either by clicking on the link at the bottom, or click here.
You will get a message (like the screenshot below) to allow the website to use your webcam. You will see 5 options at the bottom of the webcam screen – options, back, effects, next and take photo.
Effects: the center button which lets you scroll forward or back through various effects available with the name of the effect showing on the button like Normal, Spiral, Twist, Dent, Fisheye, Pinch, Bulge, Ripple, Neon, Ghost, X-Ray, etc.

This handy flash-based web app works right in your Chrome browser, and it allows you to have all kinds of fun with your webcam.
Once you have snapped your photo and added some cool effects, you can share your photos to Facebook and Twitter with just a couple of clicks. What we are all familiar doing is getting the background out of focus to make our subjects stand out in the picture. Someone viewing your picture should not feel like that object was purposefully added to the scene.
It is an online app which allows you to add over 60 effects while taking pictures using your webcam online. You can take photos online through your webcam with various effects or filters added to them. Also if you want to check out multiple effects together in one window, than just click the effects button.
Do you want to be able to share them with your friends on social networks quickly and easily?
You can snap the photo directly from the app, and use some of the dozens of available effects to truly make the image your own. If you are looking for a cool way to snap and play with photos from your webcam, Pixect is a great choice.
Why not do the opposite and play with focus, it could make an interesting picture out of an ordinary scene by adding an element of mystery to it.
It could be anything something to place your subject in, or on, or under, or around or anything for your subject to hold.

You then get the option to either download these photos, or you can share photos with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
This will split the screen in 9 boxes, each showing a different effect with the name of the effect mentioned at the bottom of the box.
So in this tutorial I am giving simple steps to implement take photo using web camera in PHP with live demo.
There are times when you would want the shadows to be more prominent than your subject casting the shadow. It doesn’t stop there you could do pretty amazing stuff playing with textures in post production.
Especially useful when you are not sure how to place your models hands in a particular frame.
Clicking on any box will take you to the normal mode, where you will be able to click a photo.
It allows you to take pictures from your browser and add cool effects to them in the easiest way possible.

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