For those of you who were asking why we are posting our suggestions and solutions on our website. We take time reading all those emails and we spent even more time finding appropriate solutions to problems and writing them.
If you are familiar with electronics, you can do a quick Google search on how to open a Galaxy S2 to check on the motherboard yourself. Problem: My problem happened after my son tried to use my phone to access his Facebook account.
I can give you information about my phone but right now I really don’t know what software its running. We assume that you have access to a computer and Internet when doing the steps as we need to get hold of Odin. Your phone should reboot automatically once the process is successful and the success indicator with the PASS should be shown on the screen. As for your concern Bev on whether this will delete your contacts and messages, the step will only delete the log files of apps so there is no risk of losing those. Another user with the same problem suggests clearing the Apps data cache then opening Contact Storage afterwards. To isolate the cause of the problem, we recommend that you do a factory reset of your phone so it runs the basic apps again. What this guide aims to achieve is to basically walk you through in disabling some features and settings.
Make sure to check Turn off Wi-Fi, Turn off Bluetooth, and Turn off GPS (Another way to save battery power on your phone is by turning off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi when not in use. Using live wallpaper has been proven to drain battery faster so we also want to change your wallpaper settings. If you have Wi-Fi at home, we recommend that you switch to it instead of using your 4G or data connection while browsing the internet. Lastly, turning off vibrations can greatly improve battery life because it prevents the phone from turning on the mechanical part of the vibrator. Is there any way to get rid of this from draining my battery unnecessarily and stop these problems? If the issue is caused by corrupted software after you updated the phone though, restoring the phone’s factory defaults would surely help. Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone. Support Us If you have enjoyed our free help please support us by liking us on Facebook and signup for our weekly newsletter. Disclaimer Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with the device manufacturers or phone carriers we mention in any way, all suggestions are based on our own experience and research, you may use our advice at your own discretion. Samsung's official case has previously been available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the S4 and now you can get a quick glance at information on your S5. I received my Galaxy S5 just two days before and it seemsgood with dotted back cover and 5.1 inch front screen along with whole waterresistant body.
Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! After having broken the glass screen, and having dented the casing of my Samsung 6 edge, it was taken to a mobile phone repair place and supposedly repaired with all new casing and glass. Hi,have you tried to use another USB cable to rule out the possibility of usb cable problem first? Do you have the instructions of how to replace the battery in the Galaxy S6 Edge + (that is edge 6 plus). I am all for the extra battery’s, I can appreciate the value in having a extra battery to swap when phones die BUT man. Hey Phillip, we don’t provide repair service, you can search on Google and find a right mail-in repair service provider for you.
I bought the S6 without researching, just presuming it would be better than the S5 and I trusted Samsung. Instead it has NO waterproofing, NO replaceable battery (this article is a joke, right?) and NO expandable storage. Are you kidding?…im laughing my face off as 98 percent of all people on the planet would screw this up…FAR TOO difficult to do unless you really really know what your doing and have experience doing it!! I think you are significantly underestimating the percentage of the population that actually took the time to learn real skills and that can follow directions and problem solve.
The only thing that really makes this terribly difficult is that Samsung used glue, which is an ADHESIVE, which makes the repair a destructive and non-repeatable event.
I am all for companies making a reasonable profit off of their products, I want fair value for my labor as well, but when they offer dung and call it a diamond I have an issue with their marketing tactics. I was just wondering what did you do after you put the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge back together again. Well, there are a lot of emails that were worded differently but basically have the same issues. The Battery is working OK and the Charger also works fine because i tried them on my friend Samsung Galaxy S2. We cannot determine what’s the status of the motherboard or the charging port at this time.

He said he has not done anything wrong with it, that the phone simply shut down by itself when he tried to log out. My son mentioned that he tried to root the phone too and I don’t know what that means. We can see that you both have a slightly similar issue in that you can’t install new apps on your phone. Based on our research here, this error is being caused by an incompatible app on your phone. Using Wi-Fi connection can reduce battery drain by 50% slower because your phone uses lesser power.
It’s not normally recommended to stop system processes but Watchdog app can kill Package Access Helper quite easily without the unwanted consequences. A Factory Reset ensures that your device runs only the tested software and apps so it’s a good way of determining what the problem really is.
It's essentially a flip-style cover with a design very similar to Samsung's official Flip Wallet case with an added window at the front that let's you view notifications, answer or reject calls, see pedometer progress and even take pictures with the camera. Nice soft touch material, awesome grip and a premium feel to it which was what I was looking for.
Samsung has released official battery change instructions within their manual (Check it here), but this doesn’t really give you an idea of how difficult the task is. This looks like to much business not to mention VOIDING your warranty potentially messing your whole situation up.
I don’t have the experience or patience to try this but my battery in my edge is dead (goes up to 64% then down to 0, then up to 45%, then down to zero, etc. How could you buy a $700+ smartphone without touching it first inside the closest cell phone store? Sounds to me like little more than a ploy by Samsung to try to make more money off the phone sales by forcing people to pay to replace the batteries in service centers.
If you’re wondering about the T-Mobile Marble White 32GB variant, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it. We’ve been flooded with a lot of emails from our readers who need help this past couple of weeks and there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of emails that were unanswered. So, posting our answers on our website would make it easier for our readers to browse pre-existing solutions before they actually email us. For those who still have problems, email us at [email protected] and provide as much details as possible. I have this phone for a good 3 years now and this is the very first time it starts to act strange.
However the phone is dead and it’s not responding to the charging when I plug it in the wall or any plug socket for that matter. Solders deteriorate over time and there’s a chance that the charging port may no longer have a firm connection to the motherboard, causing the phone to not charge properly. After hours of research it appears I need to delete dump stack using *#9990# to see if this helps.
Every time I try to download something it either says there’s no space (even though it only has mostly the original apps and I have cleared cache and history) or it says that it can not be saved in default settings?
Unlike the S3 and later Galaxy models, your device have a rather limited internal memory space so you need to manage the number of apps that you can install. Unfortunately, there is no specific app that can be pointed out as most of users with the same problem mentioned different apps. That tells us that it may have a problem that can either be caused by faulty software or hardware.
Fortunately, Jelly Bean gives you more options to conserve the phone’s power than Ice Cream. In fact, according to a user who has tried it, doing so even improve the overall performance of the phone. On the hardware side, the most common culprit is loose connection between the copper connector and the SIM card itself. Most providers allow you to buy another SIM card for about $2 so you may just want to grab one if you have no other device to insert your SIM to.
To house the S5 you'll need to take off the removable back to clip into a sensor chip to activate the S View Window interface. Sothis phone is best suited according to my lifestyle and conditions of regionwhere I am living. Here our detailed guide will walk you step-by-step through how to replace the S6 and S6 Edge battery. I am not sure why else a extra battery would be useful other then when you got no juice swap them out like I have always done, but this is to much of a process I guarantee you by the time you finished dissecting your phone it would have already been charged. If Samsung can make a real claim about why this was done and why it is a good thing I would be interested in hearing it.
In addition to that, there is also no sign of any prices related to the handsets mentioned above.
Founded in February 2006, OrNsoft made it a point to hire great people, continuously refine its project management processes, and invest in the ongoing development of technologies and expertise. The next thing that happened is that it rebooted and was stuck on the Samsung boot up logo.

Loose screws on the case can cause the charging port to lose reliable contact with the motherboard. Even with an SD card, a Galaxy S2 still utilizes the internal storage space for most apps, which gives it a rather limited capacity. However, the best way to resolve this is to uninstall apps individually until you isolate the cause. In this post, we will give you hints on what to do to lower down the phone’s energy consumption in no time.
Unfortunately, there is deeper explanation from Google why it seems to be heavily eating up CPU resources and needs a lot of battery power.
Moisture can also create particles around the copper connectors, causing poor connection between them and the SIM card. On the front lid there's also a series of magnets like those found in the iPad Smart Cover to awaken the phone when opened.At first glance the S View cover looks like it's made of leather, but on closer inspection you'll quickly realise that what looks like real leather is actually synthetic. Apart from that, the next thing that I am looking to buy is flipcase with wireless charger as I found one for it on Amazon by CHOETECH thatcost much lower than the cost of official one.
Without a power charge,the battery of most Samsung phones are able to achieve incredible lengths ofduration with some phones lasting for as much as 48 hours without a charge.However, despite Samsung's amazing achievement in battery life, you will stillneed to charge your mobile device from time to time. This phone series compete mainly with the iPhone and have different editions like gold version, plus versions, dual sim versions and so on.
I hope many follow suit, as lack of sales is the only way to complain effectively enough to make any difference. When the carrier does make the official announcement, we will be sure to let you know.Filed in Cellphones >Rumors. When the charger is plugged in, my phone doesn’t detect it and I have to replug it several times to work. Anyway, trash aside, I really can’t understand why a perfectly working phone suddenly fails to load anything. If you installed some apps recently, we recommend that you uninstall them so you’ll know which one is the culprit.
It took forever to install or uninstall an app and a really long time to recharge my phone(4-6 hours).
Though a little older now, this phone is a reliable partner in my business so I really don’t want to let it go.
I’ve tried charging with a charger, then with a different battery… Nothing, do you know anything that may help? However, if this process is done correctly, it can mess up the device and cause the exact problem you’re having right now. Lastly, if we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends or visit our Troubleshooting Page. I have no money right now to get a new one so I have all ears to your suggestions to how I can make this phone work again. The best thing to do in this case is to restore the default operating system of your phone.
It may sound simple to some but opening the phone by yourself may give you more trouble than good so we suggest that you let a professional handle it for you. We would have liked to have seen a pull tab to better secure the case and when you take pictures, there's a black line across the top of the screen where the cut out sits too flush against the sensor, though you can take 'square' photos using the window at the front -- a neat addition.Like the Dot View case for the HTC One M8, the S View case is a really interesting idea and is actually more useful than the HTC's offering. Money’s tight right now so if you can help me without telling me to get a new phone would be greatly appreciated.
I remember, I have done a software update on the phone three weeks ago, other than that, I have not done anything crazy with it.
It could really benefit from more interesting third-party app support to make it worth spending close to ?50 on. Samsung Galaxy is the most successful android phone and has been even having more sales than the popular Apple iPhone, which makes it the biggest android representative. Be advised however, that we will be doing a full Factory Reset, which means that we are deleting all your saved files like photos, songs, etc.
After about an hour Package Access Helper showed on my battery drain list and now taking up 26% and starting to cause the same problems.
How everything changed from the Galaxy S1 version and how advanced the Galaxy S6 now actually is.
It’s also nice to see Jelly Bean somewhere outside the flagship phones.What do you think? My first and current phone is a Motorola Defy which is currently rooted, rom'd and running a beautiful ICS thanks to CyanogenMod.
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