While browsing Reddit, we were able to find this extremely helpful and brilliant guide to taking a selfie for men.
By Kat Nothing beat the smell of a newborn baby, except maybe swooning over newborn baby pictures. 12 Months of Baby Photo ShootsSometimes in the excitement and sleep deprived world of babies, we forget to embrace our camera and get all those must take pictures. Blissfully ConvenientGet new Blissfully Domestic content delivered right to your inbox via our weekly newsletter. How to take a screenshot in Windows 8 - Taking screenshots in previous versions of Windows was a laborious task. Well thankfully now, Microsoft has caught up with the rest of the civilised world and has addressed the problem in Windows 8.

I love how these shots capture the parents but they aren’t they focus of the picture. You had to press Print Screen and the paste your screenshot from your clipboard in to Microsoft Paint or another image editing program and then save it.
Now you can take a screenshot and Windows 8 will automatically save it as a jpeg in your photos folder for you.
Command+Shift+Control+4 — your mouse cursor will become a cross hair, letting you select the region of the screen you want to select. But indeed, it requires getting the right angle–like dropping the phone down really low.
You only have a tiny window of opportunity to preserve the pure essence of newborn loveliness.

This is also great for the Mom who may not be feeling super photogenic after just having a baby.
To do so, try pressing one the following button combinations after you hit the initial shortcut keys.

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