Welp was going to get the fire starter, guess that changed now, for the first time I will go for the grass type. Considering this was allegedly anime concept art (and you see Ash in the picture) I guess Mallow is one of Ash’s companions for this generation.
Many references sure, but rarely (if at all) do you see comedic doodles on anime concept art. So, you’re insisting that nothing is certain regarding the anime but you insist that anime concept art should follow this pattern of certainty. Plus, how would China be able to access concept art from an anime that is primary showcased in Japan (and dubbed later overseas a few months after the original aired)? Or maybe since he defeated the Frontier Brains he should have shown up in Diamond and Pearl. Everyone assumed that the XY&Z series in general meant a Z version of Gen 6, but that never happened either. Receiving sketches and concept art along with personality traits also helps in dub voice actor casting, since they have a reference as to what the character should be like. Ash-Greninja is part of a separate set of information that Pokejungle posted and claimed was connected to this, which no one can verify. They were right about Ninetales being a Fairy-type and Yungoos’s evolution is indeed large and hairy in comparison (my own description is that he looks bigger and bushier). And it does not change the fact that Ash Greninja is all too real for GameFreak to not use. So basically you still have no proof to back up any of your claims and are just pointing to other art of questionable origin assuming it’ll magically prove your point.
I dismiss the Noivern concept art as anime because I only heard one claim, but see a lot of inconsistency with other anime concept art. What I’m saying is that many people have their doubts on this allegation that this is anime concept art, contrary to your claim. I reached the conclusion that the starters final form is not the anime concept art because of how awfully different it is compare to the actual anime concepts.
I have my references on what confirmed anime concept art (just from a general overview I find on the web that showcase characters from the show) and what confirmed game concept art focus on.
I analyzed the concept art drawings, looked at the interview that featured some of those drawings, and made a deduction that there was a link between the two. If it shares the same art style as Noivern and Mega Charizard X concept art and has the same label Confidential in the same manner, then there’s no denying it. Protip: a confidential label can be found on a lot of things, especially things that are under a non-disclosure agreement.
I simply made a comment that referred to the images being presented as anime concept art by other sources. Unlike you, I actually researched on the concept arts to find more clues to the puzzle and that’s how I ultimately found the Noivern concept art in an E3 2013 video. I argued that the starters concept art are from the games itself is because all evidence I found point at that direction at a near accurate rate. I have provided more than enough evidence to show why these concept arts are from the games.
Hard proof involves several sources point in the same direction and accepting the possibility of falsifiability. Mega Charizard X has the same concept art format as Noivern, complete with a Confidential label.

Overall, a very interesting trailer showing off some significant differences between Sun and Moon and the other Pokemon games.
Pokemon is hot right now with Pokemon GO but The Pokemon Company doesn’t want you to forget the upcoming 3DS games, Pokemon Sun and Moon launching later this year.
The trailer opened with Exeggutor sporting a much longer neck, with an appearance more in line of a stereotypical palm tree. However Vulpix are not the only Pokemon that migrated to the snowy mountains and took on the Ice type. However it wasn’t just new forms of old Pokemon we got to see in this new trailer, of course we also saw the reveal of a number of new Pokemon! Back at E3, Yungoos was revealed to be this generations Rattata as well as many saying it bared a resemblance to one candidate in the upcoming US election who I shall not name. Fromantis and it’s evolution Lumantis are grass type Pokemon that seem to have a dependence on photosynthesis in order to survive (much like real plants).
While this latest batch of information is already a ton to take in, it has already been revealed the next set of announcements will take place on August 12th, so pencil it in to your calendars Poke-fans! Zach has dabbled in the video game industry in a number of ways over the past few years, from writting content for Gonintendo & Another Castle, to running the Society for Electronic Entertainment at the University of Melbourne.
By your logic, since Ash won the Orange League, that must mean he should have appeared in Pokemon Crystal.
You’ve been using the same evidence almost the entire time, and besides that, you were the one who questioned me in the first place, so the burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong. Instead of circlejerking on a different website and insulting me behind my back, I suggest you form an argument that doesn’t involve conjecture and instead involves hard proof. Let’s talk about Ride, which seems to be a new ability in Alola that encompasses Surf, Fly, and the awkward riding mechanic from X and Y. We’re scheduled to hear more on August 12th–what else will the Alola region have in store for us?
A trailer released today for the games lifts the lid of some of the biggest new features and changes coming to the seventh generation of Pokemon, that are going to shock and surprise new and old Pokemon fans alike. You see the Alola region, being a different ecosystem to that of the original Kanto region, has caused some variations of the Pokemon you know and love, sporting new looks and types.
Based on a meteorite, Minior are formed in the stratosphere until they become too heavy and come crashing down to Earth.
Well now it’s evolution, Gumshoos, has been revealed and the Pokemon bares even more of a resemblance to said US politician. Lumantis can also learn a new move known as Solar Blade, which seems to act much like Solar Beam, except presumably a physical attack rather than a special attack.
Well now we see it’s pre-evolution, Mudbray, a cute little ground type donkey Pokemon that possesses superhuman strength. A number of new features, most of which have been hinted at in previous trailers, have finally been fully unveiled. Pricing has not been confirmed but its release is said to time up with the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Each of the four islands will have a Trial Captain, which will present to you a trial you must complete.
There is nothing more he loves than getting together, either online or offline with a bunch of fellow gamers, to yell at each other until we just want to punch one another in the throat while discussing video games. If you and your BFF are practically twins then you’ve probably thought about getting matching best friend tattoos before.

Minior, who looks like a boss from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, the adorably awkward first stage of Mudsdale’s evolutionary line, a dancing bird with four different incarnations depending on its dance, and Donald Trump. Though we haven’t seen it confirmed that you can Ride any Pokemon, it looks like a fairly wide variety early on have the ability. If so, this could represent the first true departure from the usual format of the Pokemon games!
You see when, Vulpix were introduced to the Alola region, they ended up taking residence in the snowy mountains and over time developed in to ice types! This new form has made Sandshrew and Sandslash a bit heavier and slower than their Ground type counterparts, however they are also said to pack quite a punch.
Each style of Oricorio has a different primary typing (with its secondary type consistently being Flying) as well as a different dance style. In Alola, due to the close bonds shared by Pokemon and humans, it is common for Pokemon to assist humans in their daily travels. Perhaps you’ve got something in mind special to the both of you or perhaps you need a little more inspiration before diving in at the deep end. You were able to prove this as an undeniable fact of the universe just by looking at other pictures?
One super powerful move you can use once per battle, with a different move for each Pokemon type?
That said, it would not be too radical a departure, seeing as how they still involve some sort of adventuring challenge (navigating the gym) that concludes with a battle.
When the Alolan Vulpix evolves in to the Alolan Ninetales, it also takes on the Fairy as a secondary type, fitting of its spiritual look. The Baile style Oricorio is a fire type, Pom-Pom style is Electric, Pa’u Style is Psychic and lastly the Sensu style is Ghost. However once it drops below half HP, Miniors shell breaks causing its core (which can come in four different colour variants) to be revealed and sacrificing Minior’s defensive capabilities for more speed and attack prowess.
And even MORE especially, don’t start talking about me behind my back on a different website again. Since we haven’t seen any gym leaders or gyms yet on the map, it might be safe to say that these are the new gyms.
This could be a way of eliminating the need for players to carry Pokemon with specific HM’s on them, allowing them to keep their move slots freed up for more suitable combat moves. The totem Pokemon also appear to call support in from ally Pokemon acting a little like horde battles from generation six. I think people are mad with litten because all fire starter look the same, but I truly think this one is the only one with that concept that they got right.
With that said, there is no mention of the Pokemon needing to have the corresponding typing itself.
Not only do these trials sound a lot more engaging than your standard Pokemon gym, it also seems there will be less of them, with only four main islands in the Alola region.

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