Its great to use apps to add functionality, but you should not rely on apps for features that are built-into the devices. Did you know that you can capture a screenshot on your LG Optimus L3 without having to install any third-party app ? After you capture a screenshot of your screen, a ribbon interface will appear on the top of the screen (screenshot), where you’ve got a fair few options to annotate, save, or share the screenshot. Update your phone software, and then press your phone’s volume keys (both keys) for 3 seconds. Its not working when i go to the software update they say i have the lastest update so what should i do could u briefly explain it to me…. When I do this, it only brings up my board where I can draw, but doesn’t take a screenshot ?? help. Thanks is working perfectly with mine just bought it though so i no problems with software!!!! Having an organized home screen will help you maneuver through your phone faster and more efficiently, giving you access to what you need instantly and boosting the productivity of your most commonly used device.
If you’re anything like me, I used to have apps on about 5 different screens all jumbled around, and I would constantly swipe between them trying to find the one I wanted. Having a disorganized phone might not seem like a time waster, however a recent study from Flurry shows that Americans are now spending on average 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on their mobile devices. When you consider that about 17% of your waking hours are spent on your phone, it makes sense to try and use it as efficiently as possible.
The quickest and easiest way to clean up the jumble of disorganized apps is to create and use folders to categorize your apptivities (see what I did there? One reason categorizing your apps is important, is because as another recent study shows, there are just a few main categories for which we typically use our cell phones. Take a few minutes to consider why you typically open your cell phone. Is it to surf the web?
As an example, below is a breakdown of how I’ve organized my iPhone home screen for optimal access.

I set up my main screen so that it houses all the categories and apps I access multiple times on a daily basis.
Since I have multiple apps that fall under these categories, I’ve created folders to easily organize and house them. Surrounding these are the other main apps I use that I’ve not categorized, and the other main screens (not shown) house other not as commonly used categories and apps. Extra tip: If you have tons of apps, even when you keep them organized it can still take a couple flips and clicks to get to the right area- you can always swipe down and search for the app as well. Hope this helps get your home screen in tip-top shape so you can maneuver around your phone in record time. Whenever you have to take a screenshot on your PC, you press Print Screen key on your keyboard. In other mobiles you may need the help of third party apps to take screenshot, but in iPhone and iPad you don't have to take the help of third party apps. Close down any apps that you don’t need at the moment, turn the shutter sound on your camera app on and ensure that the volume of your device is also turned on and is on the higher side. You cannot set the gears in motion beforehand and then try to open whatever it is that you need a screenshot of since you are trying to take screenshot without using any third party app.
Remember not to let it go before the next step is completed or you won’t be able to accomplish what you want to do.
When you get to it, hold it down and remember not to let the menu button go when you’re doing this. This white flash and camera sound would indicate that your screenshot has been captured and is saved on your device.
To access the screenshots you have just captured, you would need to get to the default pictures app that you have on your device. If you have a smaller device like the iPod Touch, you would be able to able to do it easily with the device held in your hand. You would have to remember, however, that you would get a power down confirmation if you keep both these buttons pressed down for too long.

You can also tap on the menu button to access an index page which would allow you to select and email a number of images captured. LG Optimus L3 E400, which is a low-end android phone, has a lesser-known functionality that allows you to capture whatever is on your phone’s screen as a photo.
Just tap the last icon (look like a floppy) on the strip to save screenshot of your screen. It might only save seconds each time I open my phone, but with as much time as I spend on my phone- being just two taps away from the app I need  can really add up. This is helpful in case the apps don’t stylistically make sense together, but instead make sense for how you use them. If you’re an Android or Windows user, is there an optimal way you organize your phone?
Screenshot becomes very helpful in certain conditions, like when you have to ask question you can take help of screenshot to explain. You will also hear the shutter noise of camera and your screen will flash white for a split second. Also, there is always a security risk while installing any third party apps on your device.
However, with a larger device like the iPhone 5 or an iPad, you would need to set it down on a flat and stable surface. Thus, before installing an app, you should always check if you can do the task without an app.
You likely have multiple apps for each of these categories that can be dropped into one folder for easy access.
But in other devices like iPhone or iPad you cannot find the print screen key, so how you can take screenshot from these devices.

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