Google’s Street View, Map and Earth services, which uses satellites and airplanes to take aerial photos, have captured barcode-like calibration targets, strange structures in China’s desert and a man urinating in his front yard .
The image seen in Verstoppertjebrug 1312 Almere, The Netherlands, shows a pier surrounded by water with what could be interpreted as a body with a trail of blood leading toward it.
But in addition to an unclear image, there are other questions that Redditors have brought up.
Some speculated that the wood could be cedar, which could give it more of a reddish tinge if it got wet. What Are the Odd Figures Google Captured in the Swiss Sky That Are Making the Rounds Again? Google Maps est en fait ne un peu avant cette date, en 2004, de l’imagination de deux developpeurs Danois nommes Lars et Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen. Concu comme une appli web totalement gratuite, ce qui etait revolutionnaire a cette epoque ou il fallait payer chaque carte qu’on achetait pour son GPS, Google Maps ne couvrait au debut que le territoire nord-americain, avant de couvrir progressivement les autres pays, integrant assez rapidement la vue satellite avec la cartographie, a des niveaux de resolution qui variaient assez souvent selon les pays. Au-dela de la gratuite d’acces, Google Maps a introduit quelques innovations majeures, qui ont transforme la face du monde, presque autant que le moteur de recherche de Google, a mon sens. Pour finir, voici une infographie tiree du blog Google Lat Long, et publiee a l’occasion de cet anniversaire.

Cet article a ete poste dans Education, Technologie et marque comme Android, cartographie, Google, Google Maps, iPhone, satellite par Herve Kabla . These crazy world map views do make it hard to show you our trip plan since getting to Antarctica for us meant we had to fly 'off the map!'.
Lastly after a few weather delays we flew from Christchurch to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, another 2415 miles (3864 km), flight time 5 hrs. But an image recently called attention to by a Redditor shows what some are speculating to be a “gruesome” and “bloody” murder. For example, would someone come here in broad daylight and in view of potential pedestrians to dump a body?
There is clearly two [elongated] shadows, possibly legs directly next to what appears to be a man standing upright. Cela fait pourtant dix ans, depuis le 8 fevrier 2005, que nous pouvons utiliser gratuitement cet outil remarquable au quotidien. Leur startup, Where 2 Technologies, fut rachetee par Google a la meme epoque que Keyhole, la startup derriere Google Earth.
Concomitamment, l’introduction de la Google Car, qui permet de filmer les rues de maniere industrielles (cf.

That brown smudge that looks like a body could very well be just a second person standing up. We flew over the Pacific Ocean, over Hawaii and on to New Zealand, which on this map meant flying right off the edge of one side and back onto the other side! Google a world map or look around your classroom or home and see if you can find a world map that shows the whole Antarctic continent. So first I had to fly over to Beth's side of the country - New York to Los Angeles 2451 miles (3944 km), flight time 5 hrs. I have no idea what the reddish [appearance] of the wood could be. It’s quite possible that it just may be two people fishing or something. Then we both flew from Los Angeles to Christchurch, New Zealand, another 6906 miles (11,113 km), flight time 13 hrs.

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