Recenly i got over a copy from the movie Tainted blood so here are some screen captures on Kerri from it. In case you are sensitive to latex, it’s important for you to avoid any latex product as much as possible. But are you also aware that outside of the hospital, latex is also found in many different products? But if you’re in a field that requires the use of gloves, like the medical or dental field, or if you’re a tattoo artist, the best thing to do is to find latex-free substitutes. Educate yourself about what products contain latex, like rubber bands, balloons, tools, and pacifiers, to name a few. But if you pay attention and take the time to educate yourself, you will be able to avoid or reduce exposure.

Latex, for instance, is a component often found in baby-bottle nipples, diapers, pacifiers, toys, luggage tags, apparel, candy wrappers, ornaments, and so many other items.
After you obtain information about your condition, it is best to seek out an allergist, which is a doctor that specializes in allergies.
For example, nitrile gloves are high quality products that can be used instead of latex gloves.Other options are synthetic latex gloves. It is surely hard to avoid; and because of continuous exposure, some individuals develop allergies to latex every day. In rare cases, latex can cause anaphylactic shock, resulting in loss of consciousness, drop in blood pressure, and rapid or weak pulse. When the allergy is severe enough to cause anaphylactic shock, latex exposure could literally be deadly.

Individuals who show signs of severe allergic reaction to latex must get emergency medical care. Also, your allergist can give you epinephrine or adrenaline that you keep with you at all times in case you experience a severe reaction. Finally, inform your family, co-workers, and everyone else about your allergy to latex so that in case you’re brought to the hospital for emergency care, your family or friends will be able to tell medical experts about your allergy so that they’ll only use latex-free medical supplies on you.

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