This is not a necessity but I find that using bright background helps when working with limited light source. I don’t think you have to have a specific style or theme ?? As long as you’re having fun!
I need to improve my flatlay game desperately, every single point is one I need to take on board. You can also buy marble contact paper which is super cheap off amazon ?? As long as you apply it very flat and without bubbles then it looks just like marble in pictures!
Thanks for this post, I really needed a detailed instructional post to help with my flatlays. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day.
Selfies: Love a€?em or hate a€?em, ita€™s hard not to get swept up in one of the Interneta€™s biggest phenomenons. For example, if youa€™ve got a very pronounced nose (like me), profile shots (side-on) are going to draw some serious attention to it.
Tip: Youa€™re not going to learn what works best for you overnight, so put in the time to experiment with what makes you look best. Everyone is different, which is why ita€™s so important to familiarise yourself with the unique structure of your face. Tip: For a sultry effect, hold your camera slightly above your face and point it downwards, making eye-contact with the camera from beneath your lashes. It doesna€™t matter how good your camera is or how familiar you are with your best angles if your makeup is smudged or youa€™ve got lipstick on your teeth. Tip: Looking at yourself on a brightly lid LCD screen can give you a false sense of security, so ita€™s best to break out a compact mirror for a closer look.
From naked spouses ironing to tampons lying on the dresser, wea€™ve all seen a selfie with a very unfortunate background before. Tip: Generally, youa€™ll get the best shot if you shoot with the light source in front of you. Tip: If youa€™re having a low self-esteem day, dona€™t go through your pictures straight away.
Tips: If youa€™re like me and only have a closed-mouth smile or a maniacal clown smile, fear not. With these 9 tried and true tips, you should be well on your way to taking a perfect selfie. Bethany Tyndall is an enthusiastic, full-figured, Aussie beauty blogger with a passion for budget buys, DIY beauty, nail art & wild makeup ideas. If you want to step up your beauty game and stay beautiful while smelling divine, check out our list of best summer perfumes you must try!
There are things that can make you feel hot and sensual, and who doesna€™t want to feel like a sex goddess? When youa€™re flirting with the line between casual and appropriate, shorts sometimes throw a wrench in the plans. If you had the idea to try out pole dancing or simply wanted to try something new and really cool, get inspired with our exclusive interview with the best pole dance bloggers.
Unrelated industries have different sets of rules, and success in one doesn't transfer to another.

Kim Kardashian sticks close by her fiance Kanye West as they step out to do some shopping together at The Webster on Black Friday (November 29) in Miami, Fla. The 33-year-old reality star and 36-year-old entertainer spent Thanksgiving in the sunny city before his Yeezus tour stop later tonight.
I guess I just figured that maybe he did have some talent but his ego had unfortunately gotten away from him as it does for many celebs. You guys should of shown the videos of Kanye talking to his fans in Miami on black friday though.. As you guys know, one of my favorite things to write about is photography and recently the hilarious Instagram Husband video inspired me to create today’s post!
I learned the hard way that it’s best to consistently space your  objects apart to eliminate shadows as much as possible.
You are the Queen of the perfect flatlay and always manage to get such beautiful bright shots; so fab as per to hear your awesome tips and tricks.
I think I want to buy a slab of marble concrete so I can use that as one of my backgrounds. Sure, the word might make you roll your eyes, but I bet that youa€™re no stranger to trying to achieve that perfect Facebook picture. Wea€™ve all got favourite (and not so favouritea€¦) features, so ita€™s vital to recognise and emphasize them. However, there are a few universally unflattering selfie angles you should learn to avoid at all costs. But if you want to look cute, come closer to the camera to give the illusion of a rounder face and larger eyes. Dona€™t get so caught up in the bigger picture that you forget to check yourself out before you press the snapshot button.
Even something as seemingly innocuous as a shovel (see above) can ruin the composition of your shot and take attention away from your gorgeous self. If you want to play it safe, portrait shots will showcase more of you and less of your background.
Keep them on the camera overnight and revisit them when youa€™re in a better frame of mind. The lovely Liz Hurley recently explained that placing your tongue just behind your upper front teeth can help you achieve a smile thata€™s wide enough to look happy without looking gummy or overzealous. You want to put forward the best version of yourself, so if youa€™ve got red-eye going on and a zit the size of a small country on your forehead, ita€™s perfectly acceptable to indulge in a little bit of post-production touching up. It takes a while to familiarise yourself with your best angles, most flattering light source and favourite pose.
Wea€™re taking selfies to remind ourselves that we were here, we were alive and we were happy in the moment. Her biggest goal is to help ladies all over the world feel beautiful and confident at any size! A lot of people seem to think it’s better to go big or go home, but a large chest can result in some fairly large problems. This ultimate guide is here to show you how to make this dream a reality and to teach you how to get glowing skin!
I mean wow I’m being honest here when I say I was actually surprised how shit it was.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I love flatlays, they look so pretty and they are really fun to play with, I love trying out different angles and props to use. I’m forever totally in love with your majestic marble backdrops, they are too damn pretty.
Everyone is expected to be as good as professional, but these are some easy sounding tips to make even regular photos better. I once had a picture up for weeks before realising it looked like I had a nose bleed in certain lighting!
Where possible, opt for natural light, as the camera flash can wash out colours and render them inaccurate.
If youa€™re feeling unattractive when you take your selfies, your lack of confidence will make you appear wooden and unnatural.
It doesna€™t matter if the lighting is terrible and your haira€™s a mess as long as you love your photo. If so, I can see why he is mouthing off at designers who won’t see him, his clothes are CRAP!
I mean aside from the fact that his voice and rapping is just below average the clip was D grade…I genuinely felt embarrassed for them both! To eliminate shadows you can also use a reflector or a white piece of paper to bounce off the light. My pictures used to be really bad, so it took me a while to figure out how to work my camera, lighting and everything else. Whether youa€™re a selfie addict or just want a profile pic you dona€™t HATE, Ia€™m going to share my top 9 tips on how to take the perfect selfie. If one of your eyebrows is generally perfect while the other always looks wonky (wea€™ve all been there!), tilt your face to showcase your favourite brow. Taking a selfie from below creates a supremely unforgiving double chin effect, even if youa€™re not carrying any extra weight.
The glaring light from a flash can also give you a shiny looking forehead, because your skina€™s natural oils are reflected back at the camera. Theya€™ll notice all the gorgeous things about you that you dona€™t, from the cute quirk of your lips to the brightness in your eyes.
Dona€™t turn into that person who breaks out the liquify tool to slim their entire face or enlarge their eyes. The more photos you take, the more likely you are to find one that you feel really represents you. Not one person in the family has any real talent, and yet have made millions from a reality show. Do a little research on the best makeup products and techniques for photography if you really want to take your selfies to the next level.

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