When taking your photo, ID-Photo overlays guidelines onto the camera so that you can be certain that your photo will meet the requirement. Once your photo is prepared, it is very easy to email or print to an Airplay compatible printer. Not to point out things but isn't "Enter TiPb’s new weekly feature" and "The TiPb community will do our best" just old? Recent Commentsbob is here on Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 SSD and RAM Upgrade Guide How much faster was it after putting the ssd Jul 18, 2016Jack Waller on ACPISMO8810 Dell driver [SOLVED!] Thank you! When Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, it entered a new market for the company with its first smartphone. Sales of both devices were extremely low and the company ousted Thorsten Heins in November 2013 and replaced by John Chen, who promised the company would return to releasing smartphone with the company's classic QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry posted an article on its upcoming square displayed Passport smartphone on the company's blog and highlighted why it chose the screen shape.
BlackBerry made the news official on the company's blog, where it did its best to explain why "It's Hip to be Square" in the form of images and specs. It also shows how the BlackBerry Passport can display Office documents and spreadsheets in an easier read to format than iPhones or Android smartphones.
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Originally Posted by diehardbbuser That's 1 thing apple does well that blackberry forgot in bb10..
Can you please make more comparison between these phones for famous apps like Facebook, Instagram, skype, viber and etc. For a lot of people media consumption is the bulk of the activity some people do on a phone. Enter TiPb's new weekly feature where staff and readers alike sort through the App Store and help you find just the right App for That. It knows the sizing requirements in 14 countries and will set up your photo to be printed at the legally required size.
The company is taking a risk with its upcoming 4.5-inch square displayed BlackBerry Passport, which also uses the company's iconic QWERTY keyboard. At the time, BlackBerry was the king of the smartphone world and were issued by IT departments and carried by soccer moms. The device is a risky one for the company, due to the smartphone's 4.5-inch square display, instead of the tried and true rectangular ones. The company claims the 4.5-inch square screen with full HD capabilities offers the same amount of viewing space as a larger 5-inch smartphone.
BlackBerry seems to be marketing this towards corporate and business users as it lays out why the BlackBerry Passport is the best smartphone for architects, writers and healthcare and finance workers, who might benefit by having a square display. Additionally, the app has a list of tips for taking your photo and examples of both acceptable and unacceptable photos.

BlackBerry long had a reputation for its ultra-secure email and dependability of its network. I recently had a chance to demo the newest Note, their on-screen keyboard was very accurate and easy to use. I think the the next iteration of the Passport will be a serious force in the mobile market.
In recent years the company has watched Apple, Google, and most recently, Microsoft pass it in smartphone market share. Still need to get used to some things but overall very happy with selling the iPhone and diving into BlackBerry.
Wish I had both two passports at the discount time but how was I to know the passport beats the iphone6?
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