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As the son of a career air force officer, Hanson is used to being on the road, but over the past five years he has stepped up the pace. Born in Oxnard, CA, Hanson grew up in such diverse locations as Alaska, Florida, Nebraska, Arkansas, Norway, and South Dakota, “I was fascinated by the land in every new place we lived,” he says. Hanson’s father, an avid outdoorsman, played a significant role in the artist’s developing love of nature.
In high school, a friend gave him a copy of Louis Agassiz Fuertes and the Singular Beauty of Birds, a portfolio of the artist’s bird-life studies from all over the world. Although he started out working in watercolor and pen-and-ink, in art school Hanson painted mostly in gouache, acrylic, and then oil.
In 1979, Hanson moved to Minnesota, where he spent a couple of years working in construction. Hanson loves the Midwest’s “marshy, swampy, hardwood-forested, farmland landscape,” and he has represented its subtle beauty in his work for the last 33 years. Highly representative of that philosophy is Hanson’s painting MONDAY MORNING, created at the Door County Plein Air Festival in Fish Creek, WI, this past summer. Recently, with his two sons grown and out on their own, Hanson decided to look for a milder climate where he could still experience seasonal changes. In addition to being an award-winning artist, Hanson pursues an impressive list of other interests. It’s the height of summer, and that means it’s time for a slew of art shows in the West, from big invitationals to plein-air festivals to auctions and more. When Colorado landscape painter Jane Hunt was growing up, her family seemed to be in perpetual motion.
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He has wielded his brush and palette knife from coast to coast in the United States and internationally in locations from Rome and Florence to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to Cape Town, South Africa. Wherever they lived, his father encouraged Marc and his brother to be active sportsmen, fishing, hunting, skiing, sailing, and participating in other sports. After art school he continued to paint in gouache and oil, and he also tried scratchboard, serigraphs, and even stained glass and enamel. He then worked at a resort for a “walleye-fishing and duck-?hunting guru with an appreciation for wildlife art and conservation,” from whom he learned much about the region. Its strong compositional elements and array of subtle value shifts showcase the artist’s strengths. It won the Bronze Medal at the Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition in 2011 and has been a highlight of Hanson’s career—especially since the award came from juror Scott Christensen, whom Hanson views as “one of the most important landscape painters living today.” Here Hanson employed his signature style, using a large brush to quickly knock in the big shapes and making marks to indicate compositional placement of key elements.
After investigating a variety of locations—including serious consideration of Cape Town, South Africa—Hanson has settled in Colorado. As Elizabeth Pollie says, “Both artists and collectors could learn a lot from Marc Hanson and his paintings. Easy access to contents and a streamlined design ensures there's a place for everything digital, and that everything digital is in its place. A 100% Canadian owned company, our everyday low prices on bags & travel goods are what we pride ourselves on. Sectors that have been developing smart city technology include government services, Transport and Traffic Management, energy, health care, water and waste. Now we are also collecting the images of all violations along with date and time and storing them in our archives.
While he enjoys the cultures and people he encounters along the way, ?it is the ever-changing landscape that ?calls to him and compels him to paint.
Hanson was one of only a couple of dozen Boy Scouts in Norway to be guided by World War II British paratroopers on a five-day, cross-country ski expedition over a previously uncrossed mountain pass in the middle of a blizzard while trying to achieve their 50 Miler badges. Although he began college as a biology major, thinking about possibly becoming an ornithologist or maybe a wild-animal veterinarian, he quickly realized his real interest was art.
The artist’s deft handling of light and atmosphere evokes memories of the beauty to be found in such ordinary winter scenes.
He’s excited about the region’s wide choice of subject matter, from dramatic peaks and bouldered canyons to open ranchlands and tree-lined streams, as well as the state’s much-touted 300 days a year of sunshine.

They inspire you to leave the glitz behind, take only what you need, and walk out into nature. And it's expandable, in case you thought of something else to take before leaving the loft.
Smart city applications are developed with the goal of improving the management of urban flows and allowing for real time responses to challenges. He applied and was accepted into the illustration department at the Art Center College of Design, now in Pasadena, CA, which he attended for five trimesters until he ran out of funds. A yearlong commission in 1985 to help illustrate the National Geographic Societies’ Field Guide to North American Birds allowed him to leap full time into his art career, and he’s never looked back. But it wasn’t until Thursday afternoon that he was able to return to the site to finish it. He holds a private pilot’s license, roller blades, runs, skis, loves most types of music, and reads avidly about art, flying, and archery. In a world that has harnessed its wagons to the spark and thunder of modern technology, Marc remains loyal to ?the land. A smart city may therefore be more prepared to respond to challenges than one with a simple 'transactional' relationship with its citizens.
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For years his work focused on birds and other wildlife, but in 1989 a motivational workshop with Richard Schmid set him on his present course—painting his first love, the landscape, from life.
Because he had already set the light key and captured the atmospheric mood, the change in time of day wasn’t a big handicap. The list goes on, but Hanson can best be summed up as a man who appreciates life and nature and does his level best to experience it all.
Major technological, economic and environmental changes have generated interest in smart cities, including climate change, economic restructuring.
He found he could communicate more meaningfully about the environment, birds, and other wildlife if he painted their habitat, portraying the natural world so essential to their survival. He refined masses of foliage and added detail to enhance the overall design and color harmony.
Apparently he did something right: MONDAY MORNING won both Best of Show and the Artists’ Choice award—a first in the history of the event.

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