Passport photo regulations for babies and children (children under the age of five) are usually less strict than for adults (depending upon the country).
You can come to our studio before noon without an appointment on any day of the week, or you can book an afternoon appointment by calling 07539493533 or by using the booking form below.
If you cannot attend our studio, you can upload your own photographs using the form further down this page, and we will convert them to the required standard.
If you have any questions regarding our passport and visa photography service, please enter them in the box above. Enter either your email address or telephone number depending upon how you would like us to contact you. Booking is not essential, but If you would like to book a time slot for your passport photographs, fill in your details above. Upon receipt of payment, your photos will be mailed to you immediately by first class post.
When shooting the photo yourself, choose a background that is plain and light such as a sheet we will convert it to the necessary colour and tone.
When uploading your photos, it's best to send us a few different images so that we can choose the most suitable. For studio passport photos, your prints will be ready within ten minutes of having your photo taken.
We will show you the photos on the camera's screen and we will take several more if you are not completely happy with the image. The Foreign Affairs Minister expressed his disappointment that Charlie has dropped two places since 2013.

THE DEPARTMENT OF Foreign Affairs has announced the most popular baby names on Irish passports in 2014: Emily and Jack. Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan welcomed the new passport holders but wasn’t altogether happy. While I was disappointed to see Charlie drop two places, I am pleased that it remains in the top ten for boys. Zuzanna and Kacper were the highest new entries, coming in at numbers 105 and 94 respectively.
One reader tells us her story about having to travel to the UK for an abortion after her baby was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. Marriage counsellor Dr Ray O’Neill tells us how to avoid the pitfalls of being in a long-term relationship. They can take the passport to travel anywhere across the globe but sometimes there is visa required to travel to other countries.
Verification: Your passport is the only number that helps the state department to confirm your identity. Booking International Flights: In order to book an international flight a valid passport number is required. Locating your Passport: You must have a copy of your passport or have vital info noted down on paper for future reference including your passport number so that if your passport gets stolen replacing it will be a lot simpler if you have that unique number. Most Recent Posts FREE Crystal Drop Earrings Free Baby Clothes (May 26) (Free) Turn Your Photo Into a Cartoon!
The guidelines below represent the UK passport regulations for baby and child photos, and represent a common international standard.

If they are suitable, you will be sent a link via email to our secure payment page, so that you can pay for your photos.
For Britain, babies can have their eyes closed if they are under one year old; other countries are not so lenient, so you are best to capture a photo with the baby's eyes open if you are unsure. In the ten minutes it takes, you can browse around the store or go for refreshments in the cafe or tea rooms. Last year, almost 630,000 passports we issued, a quarter of which were issued in May and June,” Flanagan said. If you have a new passport issued for use in countries between Canada, the United States, Caribbean and Mexico, it will have the same number as you have in your passport book.
Though all the airlines don’t require this information at the time of booking but it would be better if you provide them. If the regulations for your country are different we will, of course, adhere to your own nation's requirements. That exclusive number is very important and used to find the passport holder, check the travel plans and to register them at the foreign embassies.
Once we have received your suitable photos, we will send you a payment link and post your photos on receipt of payment. A legal resident of the United States is not allowed to enter or exit the United States without a valid passport of U.S.

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