Even though this site is dedicated to showing you how to get more out of your Android Smartphone; and in this case the Samsung Galaxy S5. The list across the bottom of the screen is all of the additional Modes you can download from Samsung.
Slowly and smoothly move the camera in a horizontal line across the scene – follow the arrows on the display. In case you missed it above here’s an example a panoramic shot I did over the marina in Dana Point, Ca. I’m on a mission to help people just like you learn to use and love their Samsung Galaxy S5. Some links on this page are affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click or buy through my link.

Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S4 flagship and Galaxy Note 3 phablet may be able to take 3D and panoramic photos, according to reports. The features are listed in a newly filed Samsung patent, so it’s not entirely clear if they’ll make the cut for these two devices. While panoramic capture is already present on existing Samsung Galaxy devices, the new patent appears to describe technology to improve this capability. The 3D capture is listed for a number of devices, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and PCs, but not much other information is given.
Traditionally, Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices have shared many features with their contemporary Galaxy S flagship counterparts, including processor hardware, operating system versions, TouchWiz UI versions and features and camera technology. We think it’s quite likely that whatever these two patents entail if they’re present on the Galaxy S4 we will also see them on the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy S4 is launching this week on March 14 (Thursday) and is expected to carry a 13-megapixel camera, upgraded from the Galaxy S3’s 8-megapixel shooter. We’re going to have live coverage of the Galaxy S4 launch event, which starts at 11pm UK time. Not much else is known about the Galaxy Note 3, but as the Galaxy Note 2 launched at IFA 2012 in September, it’s likely its successor will arrive at the same time and the same show this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer the questions surrounding Samsung’s mystery imaging capability after the launch.

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