The secret to avoiding queues and making your South African passport renewal relatively painless is to get there early.
That said, I’ve just got back from renewing my South African passport and it was easier and more pleasant than I could ever have imagined. Things got off to a sour start when I went to the Reserve Bank Building in the Cape Town CBD.
Passport photos – usually come in sets of 4 and cost about R35 though you can get these taken at Home Affairs.
Like I said, I got there early and this was definitely key in helping me get in and out of there as quickly as possible.
I proceeded to passport applications in the back on the ground floor – there’s 4 stages apply, pay, fingerprint and another biometric process which wasn’t working when I went and officials told me not to worry about it. I can’t tell you much about collecting your new passport as I’m yet to collect mine; it has only been 5 days since I applied. If you’re unable to collect your new South African passport yourself then you can send someone on your behalf.
If you’re travelling overseas and you only have 6 months left on your passport then it’s a good idea to renew it well before you leave.
If you have to renew your SA passport, but you still have a Visa that’s valid on your old passport that you want to use, then don’t worry. The latest version of the South African passport looks a little different then what it did in the past. Contrary to popular belief, renewing your South African passport isn’t the painful hassle it once was. Joburgers, Durbanites and everyone else, we’d love to hear about your South African passport renewal experiences. So my new South African passport arrived, ready for collection, exactly 2 weeks after applying for it. I applied for my passport last year in August…I never heard a word ever since…what should I do?
I would recommend you contact the Home Affairs Department that you applied through to do a follow up. They would need to check on their side in their records, only they would be able to assist on tracking passports from their side. I just received my new passport from Benoni Home Affairs SIX days after i applied for the renewal!Amazing!
I’m always happy with the service I receive from ZA government institutions, be it home affairs, the licencing department or even the traffic department. I applied for my daughter’s passport last year shortly before the price increase, took 2 weeks to be processed. As far as I recall,when applying to renew your Passport,the form to be completed,called for the (OLD)existing passport number. In my recent experience I didn’t have to fill out my old passport number, nor was the old passport required in order to apply for the new one.
Also, can one apply at any HA office for a new passport, for example if you live in Joburg, can you apply in CT or any other province?
Wow you guys are lucky in South Africa ur passports are ready for collection within 2 weeks,I renewed mine (london SA E mbassy)beginning of April and was told that the process takes 3 months, guess what I checked with Home affairs in Pretoria,my application has not been submitted at all its not in the system,what does that mean????????????????????.everything these days is done electronically.

Vusumzi – you will need a valid South African passport and a UK visa to travel to London. I Live in the West Indies and want to renew my RSA passport how can it be done without me having to take a flight and doing it from the island that I live on? Without an ID book I applied for a passport renewal in Wynberg (Maynard Mall), Cape Town, a month ago. If your passport is expired you neither need to present it to Home Affairs nor pay extra to renew it. It’s been a month since I applied for a new ID and passport and my ID was issued early, while my passport is not yet issued. Hi there I already applied for my passport, but lost the number I need to phone to check if it is ready for collection, and I need it because they said if I waited too long, it would be destroyed?
I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma, I am currently on holiday in the UK and Europe and then heading off to Thailand to teach English. Does anyone know if I could get my mother to apply for a new passport for me in SA on my behalf if she has my ID book, passport pics and fingerprints from me and a letter of consent? You mentioned that renewing your passport did not require you to bring your old passport (Optional) when applying. Arrived at the Pinetown Home Affairs office at 12h20 with the forms,a colour copy of my ID, money and photo’s.
I’m sure if someone investigates who is benefiting from this they will find corruption. I am enquiring on behalf of my daughter, Jean, about applying for a renewal of her SA passport.
While Travelstart does not offer this type of service to South Africans living abroad, I did find some info which I have sent her. That way, you won’t be left standing in the queue, wondering what happened in the 10 years since you last applied for your passport. The Home Affairs website lists the Reserve Bank Building in St Georges Mall, Cape Town as a place to get your South African passport renewed. The Cape Town Home Affairs opens at 8am so I made sure I was already queuing by 7am – there were already 20-30 people in front of me. It seemed that everyone in front of me was there to do other Home Affairs related stuff as they just dispersed into other sections of the building as soon as we got inside… not that I was complaining.
However, the friendly lady at Home Affairs told me the new South African passport can take up to 6 weeks to arrive but I think they just tell you this to be on the safe side as friends I’ve spoken to have gotten it in as little as 2 weeks.
If the Cape Town Home Affairs Department is anything to go by, then government has done remarkably well in cleaning up their act.
The biometric process (which you mentioned in your article) wasn’t working on the day that I applied as well. SIX days after applying to renew my passport I received an sms saying the new passport was ready for collection.
If this still pertains,and some one has lost their passport,then there will surely be a problem in applying to renew a passport.?
I would like to revert to my maiden name before applying for a new passport and I understand this firstly requires a letter of confirmation from HA via the NPR (National Population Registrar), then a new ID and finally the passport. I applied for my passport 6 months ago and when I called yesterday to ask about it there was no definitive response.

I never travelled beyond South African Borders and I am interested in attending Olympics in London to give support to our local boxers who have made it to these games .
Your passport must have at least 6 months left on it after your return date to South Africa. It’s always better to do your own research as your application is specific to your needs. If you book your London flights with Travelstart you can take advantage of our Visa insurance policy. Your ID book is not necessary for application if you don’t have it (mine was lost overseas) but you have to submit an application for a new ID book along with your passport application (not an actual new ID book). If you have lost or mislaid your ID you don’t actually have to get a police affidavit about whether or how you mislaid it. If your passport is current you have to pay double for a new one unless you can explain by affidavit why you no longer have it. It is great when you can get to a Home Affairs and have the patience to stand there, but it’s not that easy when you are already out of the country and have to get a travel document in a hurry. This truly might help other South Africans abroad or in a hurry for a quick and reliable passport service. I decided to check my passport this evening and I noted that I only have 3 blank non-consecutive pages left in my passport which I am afraid will not be enough for all the visas I will need to obtain in Asia as I will need a tourist visa initially for Thailand, then I will need to do a border run in order to convert to a working visa. There’s no mention of your first passport being free or a discount if you are renewing. This article was just written from the perspective of someone in Cape Town who went to apply for their passport there. I need assistance as to what do I need to do and what documents are required for one to apply for a visa. I did all that (thanks lovely people at Wynbery Police) and Home Affairs didn’t need my document. I am just worried that since I am in the UK on a tourist visa I will not be able to do it here and after reading some posts it sounds risky as it takes too long and my visa wouldve expired in 4 months from now. All in all a positive experience, but I’d still get there early if you want to save time. My passport took exactly a month before it was ready for collection and again, to my surprise the passport looked very different to other passports I had seen. Im so worried coz my Student visa expires soon and I can’t renew it without a new passport. From the little I know, photo bio-images are analysed and databased and it’s all good. It was a true miracle that I found SA Fast Track and I truly want to share this with everyone because you never know when you will need help which would not normally be available to you. This company helped me get a passport within 15 working days and all I had to do was print off the application documents, fill them in, scan and email them back to check, and then they sent a courier to me to pick up the documents! Instead of stressing and running all over the show and standing in queues and all that, I had the time to finalize the rest of my plans and get a plane ticket.

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