360 Panorama for Android will work with any Android device running Android 2.3 or above, and the app will help you take 360 degree panoramic photos with you handset, the video below shows how it works. The 360 Panorama App for Android is now available for $0.99 from the Android Market, and you can also find out more details over at the developers website.
Movement in the scene, like a car driving past, will confuse the process because you’ll have a picture of a car in more than one photo in different locations. You can take a 360 photo with any kind of digital camera, although using a DSLR is much preferred over a point and shoot digital camera because of the ease of use, speed of taking photos, ability to accurately frame the scene through the view finder, ability to use filters, and possibly an improvement in picture quality.
For indoor 360 photos one would normally use a tripod with a special attachment called a pano head.
The Tamaggo 360-imager connects to your PC via mini USB or to your phone via Bluetooth so you can share your photos easily as well.
Do you remember those old cameras that had a panoramic view button that allowed you to take pictures with a field of view approximately one inch wider than your usual picture, which you were then charged loads more to get developed? The most important factor in panorama 360 is the stitching software used that helps to combine series of pictures or frame together.
For outdoor photos, you can simply stand in one place and take the picture, rotating around the camera, ensuring that there is enough overlap between pictures, so that the stitching software can identify how to connect the frames or dotted lines.
Shifts in the background, such as vehicle driving fast, may confuse the software as you will have an image of a vehicle in more than one scene.
You can take 360 panoramic images with any sort of digital camera, though using DSLR would be the wiser choice.
You can also make use of special lens mirrors and motorized pano heads to take 360 degree pictures. Take minimum of 5 photos in portrait positions and at least 4 pictures at 90degree to one another and then the last one overhead to make sure that you have shot the entire ceiling or sky. Once you have taken enough images, it’s time to align them with the horizon and the ground.
So, there you have it; a simple way to create 360 degree panoramic photos without breaking a sweat. Author Bio – Alice Wu maintains an excellent photography site that gives great tips for photographers such as creating 360 panoramic images, and choosing the best photo editing programs. About UsServing you the latest and best news on Apple, Google, Samsung and many other tech companies.
Starting with Stone Mountain Park, we have three stunningly beautiful images of Stone Mountain Park taken via helicopter that gives you 360-degree panoramic photos of Stone Mountain, Stone Mountain Lake, both of the park’s golf courses, and a view of Downtown Atlanta’s skyline. This is the first set of pictures in an ongoing project to bring you breathtaking images of Atlanta’s DeKalb.
Click the image above to take the virtual aerial tour of Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Off the Eatin’ Path in DeKalb County The Off The Eatin’ Path in DeKalb County blog highlights some of the unique dining gems that are found throughout the entire county. Many of these optional photography apps add features and functions that are not available in either the Camera or Photos apps, giving you, the Smartphone digital photographer, additional tools for taking professional-quality, visually interesting, artistic, and extremely vibrant and detailed images that you’ll be proud to showcase and share with others. One of the third-party photography apps that truly stands out as being not just useful, but rather amazing, is the Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama app from Egos Ventures, Inc.
Once the images are shot and stored on an iOS mobile device, the app offers a handful of easy to use editing tools, as well as one-tap image filters and frames, that can be used to visually enhance the 360-degree panoramic images. However, the app can also convert the images into short HD video clips that can be easily shared online with a few taps on the screen. Whether you want to take amazing vacation photos, for example, or you have professional uses for this application, the Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama app is well worth checking out.
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Panoramic photography maybe has many definitions, but for us, it is a format of photography that captures great wide-angle photos. In the 19th century, the time when people invented panoramic photography, stitching pictures is the only way to get a panorama. At that time, panoramic photos often meant wide angle and wide aspect ratio(like the picture above).
With the emergence of image-processing software, people began to use digital pictures to create panoramic photos.
With one-shot, we can get a 360 degree panorama on the horizon quickly, but because of the limit on the vertical, we can not see the top and bottom from one-shot panoramic photos. With standard lens or wide-angle lens, we can take multiple digital pictures to stitch a panorama photo, which has wide angle on horizon and vertical, and this wide angle often is less than 180 degree. Although these types of panoramas can meet some of our needs, the pursuit of photographers can never be stopped.

Creating a 360*180 degree panoramic photo is not easy, unless you have a strong panorama-stitching software and some special equipment(fisheye lens and pano-head). If you use standard lens or wide-angle lens to take multiple pictures, you need to take dozens of pictures in order to create a 360*180 degree panorama.
The main panoramic photography equipment are: Digital camera (abbreviation as DC),Fisheye lens, Pano Head and Tripod.
Pano Head is essential for panoramic photography, which can be classified as two types: lens specific pano head and non-lens specific pano head. For Nikon Coolpix series and some cameras with no fisheye mode, you need to set manually before shooting. The word "photography" derives from the Greek and means, literally, "light writing." Lighting is mainly controlled by aperture and shutter speed.
If you are experienced in photography, Manual mode is recommended to choose appropriate aperture and shutter speed according to the environmental light.
White balance is a name given to a system of color correction to deal with differing lighting conditions. In panorama photography, greater DOV (Depth of Field) helps to acquire a clear image in a wider range. After setting the aperture and shutter speed, if the image in the monitor is too dark, choose a positive value for exposure compensation. Note: When shooting two or three fisheye images of the same scene, do not change the exposure compensation value. Note: The above panorama image is stitched from images shot with different exposure compensation value.
Setting AE Lock (Automatic Exposure Lock) is one of the most significant steps in panoramic photography. After setting the proper aperture and exposure compensation, turn to AE Lock > ON in the menu. Place the point of interest in the center of the viewfinder then half press the shutter to focus.
Note: It is suggested the images be shot clockwise, otherwise, you may have to reverse the sequence when loading images in Panoweaver. A powerful panorama-stitching program, a fisheye lens and a pano-head are all indispensable elements in the panoramic photography process, but the key element in creating 360*180 degree panorama photos is panorama software, because a perfect panoramic photo can only be created by a powerful panorama software.
For example, motorized pano heads, or special lens mirrors that take a 360 degree photo in one shot. It’s small and weighs in at just 7 ounces, but packs a punch as it can capture 14-megapixel images.
Now, as if the transition from analogue to digital had not made us dizzy enough, a new form of panoramia has emerged: 360 degree photography. Hence locations with little movement, such as nature or calm sea, or sunset are the easiest to create. It is said that DSLRs perform better than the traditional and point-shoot cameras due to the speed of capturing pictures, ease of use, ability to use filters, and capacity to frame the scene perfectly via the view finder. Before investing on anything, first learn about the software and tool, so that you can get the most out of it. Do not forget to use lens having 8mm width and if you aren’t using the same, you may have to capture couple of pictures to cover everything from a 360 degree angle. To make the alignment perfect, tie a string around heavy item (or coin) and hang it from lens, ensuring that you’re capturing at the same level of angle around the axis.
As one of the largest counties in the state, Atlanta’s DeKalb offers beautiful natural wonders, exciting attractions, diverse communities and some of the best festivals in Georgia. Throughout the year we will be updating our page with 360 degree aerial and landscape views of Arabia Mountain, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Downtown Decatur, festivals, and more!
The question mark buttons will give you information about Stone Mountain Park’s attractions. The question mark buttons will give you information about Decatur’s attractions and interesting hotspots. The question mark buttons will give you information about nearby attractions and interesting hotspots.
Explore the Park’s 3,200 acres of pristine forests and manicured landscapes that offer a variety of recreational activities including golf, hiking, boating and picnicking.
Atlanta’s DeKalb has nationally acclaimed restaurants, award-winning chefs, and some of the best breweries and cocktail artists in the Southeast. What this app does is allow any iOS mobile device (not just the iPhone) to quickly and easily capture extremely impressive, 360-degree panoramic digital images.
One ingenious enhancement, if you’re using one of the newest iPhone models, is the Hands-Free Mode.

This wide-angle we are talking about is not general wide-angle, it should be greater than human's field of view(about 75 degree). For example, they use One-shot, the optic for capturing seamless 360-degree images in an instant, or take multiple pictures to stitch. As the FOV of standard lens and wide-angle is limited, taking numerous picures is inevitable. The former is applied to certain lens and cameras, which is simple to install since there will be no need locating a nodal point. The shooting modes available in most digital cameras range from Auto mode, Scene mode, Programmed auto, Shutter-Priority auto, Aperture-priority auto and Manual mode. Set a larger F value to get a small aperture so that a deeper "Depth of Field" (DOV) is achieved with a much wider scope of clear area in the image. Normally our eyes compensate for different lighting conditions, but when taking pictures with a digital camera the camera has to find the "white point" (the assumption that a white object must appear white) to correct other colors cast by the same light. Therefore it is important to use a smaller aperture in panorama photography than in ordinary photography. Similarly, if the image in the monitor is too bright, raise exposure compensation until the desired effect is achieved.
AE lock is the ability to lock the cameras calculated exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity) over a series of images.
There are obvious image brightness difference in the two fisheye images' area and two obvious blue seams resulting from difference exposure value of two fisheye images. If the original image has much noise or is not sharp enough, it can be retouched in any image editing application such as Photoshop, Fireworks etc.
Within minutes, you can get high quality panoramic image and full screen panoramic tours in Flash, QuickTime and Java player. Photographing Hawaii’s scenery is especially enjoyable and the biggest perk associated with working on a travel web site. Start by using whatever equipment you have and learning how to best use AutoPano before investing in new gear. The coolest thing about the 360-imager is its built-in panamorph technology that lets you select, zoom, and crop images on its 2-inch LCD touchscreen right after you take them.
The results give you a sense of omnipotence, without really revealing where you are or what you are looking at. DSLR digital cameras have better or improved picture quality in comparison to point and shoot digital cameras. You can stand in one position and swivel around, same as outdoor photos, but keep the object closer to the camera, so that software won’t take much time to combine the pictures along with matching background. Set your preferences, such as user interface options, logo, and watermarks that you would love to have in your 360 degree tour. Discover family-fun attractions including Sky Hike™, the nation’s largest family adventure course and the world’s longest running lasershow.
Check out our Off the Eatin’ Path blog for a list of restaurant reviews and news about upcoming restaurants and chefs. It’s then possible to view, edit, enhance and then share the images, directly from the app. The latter can be used to all the lenses & cameras, however you need to locate the nodal point yourself. Standard digital photos and wide-angle photos in single line and mutiple lines, and fisheye photos can all be stitched into 360 panoramas.
Here, there is less chance of stitching error; due to the use of pano head and tripod, you can enhance the accuracy of the process. The app makes the iPhone automatically rotate around, while it captures the images necessary to create the single, 360-degree panoramic shot. From this picture we can see Rincon Hill stitched a few pictures together, then get this panoramic photo. And with the panorama viewer we can get the effect of virtual reality on computers, which gives us more sense of immersion than plane panoramic pictures. The reason is the flash light doesn't take effect with fisheye lens since fisheye lens covers a much wider FOV than traditional camera lens.
Watching one of the iPhone 5 models take advantage of this shooting mode is cool, but seeing the end-result is very impressive.
It may cause over exposure so that the stitched panorama from fisheye images will have a distinct "blue seam".

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