The restore process will copy settings, texts, recent call lists contacts apps from your old iPhone backup to your new iPhone.
With that in mind, here’s the best way to get your existing iPhone to sync to your new computer (or its reformatted hard drive) without losing your contacts or having to remember which apps you had downloaded and finding them again in iTunes.
Now you’ll want to transfer all of your iTunes purchases (including free apps, paid apps, songs, books and movies) from your iPhone to your new computer. In iTunes, go through the tabs for Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books and Photos, deciding which stuff you want on your iPhone. The contacts on your iPhone should be intact, but if they’re not, for whatever reason, open iDrive Lite and select Restore Contacts.
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Photos app for OS X and iCloud Photo Library are great options for those who want to rely on Apple to store their images. So if you want to showcase your computer's images on your iOS devices, never fear: iMore has you covered.
While I still have some issues with Apple's iCloud Photo Library, it remains one of the best ways to keep your photos in sync between your Mac, PC, and any other iOS devices you may own.
If you've upgraded to Photos for Mac and you're running OS X Yosemite or later, you should have no problem syncing your Mac's images to your iPhone or iPad.
For more about iCloud Photo Library, be sure to check out our iCloud Photo Library Ultimate Guide. Name your stream something like "iPhoto Images" and share it with your own Apple ID; within minutes, it should start to populate on your iOS devices under the Shared tab in the Photos app. From there, you can view the images if you have an Internet connection, and you can download them locally to your device (which will then put them in the queue to be uploaded to your iCloud Photo Library) by selecting one, tapping the Share button, and hitting Save Image.

Also note that the iCloud uploader only supports the uploading of JPG files at this time; you can't upload PNGs or MOVs through the web. Once everything loads, click the Upload button in the upper right corner, next to Select Photos. If you're using external folders on a Mac to store pictures (or a Windows PC), you can instead sync your iPhone or iPad from that specific folder. If you prefer using Google Photos, Amazon's service, or any other third-party provider, you can do so pretty easily. Intro: How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10Ever since Windows 10 was released last month, it has drawn lavish praises from its users.
This is a fantastic improvement to the previous behavior, which allowed you to watch either the broadcast or the data but not both. New Hide Scores option for the scoreboard, team views and MLB.TV media player scoreboard overlay. The MLB At Bat app has been downloaded over 5M times in 2012 and should reach the combined total of 2010 and 2011’s 6M by the end of the year. Desktops are regularly damaged by every conceivable household assailant, from the inconsiderate roommate to the out-of-control pet.
This tutorial, developed using the recommendations of Apple Genius Bar employees who will remain nameless, also addresses the music, movies and books you’ve purchased. If you failed to de-authorize your old computer before it was stolen or otherwise became unavailable, see Apple’s instructions on how to de-authorize your old computers.
To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer with its USB cable, right-click your iPhone (CTRL+click on a Mac) and choose Back Up. To do this, right-click (CTRL-click on a Mac) your iPhone within iTunes and choose Transfer Purchases. This may seem odd, because all of this stuff is already on your iPhone, but it’s all part of getting your old iPhone to play nice with your new computer so you can install new stuff and keep your phone backed up in the future, so stick with us here. Mines not, it was all stored on my own laptop and is now on my iPhone as the only storage of the songs. This worked liked a dream, by the end of it i still had my contacts, all my notes, calendar entries and my apps.

Here's a quick tutorial on all the ways you can currently sync your Mac or Windows PC images to your iPhone or iPad. It also happens to be my favorite hack for getting images from the now-discontinued iPhoto or Aperture onto your iOS devices. Apple's upload script is still very rudimentary — a simple file picker — and as such, you might find it tricky for uploading large amounts of pictures. This works better for small batches of images, rather than your entire photo library; if you want to transfer all your Mac's photos, you may be better off using iTunes.
The iPad app gets a gorgeous new overlay which puts Gameday data right on top of your live broadcast. This enhances the viewing experience massively, putting all of the stats and near realtime pitch data at your fingertips.
You can tell that the team respects baseball, but also loves building great apps, something that you just don’t find in a lot of sports apps. I managed to get a 940-photo session to upload without problem, but that said, you might want to begin with smaller image amounts, just to be safe. Here's a roundup of our favorite image backup and sync services if you're looking for an iCloud Photo Library alternative.
Among other new features, it is equipped with a new app called Phone Companion which allows you to sync media files between iPhone and PC without iTunes. But please note that to use this tool, you need to connect your iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network with internet accessibility.
This tool is used to transfer data like contacts, music, videos, ringtones, playlists, photos and more between iPhone and PC including Windows 10.

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