Convenient keyboard connects to up to four devices (three Bluetooth, one USB) simultaneously, switching easily between them, though its keys are a step down from Apple's. Among my favorite keyboards these days are Logitecha€™s $100 Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 and its solar-powered sibling, the $80 Wireless Solar Keyboard K760. As with the K760 and K811, the Multi-Sync Keyboard pairs easily with up to three Bluetooth-enabled Macs and iOS devices (including the Apple TV) in any combination.
This feature worked well in my testing with a Mac, an iPad, and an Apple TV, connecting with the corresponding device a few seconds after I pressed one of the quick-switch keys. But unlike Logitecha€™s keyboards, the Multi-Sync keyboard also provides a USB port (specifically, a Micro-USB port on the back edge of the keyboard) for wired connections.
I also tested the Multi-Sync keyboard connected to my desktop Mac over USB and my iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV using Bluetooth. Unlike Logitecha€™s K811, the Multi-Sync Keyboard doesna€™t include a rechargeable battery; rather, ita€™s powered by either the USB connection or by two AAA batteries (included in the box).
When I reviewed the two Logitech multi-device keyboards, many readers voiced their desires for a similar keyboard with a numeric keypad.
The drawback to this full-size design is that unlike the Easy-Switch Keyboard K811, which easily fits in most laptop bags, Kanexa€™s keyboard is better left on your desk. You also get two other iOS-focused keys: a large Home key to the left of the left-hand Control key, and a large Spotlight-search key to the right of the right-hand Control key.
The Multi-Sync Keyboard looks much like Applea€™s current desktop keyboards, with a gray body and square, white keys. Those who arena€™t picky about the feel of their keyboarda€™s keys will likely be perfectly happy with the Multi-Sync Keyboard. Als u uw iPhone contacten naar computer wilt overzetten in een algemeen formaat bent u hier op de juiste plaats. Klik op "Contacts" aan de linkerlant om een lijst met contacten van uw iPhone geheugenkaart en accounts, als iCloud, Exchange en Yahoo te openen!. Opmerking: een ding waar u aan moet denken als u contacten van iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo!, etc wilt overzetten naar computer voor backup is, dat u eerst moet inloggen op de accounts op uw iPhone.
Beide versies van deze tool stellen u in staat om uw contacten van iPhone naar computer over te zetten op twee manieren, maar er is een verschil.
Download de gratis probeerversie hieronder om uw iPhone contacten te kopieren naar computer.
Als u het scherm hierboven ziet, volg dan de beschrijving die het geeft en start met de scanning mode. Laat na 10 seconden de "Power" knop los, maar houdt de "Home" nog ingedrukt voor nog eens 10 seconden. Na het scannen kunt u al uw iPhone gegevens vinden, netjes gepresenteerd in duidelijke categorien.
Nu moet u "Contacts" markeren of alleen de gegevens die u wilt en daarna op "Recover" klikken om ze op uw computer op te slaan. Verbindt uw iPhone met de computer en synchroniseer met iTunes om een backup bestand te genereren.
Als u Wondershare Dr.Fone voor iOS (Mac) gebruikt, switch dan naar "Recover from iTunes Backup File" optie boveaan. Als het ophalen is gebeurd, wordt alle inhoud van het iTunes backup bestand dat gevonden is in detail gepresenteerd. Herstel iPhone berichten: Deze handleiding laat u zien hoe verwijderde tekstberichten op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen van iPhone. Herstel verwijderde foto's op iPhone: Dit artikel laat u zien hoe u verwijderde foto's van iPhone op verschillende manieren kunt herstellen. We waarderen uw privacy en beschermen uw financiele en persoonlijke data met volledige encryptie en geadvanceerde fraude bescherming. After a long wait, Google has finally revealed its answer to the Microsoft’s Skydrive, a desktop sync app for storing your data online or cloud storage. Google drive, the new cloud storage service from the Google is an application through which you can store your files and other data on the servers run by Google.

With Drive, you do not have to fret about getting the know-how and acing a completely different user interface.
I think people have really liked these new cloud storage service by Google, Even I am using it and it comes with really cool features. Well Google has been the most reliable service for years now with its search, mail, youtube, calender, maps and what now. This is a nice way to personalize the Apple Watch a bit, and you can easily create a custom photo watch face in just a few moments. At the moment that is not possible with Apple Watch, the only custom photo face available is with a digital clock rather than hands. Both Bluetooth keyboards let you pair with any combination of three Macs and iOS devices, switching between those devices with a simple keypress. To pair the keyboard, you just turn it on, press the desired quick-switch key (F1, F2, or F3, each labeled with the Bluetooth symbol) you want to assign to the device youa€™re pairing with, and then press the Bluetooth-pair button on the bottom of the keyboard.
Using the included four-foot USB cable, you can connect the keyboard directly to your Mac (or, as mentioned above, to an iOS device with the appropriate adapter), reserving the three Bluetooth slots for, say, iOS devices and laptops.
It was convenient to be able to use a single keyboard for all four devices, quickly switching between them when I needed to.
Unfortunately, the size of these keysa€”theya€™re among the largest on the keyboarda€”and their locations mean that the modifier keys (Control, Option, and Command) are smaller than normal and in slightly different locations relative to other keys than normal.
However, to my fingers, the keys dona€™t feel nearly as nice as those on Applea€™s keyboards.
But those who consider the feel of a keyboard to be just as important as its features will be disappointed. The inclusion of a USB connection, letting you connect an additional wired device, sweetens the deal; and if you dona€™t need portability, Kanexa€™s full-size layout, including a numeric keypad, makes it a nice alternative to the compact Logitech models. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Ik hen al mijn contacten op mijn iPhone en wil ze overzetten naar mijn PC, zodat ik ze kan importeren op mijn andere apparaten. De contacten worden opgeslagen in een enkel vCard bestand of verschillende vCard bestanden. De ene manier is om iPhone contacten direct over te zetten op uw computer door het scannen van uw iPhone. Wat u dient te weten is dat de gegevens die u hier ziet niet de enige zijn op uw iPhone, maar tevens degenen die pas van uw iPhone verwijderd zijn. After a string of appearances, Google Drive was finally launched by the Google a few days back.
It means that whenever you modify a file stored in the Drive, which is instantly updated across all other devices connected to Drive.
After that you can increase that to 25, 100 GB or even 1 TB, against fixed monthly payments of $2.49, 5, 50, respectively. Only restriction for you to handle is the 10 GB per file limit even that far outruns the limits offered by its competitors.
Even the photos uploaded weren’t compressed, thus conserving their original clarity and size. Like others of its kind, its simple and quick installation is completed with the addition of a folder to your desktop. But, in order to keep with the other competitors, Google will have to evolve the Drive, and there is plenty of space for that too. Google Drive looks like an integration of linux one OS and icloud feature of Apple…. Perhaps, they can include an option here as to whether the user wants to delete the same from the online Drive. I can surely say that despite of having low storage capacity , DropBox is best for me , in terms of accessibility and ease of use.
This way every time you activate the Apple Watch to glance at the time, you’ll see the picture of your choice with a date and clock atop the image.

Put a picture of your favorite person, people, animal, pets, landscapes, cities, whatever you want, they will look great on the Apple Watch face as a clock. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! When the keyboard is using USB, the F4 key acts as a fourth quick-switch key for the USB connection. The last seven of these keys also work with iOS devices; oddly, the brightness keys do not.
Perhaps some people would get used to this oddity, but I never coulda€”I regularly hit the wrong key when trying to press Option or Control, often leading to unexpected results. Kanexa€™s keys have edges that are a bit sharper, and the keys require a bit more force to press, while providing less tactile feedback to let you know that youa€™ve pressed them far enough. But it unfolds into a stand that offers three angles (63, 69, and 75 degrees from horizontal, indicated on the respective positioning notches) and is sturdy enough to prop up even a full-size iPad in portrait orientation.
However, if you dona€™t need that extra connection or the extra keys, Logitecha€™s K811 and K760 offer superior keys for a considerably better typing experience. Ik weet dat iTunes een backup kan maken op mijn computer, maar ik kan het backup bestand niet gebruiken door het formaat.
Het is daarmee heel eenvoudig voor u om contacten naar Gmail, Outlook en andere over te zetten.
Als u in de scanmode zit, zult u zien dat Dr.Fone automatisch begint met het scannen van uw iPhone naar gegevens. Om ze te scheiden, kunt u de schuifknop onderaan gebruiken: Only display the deleted items. Markeer "Contacts" en klik op "Recover", u kunt nu iPhone contacten op de computer opslaan. When you drag anything into it, it is stored on your hard disk as well as in your account on the cloud.
Perhaps one of its drawbacks may is that for a folder you want to be synced, you have to drag them to the Google Drive, from their original locations unlike that in Live Mesh, or Wuala or SugarSync.
I believe with what Google is offering(5 GB) and its competitive monthly plans for extra storage, we should soon hear from Dropbox about the pricing that has to come down for sure and better incentives to keep people on Dropbox. Thanks to its larger size (17.4 inches wide), the Multi-Sync also includes a standard numeric keypad, a feature missing from those Logitech models. Worthy of praise here is the fact that Kanex has split this row into groups of four F-keys (F1 to F4, F5 to F8, and so on), making it easier for touch-typists to find the desired key by touch. The cradle of the stand is only about a quarter of an inch deep, so an iPad in a bulky case wona€™t fit well, but the stand otherwise holds any iOS device.
Is er een mogelijkheid om mijn iPhone contacten over te zetten naar computer en ze gemakkelijk te gebruiken? Naast contacten kunt u ook muziek, speellijsten, foto's, SMS, podcast, audiobook en meer naar PC overbrengen. Synchroniseer en backup uw iPhone met iTunes en gebruik dan Wondershare Dr.Fone om de backup op te halen en uw contacten selektief op te slaan.
The downside is that the Multi-Sync Keyboarda€™s keys arena€™t as good as those on Logitecha€™s offerings.
Once youa€™ve paired the keyboard with several devices, you choose the active device by pressing its corresponding F-key (F1, F2, or F3).
If Kanex sold this stand separately, it would be one of the best portable stands on the market. Not only has this, the Google Docs, the web-based tools of productivity from Google also been encapsulated within the Google drive.
Naast het overzetten van contacten van iPhone naar PC, helpt deze tool u hoofdzakelijk met het herstellen van gegevens op uw iPhone.

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