Honestly there are so many AMAZING designers out there that design templates for these two blog frameworks…you could spend all day on google looking and oohing-ahhing over their work…so jump right on google and find that designer that makes you melt and go with their template!!!!!
If you are an amateur photographer, then running a professional photography business would be a dream come true. You could be shooting landscapes, nature, wildlife, weddings, seniors, corporate stills, children, flowers, babies, architecture and innumerable types of images. Do you know that some of the most successful photographers focused on a specialty or two early in their careers. Think about what camera and lenses would be most suitable for your area of specialization and think of investing in other essentials like a computer and the latest photo editing software.
You will have to purchase Cameras, and the accessories like tripods, lights studio props, background scenes on canvas, light modulators and digital photography essentials. Examine and compare other prices of other photographers by visiting their websites and fix up rates that are reasonable and competitive.   You can also inquire with Kenyan press photographers who usually work for newspapers and magazines and find out what the current rates are for professional photography.
If you are able to present excellent samples of your work, then that will be very crucial and decisive in landing new assignments for you.
If you have not done enough work or projects to create a really attractive portfolio, start by choosing from among the best existing photos to showcase. More important is to create a social media profile, which will promote your services online and keep sending out regular updates as you work on regular promotions.
If a photography session goes badly, it’s so easy to get discouraged or when someone disparages your images. Sharing is caring, click on one of the following buttons to share this article with your friends.
ABOUT KUZABIASHARAStarting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances.
An infographic digging into some of the many ways to improve the design of your living space.
This infographic is a fantastic resource for all parents expecting a baby and not being experienced in bathing their little one.
I’ve been designing with their theme since 2009 and have sold thousands of beautiful websites to happy customers.

Which is why I’ve created tons of beautiful designs for you to start with and customize! Plus, we teamed up with the Bittersweet Design team and created marketing sets so you can have a cohesive and complete online & print brand.
I have been blogging for the past year (expanding it this year) and I remembered you had written an article about a web hosting service (in addition to WordPress).
If you’re thinking of taking this passion a few steps further into starting your own photography business in Kenya (or any other part of the world), here are some useful tips and advice you should consider before taking the plunge.
The photography industry offers many opportunities for enthusiastic amateurs who want to make a living out of it. But have you ever noticed that professionals like Doctors and Lawyers always opt for a specialty? You will also need to decide whether you are going to rent a studio and what sort of lighting you will require. Any prospective clients will definitely want to see proof of your talent so they can be sure they will get their money’s worth. You can also do a few projects for free so that you are able to get some really good photos for your portfolio. Kindly share your suggestions, questions and compliments with us via the comment box below.
We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to innovate and change the world by contributing to the nation’s economy and livelihood. Since Daguerre captured the first known candid photo of a person in 1838, over 3.5 trillion photos have been taken worldwide, with most of them taken in the last few decades. Having been a professional photographer for 7 years along with teaching local photography workshops for over 5 years I’m now bringing it to you through Sixth Bloom. Will you join me in this journey of teaching you how to become a better photographer? Having been a professional photographer for 7 years along with teaching photography workshops for 5 years I'm now bringing it to you through the blog. In this matter your family and your friends would be ideal people to approach for small but good assignments.
All you need to do is get a good website created for your company and also advertise by distributing pamphlets in the local areas, schools, churches and clubs.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about starting a successful photography business in Kenya. There’s no short cut or fast track to success…regardless of what many books and short term courses say. My mom and dad sent me a list of 30 ideas and as soon as I saw Click it Up a Notch, I knew that was it.
If this terrifies you, which it shouldn’t, you can always call Bluehost to have them walk you through it. You want to choose a theme that will showcase your images how you want as well as help you accomplish what you want out of your site. I was just thinking that maybe even Clickin’ Moms forum should have a topic designated to blogging. Reply Courtney SlazinikApril 21, 2014 at 11:21 AMYou would not need to pay to install WordPress. Once you have Bluehost set up, your WordPress site is included :) Reply juliaApril 22, 2014 at 6:53 AMGreat! We travel just about full time, with four kids, it’s not always easy to find time to keep up with it, but I try to post at least once a week. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like thijs for quite some time annd was hopiung maybe you would hhave some experience with something like this. Like so, Jasmine LI Blog Reply BrianMay 14, 2015 at 8:09 AMWhile the tech side can be intimidating, I think most folks find it more diffuclt to make the time to take the photos for the blog and keep the posts up once your wordpress site is up.
Also, the edits I do on my iphone 5S do not get saved when I upload the photos to my computer.

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