Sarah and Jerry teamed up on this one, with Sarah clicking the shutter as Jerry arranged lights. Another flash was placed behind a shoot-through umbrella camera-left to provide just a touch of fill in the shadows. If you are looking for some unique wedding photos, just read on and we are sharing these unique wedding photo ideas. And the sun finished off the rest of the photo, providing that warm glowing light from the right side of the photo.

It is your wedding photos that will capture the moments, preserve the memories and give you years of pleasure looking back.
Just send us the photos you like and we’ll make them your wedding invitations to surprise your guests. I cannot express how grateful I was for your help and the inspiration I was able to find on your website! For the photo above, Jerry was actually hiding behind that tree on the left, holding a flash which is providing the ‘spotlight’ on the bride and groom’s faces.

The wind nearly blew him away and it looked like he would take off any second and fly over Melbourne. Wedding Photographer, Fashion Photographer, Portraits, Moments and Candid Photography, Capturing Moments of Life, Indian Wedding Photography.

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