High speed photography is a technique used by photographers all around the world.  In high-speed photography, a very fast phenomena is captured. We are showcasing 35 best high-speed photographs which will help you further understand the concept of high-speed photography. Mostly the camera used to take high speed photos is capable of taking 128 frames per second or more. Unlike other photography techniques, high-speed photography mostly boils down to the feature set of the camera itself.

If you have a pretty good camera capable of taking at-least 128 frames per second, you will be able to take high-speed photos. The phenomena captured by the high-speed cameras are normally not distinguishable by naked eye.
For example, you don’t see exactly what happens when you pinch a balloon with a pin or something sharp.
However, high-speed cameras record the same balloon burst with greater detail and show you exactly what is happening in each micro-second.

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