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If you're looking for a super lightweight affordable motorized Time Lapse slider, here's an interesting Motorized 2-Axis Auto Panning Slider that was sent over from DigiSlider.
Unlike a basic motorized slider that has moves constantly, the DigiSlider Controller can be setup for true shoot-move-shoot settings. It's also possible to use the DigiSlider 2-Axis as a real time Auto Panning (parallax) video slider, and you can dial in different speed settings.
The design of the Auto Panning option is clever as it doesn't require a motor like other 2 or 3 Axis Motorized Sliders. Also, keep in mind that this slider is setup with a motor and belt drive, so you cannot move it manually by hand. In video mode does this slider automatically change directions at each end of the slide or do you manually have to change direction with the joystick? Have you ever wanted to shoot a cool time-lapse but were afraid of the complexities of the task?
Photographer Mark Gee shows you how to tackle the various tasks, like planning, setting up, shooting, post processing and exporting. In this Star Timelapse tutorial you’ll learn how to setup a motion control timelapse using the Syrp Genie and Magic Carpet. Follow Canon Watch: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, RSS, 500px, or subscribe to our daily newsletter.

Please check your spam folder if you don't get the confirmation mail, and mark the mail as "non-spam" to see future newsletters. If you have ever shot time-lapse, you know the struggles of dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of large files.
As you probably know, LA is an expansive city so shooting it from many different angles was critical.
Capturing the transition from day to night while looking back at the city as the purple shadow of Earth envelopes the eastern skyline and the warm distant twinkling halogen lights spark to life and give the fading sun a run for her money- this will never grow old or boring to me. The Auto-panning addition allows the slider to keep a subject in the center of your frame while in motion. This allows you to work with long exposures as you can configure the slider to wait to move until your camera is done firing - preventing blurry images.
But keep in mind that there is audible noise from the motor so it may not work well for interview settings or where audio is critical. This makes it very fast and simple to setup, but this design is also limited how far you can Pan the camera inwards to keep a subject in frame. Tags: 2 axis slider, auto panning slider, digislider 2-axis, motorized slider, time lapse slider on July 26, 2016 by Cheesycam. I know many of us want a tool that does everything, really this is only advertised as a Time Lapse slider for still photos. You have to use the joystick, but once you hit the direction you don't have to hold the joystick.

This guide to Astro Timelapse covers everything from location scouting to camera setup and includes a detailed section on post production using Adobe Lightroom and LR Timelapse. I love to bring you all the latest news about everything that's related to Canon, and to photography. While Lightroom and other post production programs can definitely make editing your time-lapse easier, LRTimelapse is a program that can further ease the editing process and improve your workflow. Your subject cannot be too close for Auto Panning to work effectively (angle would be too great). Unless of course if you disconnect the belt drive using a basic hex tool, then you can use the slider by hand for times you don't need the motor, and you will still have full access to the Auto Panning feature.
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LRTimelapse allows keyframing and grading of time-lapse sequences in an all RAW file-based workflow, as well as creating day to night time-lapse transitions easily and helping to get rid of annoying flicker effects in your sequence, all in the comfort of Lightroom. It is intended as a convenience for those who want to monitor the ever-changing ecosystem - both in terms of the equipment, software, people and the ideas underlying their activities.

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