He’s got a stretchy rubber socket that fits on top of pretty much any kind of bottle, and a standard-issue tripod screw on the other end that fits most any camera. The Cloak Bag is the world’s first shoot-through camera bag that allows a user with a DSLR or SLR camera to take photos without removing the camera from the safety of the bag.
WP110 Waterproof case for digital cameras are made of non-toxic materials (RoHS) and are tested and are of waterproof grade JIS IPX8 (Japaness Industrial Standard’s highest waterproof grade). Go from orange, blue and green-tinted photos to beautifully captured color with the balance Cap and achieve a look that is not always possible with in-camera automatic white balance or with in-camera pre-set white balances. Do you mind if I link to this article and share the cookie comparison shot in an upcoming article on my craft and food photography site? Whatever camera manufacturers  compaies think and plan different segments, its still not easy for one to decide on camera, without understanding their need and type of cameras availabe in markets and make a choice over P&S or DSLRs. Let me walk you through on camera types and advantages and disadvantages over DSLRs or P&S cameras.
Anyways I will start on very common and entry point of digital camera that’s Point & Shoot. Point and shoots generally have small image sensors which means that the quality that they produce is generally lower, that means it not good for large size of images.
P & S  digital cameras are always notorious for their slow operation such as ‘shutter lag’ (shutter lag is the time between the shutter opening  and when the real image is taken). All P&S cameras come with fixed lenses only and you don’t worry much in trying to change lenses. In layman’s language, point and shoot cameras typically cannot separate foreground from background, bringing everything in focus and making the entire scene look sharp.
As we have discussed earlier, image quality is good compare to P&S camera because of greater size of sensors and DSLR are generally able to be used at a faster ISO which will lead to faster shutter speeds and less grain means good image quality.
DSLR’s ability to change lenses is known and that opens up a world of possibilities for photographers.
DSLR’s are pretty fast photography tool compare to P&S camera, such as start (ON), focusing on objects and shutter lag of course.
Viewfinder is really a key factor for camera and DSLRs come with reflex mirror and very much a what you see is what you get operation and size of viewfinders are pretty large to see objects clear unlike P&S.
ISO range is all depends on camera models and manufacturers but generally DSLRs camera offer a wide range of ISO settings (ISO 100 to 6400 easily) which lends itself to their flexibility in shooting in different conditions.
Many P&S Camera comes with ability of manual controls for shooting but DSLRs are designed for such need and also assumed that the photographer using it will want to control their own settings most of the time. This is really a key point for any photographer and being available large aperture lenses on DSLRs one can control this as per shooting need easily.

As DSLRs are designed for manual use that means you need to know how to use the tools that they give you. While we talk about DSLRs prices (especially at the eentry level) DSLR’s are generally more expensive than point and shoot digital cameras.
While we not talking those professional ones, and only focusing on those designs can be used and loved by every photo-taker. Simply twist your camera onto the mount, tighten up your hard hat, and record some beautiful video. Ergonomic and sleek, it works with BlackRapid’s MODS system of attachments so you can customise your strap to your exact needs.
Grab the nearest soda or water bottle, stick on the Bottle Cap Tripod, and you’re set! It’s the perfect fit for travelers or any photographer who has missed a shot simply because the camera was left in the bag.
It’s the ultimate accessory for kids, the photo-shy, street photography or any time you want natural, unposed shots.
Just squeeze both side tabs of the balance Cap for easy mounting or removal, even with a lens hood in place. Designed with self-timer photography in mind, the Gorillapod lets you mount your camera just about anywhere you want so that you can include everyone in your automatic shots.
It’s can be hard to articulate what, exactly, separates a point and shoot photo from a DSLR photo but WOW what a difference you can see in the photos!! If you’re not planning on using your images for major enlargements or in professional applications that the quality of point and shoot cameras can be more than enough for the average user to showcase family or party kind of event. As per my experience P&S can be reasonable between 800-1600 ISO, but still sensor is play here as well and on large ISO you might get more and more grains on image. They are really handly camera as you do not need extra bags, lens tripods or other accessories to carry around and move. In DSLRs you have large number of choices for lesne, start from extra wide, standard, zoom to extra telephoto.
While they do come with good auto modes the manual controls are generally built in in such a way that they are at the photographers finger tips as they are shooting.
This kind of services are expensive as soon as manufacturers warranty period is over, there is no guarantee that things will keep on working when the warranty expires.
Also consider that you might want to upgrade your lens, as kit lenses what camera company supply along with camera are generally not of a super high qualit or you may wish to add more lenses later and that this adds to the cost of a DSLR for sure. Here is our today’s topic 10 innovative and useful photographer gadgets and accessories.

Self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots just became a whole lot easier!
Meant to fit the end of your SLR’s zoom lens, this guy has a secret cut-out on the side and a precision mirror assembly inside. Its center pinch-release mechanism and streamlined design help to prevent the balance Cap from accidentally being bumped off, either while traveling or when shooting in a crowd. Despite point and shoot cameras now coming with up to 16 megapixels normally, image sensors which are used In P&S camera are much smaller in size compare to DSLRs and that is not small but very big. There are few adaptors are availae on lilttle high-level P&S camera but all are limited or costly like DSLRs. There are new P&S, which are tented to be advanced  version and like “SLR” point and shoot cameras that tend to get bigger and bulkier, due to their super zoom capabilities and adaptable with more accessories. And you also have many choices for accessories such as lens filters, tripods, flashes and many more.
Without understanding of menu and mode you might end up with frustration and may not like DSLRs. With these all you can fix a P&S in pocket, here you carry a small bagpack with you to handle DSLRs. The cost of repair on DSLRs and lenses can get outrageously expensive (its likely to not going to happen with better quality of build). From double strap for two-camera shooters to Bottle Cap Tripod, from Waterproof Digital Camera Case to Shoot-Through Camera Bag, we know you will like it… since it is summer, it is photo time. In short, you can shoot left, right, up, or down (it swivels 360 degrees), all while appearing to shoot straight ahead.
So no matter how challenging the lighting, with a balance Cap you can get better colors right out of the bag.
Without getting into much technical stuffs, pixels on P&S (small sensors) collect small amount of photons. And yes you will have to learn how to care for your camera and lenses to prevent dust accumulation and other mechanical problems.
The big addition is a polycarbonate quality lens (clear and hard to break) opening that lets you take pictures with zoom control even when the camera is in the pouch.

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