The speed of the shutter determines how long light will be exposed to the sensor to capture an image.
Slow shutter speeds can allow you to capture motion, a moving vehicle at night will look like a streak of light. Please note that the view finder will not be an accurate representation of the noise in the photo, because of how small the screen is.
Test your camera in low light to see what the maximum ISO you can use, before the photos are too noisy. Now that we have broken down the three main parts to shoot in manual mode, lets do a step by step of how to shoot in manual mode, while shooting hand held, not a on a tripod. You are on your way to taking control of your camera and being able to shoot in manual mode.

Please remember that this guide is a quick overview to jumpstart you into shooting manual, it is not all there is to know.
Go Above & Beyond AutoJared Polin's, video course will get you well beyond shooting in auto. About the AuthorJosh Hubatchek is an adventurer, writer, and photography enthusiast based out of Chicago, IL. If you're just starting out with a dslr camera, you're probably pretty overwhelmed with all the different settings you have available. As beneficial as the more automated style of photography can be at times, nothing quite compares to the control and connection you feel when shooting fully manual. Your first dslr or mirrorless camera can excite you with its promise of professional-looking photos.

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In your view finder you should see the exposure level indicator, increase or decrease your shutter speed with the control dial until you reach the center or zero.

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