November 8, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 1 Comment One feature that Apple introduced in the iOS 6 firmware generation was Panorama photos. Although it is common sense that you can take horizontal panorama photos, what might not be as clear is that you can actually take vertical panorama photos as well. Step 4) – Finally rotate your iPhone into the landscape orientation and start taking your panorama photo.
You will be glad to know that the photo you take will automatically appear in the proper vertical orientation, so you won’t need to manually rotate the image after taking it. The recently announced iPhone 5 is going to sport new and improved cameras that allow you to take Panorama images be simply panning across a scene, 40% faster photo capture, better low-light performance, improved noise reduction, enhanced 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera that can record 720p HD video, and more. One of the great new features of the Camera app that is exclusive to the iPhone 5 is the ability to take still images while simultaneously recording 1080p HD video. The surface of the iPhone 5's iSight camera is made out of sapphire crystal making it, well, crystal clear. These additions are nice but let's face it there's nothing too different about this camera vs my 4S which is a bit disappointing to me, I may still get the iP5 but I was hoping for some crazy 13mp upgrade to blow the competition well out of the water and make my decision very easy! Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
If you want a wide angle photo of some sweeping vista, you used to only have two options: buy an expensive camera with a wide angle lens, or take a series of photos and stitch them together with software. Panoramic photos can capture a much wider view than a simple wide angle lens, and it’s usually much easier to get good results than it is stitching multiple photos together. Today we want to give you some helpful tips and pointers on how to take panoramic photos with your iPhone.
In the following example, we see what happens if we move the camera off center too jerkily. In this shot, we’ve managed to smooth things out considerably, but if you look at the areas in red, you see that areas on the pier as well the ocean horizon have dips and bumps. In the following example however, things are much better. There are no discernible gaps or bumps, the shot is level, smooth, and almost flawless. With any kind of photography, if you’re not trying to get that one-in-a-million shot, then you should always take several. So, remember these simple tips when taking panoramas and you’ll end up with shots that you can amaze your family and wow your friends. If you’re really keen on getting the best panoramic shot every time, you consider investing in a tripod. If you tap the white arrow before you start, it swaps sides so that you can pan right-to-left.
As for the panning, before taking the shot, stand facing your intended end point and swivel on your hips to your start point. Born and brainwashed as an Ohio State Buckeye, Matt Klein fancies himself a modern-day jack-of-all-trades; favorite conversation starters include operating systems, Android, BBQ, quantum physics, and roller skating.
DID YOU KNOW?The Zamboni machine, the tractor-like device used to refinish ice rinks, was invented by Frank Zamboni; an ice salesman who, thanks to the advent of electric refrigerators, went into the ice rink business.
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Those of us that have had the pleasure of being able to hunt with ones father will appreciate this hunting story. We first needed to hang my stand and set up Dada€™s ground blind before tackling the sink repair. After the sink repair was completed we sat and talked about the upcoming season and the upcoming eveninga€™s hunt while eating a few sandwiches we had purchased on the way to camp. At 5 pm with the sun setting over the mountain the previously mentioned turkey sandwich containing tryptophan started to cause me to become drossy. I had heard sounds coming from down wind of me and getting louder as it moved through the woods.

Seconds later out steps a deer and with light fading I try to see if it has enough horns to shoot or none, making it a legal deer as well.
Still at full draw I slide the pin behind the front shoulder and inches below the spine as the buck is quartering away then release the arrow. This is a much appreciated functionality because it allows you to easily capture a wide landscape or crowds of people.
Apple also claims that the quality of photographs taken in low light have improved -- but I'll believe that when I see it. The gyroscope, new A6 chip, and Camera app all work together to seamlessly create a single shot with a resolution of up to 38 megapixels. The auto white balance and noise reduction have also been improved, and image stabilization is still included, of course.
I'm personally very excited about this because I often choose not to record video because I don't want to miss the opportunity for a good photo.
But in addition to clarity, sapphire crystal offer a hardness level that is second only to diamond on the scale of transparent materials. I've always avoided using the front-facing camera like the plague, but hopefully it won't be too bad, now.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go really slowly, but you should make sure that you hold your iPhone steady and you move in a nice, smooth, even motion. This line is right about where we want the center of our shot to be. You need to start from the left edge of your intended frame and move right, so make sure you set up your shot beginning to the left and figure out where you want to end it on the right. That arrow is your guide and you need to try to keep the point of it on the line as well as you can. At the far right of the picture there is severe screen tearing and the shot looks downright terrible. Also, the shot just isn’t straight, the finished product slants noticeably down to the right. This is especially true with specialty shots like panoramas, because although your iPhone has that fantastic Retina display, it’s all but impossible to judge how the shot came out on such a small screen.
This can also be useful where there's a massive difference in exposure between start and end point. Knowing we had lots to do in a short time I headed down to where my stand would hang and Dad headed up the meadow to where he had seen a fresh scrape and rubbings. Although this being very ambitious of him, there was no way I was going to sit in a tree for 5 or 6 hours until darkness started to settle in. This can prove to be dangerous at 20 feet up, even with me being safely harness to the tree. I wasna€™t concerned of my sent because I had sprayed down with scent killer and showered that morning it what my wife calls my a€?dirta€? soap.
Do you need me to come down and help you?a€? What he was really thinking is: Crap, now I need to help him track it and drag it back to camp. With Panorama photos you no longer have to tell people to crowd together to fit inside the frame of the photo  as your frame is essentially limitless.
Additionally, FaceTime Video calls are also possible over a cellular connection without WiFi, but availability is up to the carriers. If you move too far off center, the camera will automatically abort the shot and you will need to start over.
Blown up to its full size you can make out imperfections, but enlarging it to such an extent defeats the purpose of a panorama. Moreover, as with our beach shots, we’re in a brightly lit scene, which is going to make it even harder. Not only will a tripod help keep your iPhone level during panoramas, but it will more than pay for itself in the long run with other types of photos. Turn from your original position slightly towards the start until you can just reach: this makes the pan smoother as you're relaxing as you twist from a stretch, as opposed to stretching towards the finish.

Ia€™m not sure if it was from my haste but after climbing up the tree 20 feet to where the stand would hang. As I started to lean to one side with my eyes about to shut I caught myself and stood up to keep from falling asleep and out of the tree. Just as things became exciting and the heart started to pump I hear a€?Hey its getting dark Ia€™m coming outa€? in my ear from Dada€™s radio to mine. The buck runs off in a desperate attempt to elude the fatal encounter he has so cautiously walk into.
Personally, the ability to automagically take panoramic photos is very exciting to me, but even more exciting is the ability to take photos while recording video. Remember that the brain can adjust what we look at and fool us into THINKING not-level objects are level. You see, as my father had introduced me to hunting as a young man this time it was I who had been the one who introduced him to bow hunting. Knowing that waiting until 4 pm with Dad going to his stand at 2 made little sense so I headed out to my stand.
My heart pounding like ita€™s about to exit my chest, I somehow manage to find the button required to make radio contact with Dad. I nearly rip the ear piece from my ear as I tug on the button and try to mouth the words: I HIT ONE. We planned to finish the repairing of the new sink that was started the week before by the crew of uncles, cousins and loyal hunting buddies that are all too willing to lend a hand when called upon this time of year. Other than frustrated from the added work I caused, and the potential damage to the stand, I was fine. As time passed I formed a system where I would sit for 30 minutes and stand for 30 minutes. Without hesitation and at full draw I try to position my top pin on its front shoulder while keeping both eyes open in search of antlers. I quietly and carefully lower my bow and then as I step onto the first step of the tree stand I nearly choke myself with my safety harness having forgotten to release it from the tree. I will admit it usually takes twice as long to make repairs at camp even with twice the helpers. This method has proven successful in keeping my legs from cramping and me from falling asleep and out of the tree. Just as I get to the shoulder the cam on my bow makes contact with my stand (as previously noted Ia€™m sitting in my stand). I climb back into the stand to release the harness, then back down to make the short walk back to camp. I would say ita€™s mainly because someone starts to tell a story and then someone offers up refreshments that slows the work to a crawl. I timed my return to camp just so that Dad and I met on the porch with just enough time left to take on the sink project. The standing part tends to keep my butt from falling asleep as well because the tree stand seat is the size of a loaf of bread and not nearly as soft. Regardless of his lack of following procedures, I gave the 5 beep response that I see something. The ping of the metal on metal sends the deer away, then just as quickly the deer stops 10 yards away and looks back.
At this point I had not seen the deer but needed to alert Dad that an encounter would soon be playing itself out, under my stand.
Not only does he present me with a clear 10 yard shot, but he shows his antlers, answering the questions: buck or doe?

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