Wikipedia defines Levitation as the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact. While jumping and making every surrounding environment shoot my jump, there used to be just a split mini second that would be perfect, and the camera had to capture that exact moment. It would be impossible to have that perfect picture if I couldn’t jump along with the effects of surrounding environment. You are using your time(mini second) to read this, and this second will never come back again. You can choose and go beyond happiness and live in the state of joy OR choose to worry and get anxious about everything. If you choose the latter, you’ll have wasted that second being anxious about something which you have no control over. If I meet you after some months, I’ll make you fly and capture similar pictures of you. Further ReadingWhy Taking Picture is The Worst Thing You Can Do in Any Life Time Event You Don’t Own Anything in This World! Of all the memories we all hold on to, the ones we never learn to let go of are those of our family. Before leaving, why not make an awesome family portrait that will remind everyone that they are always in your heart.
While the regular family portrait is probably good enough, you certainly want to do something that is out of the ordinary, one that will easily crack a smile when it is looked at, or one that even nana will proudly show off to her bingo buddies.
To inspire you to make really special family portraits, we have prepared 24 awesome family portraits shot by photographers with an intriguing view of things. Creative family portraits take longer to set up than regular ones, but you will be surprised with how the outcome will always put you in a good mood no matter when you revisit them.

That said, here’s a heartfelt thanks to all photographers that dedicate so much of their time to photograph and demonstrate how inspiring a family portrait can be.
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Once the storm has reached this stage, it will begin to shoot fireballs, roar, apply levitation and wither to nearby players, and of course, take over the world. You can fly the plane and take yourself to beautiful destinations around the world or do the exact opposite.
They are the people who are there for you from Day 1, there by your side through your cuts and bruises, trials and triumphs. If you are the kind who never says no to family, you’ll probably enjoy this post as much as I did making it. I’m amazed at how an impression could drastically change by just holding the photo frame in non-traditional way, and Kevin N. A father holding a portrait of mother holding a portrait of daughter, I just love this inception-inspired trick! You just want to stare at this photo and think about how genuinely beautiful this idea is. A bit off-topic, but this is a wonderful shot for fathers with lots of angels (at least until they turn 16) in the house. It doesn’t require clear faces to make the portrait lovely, just a lovely family and their feet! Remember to take your camera into the family portrait as well; to most of us photographers, we treat it like a son anyways! Well-placed sandals, a puddle of water, the right amount of light and there you have it, a reflection of your family portrait.

If you can hold your children tight, then this is the most fun memory you can shoot in a portrait! Double-confirm that all your family members are human before you take any family portraits!
It sometimes even serves as the catalyst for you to save any severed relationships you have with your family. I wanted to get something out while it was still relevant, so I put this whole deal together in a matter of hours. But there comes a day when we have to be independent, stand on our own two feet and move out of the nest, either for studies or for work or to build our own family.
Brace yourself, the request for your photo studio’s name from your friends and relatives are coming. This is the portrait that will make visitors keep asking you how did you do it, whenever they visit. As such, this can most certainly be expanded upon and refined, and I encourage anyone with the will to do so!(just don't steal my thunder in the contests, alright?
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