Levitation is one of the most intriguing subjects in trick photography; it has inspired millions of people since its invention in the mid-19th century.
One of the simplest, yet most overwhelming and inspiring feelings is found in the types of photographs where the subject seems to levitate above the ground.
For most amateur or aspiring photographers, the ability to improve picture-taking skills is actually easier than we might think. If your subject has long hair, it’s important to press the shutter button during the middle of a jump and not in the final phase while the subject is descending with their hair appearing to be hanging from the sky. The next type of levitation trick is using objects, for example stools and ladders, to support the subject. This type of levitation photography can achieve some spectacular effects if done correctly. Use a sturdy tripod to hold your camera, and place the tripod at a fixed position for the entire shoot.
Use manual mode on your camera to achieve your desired lighting exposure, and maintain the same setting for your entire shoot.
Use manual focus-mode on the camera lens to achieve the desired focus point on your subject, and maintain the same focus point for your entire shoot.
Consider using a remote shutter release or set your camera on self-timer mode if you are modeling for your own shoot. While shooting multiple frames, the first image should consist of only the background without the subject and supporting object. After capturing the images, you will need to use Photoshop or other editing software to align the two images. In essence, there needs to be a significant color difference between the supporting objects and the subject itself.
If you apply the above tips and tricks, you will definitely add wings to your existing portfolio. Swee Shiong Chong writes for SG East Photo, a photography blog on techniques and equipment that is used in creating all types of photography from around the world.
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
Of all the memories we all hold on to, the ones we never learn to let go of are those of our family. Before leaving, why not make an awesome family portrait that will remind everyone that they are always in your heart. While the regular family portrait is probably good enough, you certainly want to do something that is out of the ordinary, one that will easily crack a smile when it is looked at, or one that even nana will proudly show off to her bingo buddies. To inspire you to make really special family portraits, we have prepared 24 awesome family portraits shot by photographers with an intriguing view of things. Creative family portraits take longer to set up than regular ones, but you will be surprised with how the outcome will always put you in a good mood no matter when you revisit them.
That said, here’s a heartfelt thanks to all photographers that dedicate so much of their time to photograph and demonstrate how inspiring a family portrait can be. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. For the record, there a a lot of ways to make someone or something appear as if they’re floating in a photograph. The one on the left contains our model sitting on a stool with a good buddy helping out by flicking her hair in conjunction to when we took the photo. Then I loaded these photos into Photoshop and copied the base image on top of the image with the model.
At that point, you’ll want to create a new Layer Mask over the base image (the empty photo) by selecting the Layer and clicking the Add Layer Mask button near the bottom of your Layers panel (seen here).
Now for those of you who have not used a layer mask before I’ll try and break this down as easily as I can. An old man saw me editing my levitation photography photos and took great interest in it since he was a pilot, and curious about anything that flew.
This weekend I threw a ladder, chair, and some other odds and ends into the car, and went out scouting for a location to experiment with my levitation. I actually left the shoot feeling dejected, because I didn’t think I would get anything usable.
If you’re a digital photographer, and you’re ready to learn the “tricks of the trade”—the same ones that today’s leading pros use to correct, edit, sharpen, retouch, and present their work—then you’re holding the book that will do just that. And finally, I edited the colors, which made the biggest difference of all for this photography tricks. If you like this photo, you should definitely check out work from Miss Aniela, who is queen of how to do levitation photography tutorial trick and my inspiration. Also check out Holger Pooten, a German photographer who does some great conceptual photography.
Each book is jam packed with tips and tricks that'll teach you how to become a better photographer, fast. Subscribe to Our Newsletter and Get Free Photography Stuff!Enter your name and email below and we'll send you weekly photography tips and enter you into our FREE giveaways. About FreeDPTOur mission is to share with you the very best photography tips and tutorials so that you become a great photographer.

Emerald was a very high ranking gem and was a fierce warrior who fought with no mercy, until she was persuaded by Rose to join the Rebellion.
Brainstorm - He is a big crab who is really smart,has flight,levitation,electrokinesis and can generate energy fields. Rath - He is a big tiger who has super strength,sharp claws,super agility and high jumping. Big chill - He is a moth like creature that can fly,use freeze breath,shoot freeze rays,go invisible and go intangible. Ampfibian - He is a jelly fish like creature who can shoot electricity,teleport,absorb and use electricity,fly,breath underwater,swim at incredible speeds and go intangible. Goop - Goop is a blob of well goop.He can fly thanks to his anti gravity projector,shoot acid and slime and change shape. Ever since the first meeting between the two founding members, Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell (Dirty J and Duddy B, respectively), vinyl has always been a part of the history of the Dirty Heads.
In the first part of our interview with Watson, we skimmed the surface of just how important vinyl is to both him and the band.
The initial meeting between you and Duddy revolved around your mutual appreciation for vinyl. Yeah, especially when it comes to reggae, the type of reggae that we like, the ‘70s and early ‘80s.
One of the best parts about the vinyl experience is seeing the album artwork on a 12-inch jacket. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. The ability to harness the creative aspects of the photographer and combine it with real-life images has resulted in a combined revolution of art and science. Levitation photography is still one of the most eye-catching and spectacular types of photographic subjects.
This article shows you how to incorporate this type of special effect into your repertoire. The subject simply jumps in place, above the ground, and then the photographer snaps the picture. In other words, the levitation effect is more pronounced when we see objects that are normally stationary in the frame of the picture, such as a house, vehicle, furniture, or any type of stationary object in a levitated position.
You can achieve this stationary position with a calm expression on the face, slight bending of the knees so that the feet appear to be floating effortlessly off the ground, and some kind of rigidity in the clothing that does not give away the subject’s motion. You can hire a skilled model, particularly a dancer or athlete who is accustomed to jumping, to create a more realistic effect.
After this, you mask out the subject in post-production editing with the use of photo editing software (e.g. You should ensure that objects used to support the subject are easy to remove in post-production editing. The second image should consist of the exact same background but with your subject and the required supporting object. You should shoot the picture under soft lighting to achieve soft shadows, as it will make your work easier during post-production editing. They are the people who are there for you from Day 1, there by your side through your cuts and bruises, trials and triumphs. If you are the kind who never says no to family, you’ll probably enjoy this post as much as I did making it. I’m amazed at how an impression could drastically change by just holding the photo frame in non-traditional way, and Kevin N.
A father holding a portrait of mother holding a portrait of daughter, I just love this inception-inspired trick! You just want to stare at this photo and think about how genuinely beautiful this idea is.
A bit off-topic, but this is a wonderful shot for fathers with lots of angels (at least until they turn 16) in the house.
It doesn’t require clear faces to make the portrait lovely, just a lovely family and their feet! Remember to take your camera into the family portrait as well; to most of us photographers, we treat it like a son anyways! Well-placed sandals, a puddle of water, the right amount of light and there you have it, a reflection of your family portrait. If you can hold your children tight, then this is the most fun memory you can shoot in a portrait! Double-confirm that all your family members are human before you take any family portraits! It sometimes even serves as the catalyst for you to save any severed relationships you have with your family.
What I thought was going to be an experiment in how to do levitation photography tutorial trick turned out to be one of the best photo projects that I’ve ever done. I found a row of miserable looking warehouses in the industrial part of town, with no one around to bother me.
But I did get just this one photo which was surely a stroke of luck, because it was the only photo in the entire batch that could have possibly worked.

My goal was to alter the photo just enough so that it felt surreal, but didn’t feel overedited. Her photos aren’t done with a digital SLR, which really just goes to show that you don’t need fancy equipment to express your imagination. With hundreds of positive reviews already from photographers just like yourself, you'll find it to be a great resource. We're dedicated to providing photography tips for beginners and intermediate photographers, inspirational photo ideas, photography book reviews, recommendations for photography equipment and gear.
She is very loving and sweet most of time when not in combat, but in a fight she is very fierce. White Diamond was furious with the Rebellion, but failed defeating them in the battle over 5,000 years ago. The format seems to be a foundational element to your relationship and the creation of the band.
I think it was their second album, but it has their big ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire’ song on it and another tune they do with Ella Fitzgerald. However, despite the seemingly complex nature of these photographs, many of them are simple to achieve, either all in-camera, or with the use of technology such as Photoshop or an application on your phone. There are no post-production or editing effects required, since everything takes place inside the camera. When necessary, you can clone out the shadow of the supporting object and add in artificial shadows using the burn tool in Adobe Photoshop. But there comes a day when we have to be independent, stand on our own two feet and move out of the nest, either for studies or for work or to build our own family.
Brace yourself, the request for your photo studio’s name from your friends and relatives are coming.
This is the portrait that will make visitors keep asking you how did you do it, whenever they visit. Because you want your base image to have the same focus point as the image with the model in it. I knew I found the right spot when I saw a wide open space in the back of a warehouse with the perfect grey backdrop to contrast with the yellow dress I was wearing. I tried all kinds of stupid things like jumping on couch cushions and balancing myself on a ladder. I ended up balancing myself on a ladder, a chair, and a wine crate, while throwing my head upwards to get some movement in my hair for my levitation.
The ladder unfortunately covered up my foot, so I had to replace it with a foot from another photo.
I played with the levels to darken the photo, then balanced the colors so that I didn’t look like a ghost. Another thing you can do is take a photo of the foot in a similar position and then paste it on top. The thing I love about self-potraiture is that you can both direct and model exactly what you have in your head.
The dress was flat where I took away the wine crate underneath my stomach, so I adjusted it so that it looked like it was flowing. I then desaturated the photo since my dress was a screaming yellow, and then applied a warm photo filter on top of it all to even things out. She use to serve White Diamond, but joined the rebellion after being shown how beautiful life was on Earth by Rose Quartz.
He had no idea who I was talking about, nobody knows who they are until you sing them ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire.’ They were a big group at the time. On the other hand, you’re risking out-of-focus and out-of-frame photos, like this one.
It was just that, like, we thought this album was much more broad, much more international. Then I started randomly listening to 1940s music, like the Ink Spots, that’s all I listen to now.
I don’t want to listen to something new on vinyl — that’s probably a bad thing to say since all of our stuff is on vinyl. We wanted something obviously to catch your eye, but we didn’t want anything to take away from the music. We didn’t want a f–king VW bus with a longboard on top of it and a pier in the artwork.
If you’re a new fan coming in and you’re turned off by the stoner vibes and reggae rock thing, we didn’t want them to get turned away by that. We just wanted people to hear the music for what it was, not how we dressed or what we looked like. Reggae rock.” We wanted nothing to do with that, we wanted the music to strictly speak for itself.

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