The Ruger LCP is a well made pistol and we found that makes a noticeable difference on the range. One of the nicest features of the Ruger LCP is the attention to detail in shape and finish.
There is a small cutout in the slide which allows you to see if there is a cartridge in the chamber. Weighing in at just 9.4 oz, the Ruger LCP is a reinforced nylon frame gun with a steel slide. To test the inherent mechanical accuracy of the Ruger LCP, we shot from a standing position at 25 yards, using a weak hand side hold and balancing on one foot while eating Deep Fried Snickers Bars. Since it would be a bit silly to put the Ruger LCP in a Ransom Rest, we thought a more realistic and helpful commentary might involve documenting our subjective findings on the LCP’s ease of shooting accurately at realistic distances for this gun. Once we found the right hold (see He Said comments below) it was surprisingly easy to hit with the LCP – even out to 25 yards or so. I found that I had to experiment with grip and trigger a bit to find a hold that allowed me to shoot accurately on a consistent basis.
I’ve got an NRA Edition LCP new in box, and two Arizona Centennial Editions, new in box. If you want to learn about the world of guns, shooting and the American way, check out some of my books.
Yes, it’s technically one of those guns to carry a lot and shoot far less frequently, but we were pleasantly surprised by its ergonomic friendliness over long shooting sessions. One of the things that has given us grief about similar models from Kel-Tec is the rough seams inside and outside the trigger guard where the polymer frame material is molded. It’s smooth where it needs to be, like where your strong hand thumb rides, and rough where grip is needed.
One is flat for maximum concealability and the other has a hook shape which allows your ring finger to get a firm grip. The slide features an open-top ejection port design to enhance reliability and ease clearing of malfunctions.
The hooked profile plate simply adds a little more finger room, not additional magazine capacity.

A great gripping surface and relatively light spring tension make it easy to rack the slide. As its a double action only gun, it’s heavy as expected, but the pull is mostly even with a bit of stacking right before the sear releases. We did most of our shooting at 5 to 10 yards at range trash targets such as cans, plastic bottles, and other un-tiny objects that we deemed fun to shoot.
The sights are small as this gun is designed for up close self-defense use, but they are workable. I wear a mens large glove so while my hands aren’t huge, they are larger than average.
I'm the creator and primary author of the Insanely Practical Guides series of how-to books.
I believe that life is a bowl of fruit loops and that things don't have to be so complicated, although I suppose excessive techno-jargon keeps lots of well-intentioned lawyers in business.
No, we would not want to crank off a few hundred rounds of high-pressure self defense ammo at a single sitting, but shooting lower recoil practice loads exhibited a low level of self abuse. It’s tough on the fingers after a few shots and manicures are getting more expensive by the day. We found the magazine easy to load without loading assist tools – even the last round.
We were expecting handgun brutality at minimum, but it was comfortable to shoot even with defense loads. As the Ruger LCP is so small, simply grasping the frame and letting my trigger finger fall naturally caused me to pull the trigger with the fleshy fat between my first and second joints.
Also have had an interest in really checking out their 1911 – heard good things about it but never shot one.
Even a pocket pistol carrier should have at least one spare magazine for either reloads or malfunctions. I found I could shoot this gun much more consistently using the first pad of my finger by deliberately withdrawing my finger further from the trigger. The contours were smooth and comfortable, and while it’s a two-finger gun, I found it easy to control and aim.

For readers not familiar with sight nublets, that’s a very low profile front sight matched with an equally low profile rear notch cut into the frame.
This means that it is designed to keep the slide locked in an open position only when the user engages the slide lock lever. We’ve got a pet peeve about gun reviews by aging gun writers that claim to test mechanical accuracy by sighting in at 25 yards with aging eyes, holding in a weaver or similar stance with aging hands, and firing with an aging trigger finger.
We’re not sure why Ruger only includes one magazine, but we suspect it might have something to do with meeting a target street price point.
Right, that method pretty much removes all potential variables that might impact group size and tells us much about what a gun is capable of.
Once I figured that out, I was able to hit small targets at reasonable distances with ease. By the way, being off a perfect sight picture by just the width of an average human hair creates over a one inch change in point of impact at 25 yards. Lot’s of possibilities to match nearly any wardrobe selection.As a side note, look for a review by me (not Him!) on the Looper Flash Bang paired with the Ruger LCP soon! Including a second or third magazine would probably push the street price of the LCP over the $300 barrier. Rather than get in a psycho-analysis of buyer behavior and perceived price ceilings, let’s just say we understand if the price point is the real issue. Did we mention that we’re sick and tired of reading gun reviews that tell more about the reviewers braggadocio than a guns capability? We’d rather not have to do a separate shopping and purchasing event to get an extra magazine.

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