Astronomer Jim Barclay from the Kingaroy Observatory is on an unusual quest: he wants to shoot as much of the night skies over the South Burnett as possible.
Jim wants to get the region listed by the International Dark Skies Association (IDSA) in Phoenix, Arizona, an organisation set up to combat light pollution worldwide.
Last month the Warrumbungle National Park in central western NSW was designated Australia’s first IDSA certified International Dark Sky Park, recognising its key role in Australian astronomical research.
Mr Stokes said the park’s dark sky qualities would be protected with $100,000 in funding to control light pollution, which will also help ensure the nearby Siding Spring Observatory continues its research unhindered by bright lights. A new Dark Sky Planning Guideline has also been developed with the Australian Astronomical Observatory as part of the NSW Government’s review of that State’s planning policies.
Jim’s own quest is to get the South Burnett listed with IDSA to open the area up to astro-tourism, encouraging anyone from amateur astronomers to astro-photographers to come visit the region. As part of this quest, last month Jim approached the South Burnett Wine Industry Association to shoot the night skies over the region’s wineries and vineyards, a move that was welcomed by SBWIA president Jason Kinsella.
The D7100 marks an exciting advancement in image quality for high-resolution DX-format cameras. When the action speeds up, fire a blazing fast 6 frames per second continuously for up to 100 shots. In short, we strive to please your gadget needs while making your shopping experience convenient and affordable.
Casual players can pick up and play with ease: you use one analogue stick to move and any button to shoot a triangle, which is how you move the videoballs around.
The most powerful shot comes complete with a jetstream trail, but the downside is that this shot can be deflected back at you, which can lead to some intense rallies or sucker punch reversals. There are a nice range of pitches to try, some with smaller score zones or blocks in various places which switch up how you have to approach matches. Videoball is a classy and low cost game that is manic fun in multiplayer and an okay grind in single player arcade mode.
When not gaming or holding down his day job, Matt reviews films for newspapers, is a youthworker, and writes creative fiction. The South Burnett’s pollution-free skies are one of our secret national assets and deserve to be protected.

Incorporating recent advancements in HD-SLR technology, the D7100 brings a thrilling new level of image quality, speed, connectivity and creative capabilities—a specially designed 24.1-megapixel DX-format image sensor, superior low-light performance, ultra-precise autofocus and metering, advanced video recording features, built-in HDR, mobile connectivity and much, much more. Nikon specially designed its 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor without using an optical low pass filter (OLPF), resulting in the purest, sharpest images using D7100's DX-format CMOS sensor. Building on the acclaimed autofocus system from the D300s, the D7100 uses 51 focus points, including 15 cross-type sensors for detecting both vertical and horizontal contrast variations, to achieve fast, precise focus. Connect the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter and instantly transfer shots to a compatible smartphone or tablet, then upload them to the web, send by email or text—share them however you like.
With full-time autofocus and manual exposure control during video recording, a built-in stereo mic and an external stereo mic jack, headphone and HDMI jacks, the D7100 achieves exceptional cinematic reproduction and quality.
Built-in HDR (High Dynamic Range) combines shots taken simultaneously at different exposures into one beautifully rich, high-contrast image.
A durable magnesium alloy body with moisture and dust resistance protects the camera's internal parts from the elements. The Wireless Mobile Utility application must be installed on the device before it can be used with this camera. Our company mission is to provide affordable, up-to-date and brand new electronic products, while providing a customer-oriented service that will gratify each purchasing experience. Sure, Videoball may not look like a cutting edge PlayStation 4 game, with simple visuals of friendly-looking triangles (which you control) and circles (the titular videoballs themselves) – but thanks to a cunningly refined game engine and simple controls, this is pure addictive fun. The objective is to get any of the three videoballs into the score zone, resulting in a touchdown. There is also a final level of charge that rather than sending out a triangle forms a defensive square barrier for you to place on the playing field.
The single player options see you working your way through the various pitches against AI foes who are programmed with different personality traits, such as 'Punchy', who attacks rather than necessarily trying to score. Working with a human partner is a great bonding experience – just be careful not to stun each other too much as friendly fire can be an issue. Don't let the simplistic looks put you off – have some balls and fire this up at your earliest convenience. Well done to Jim Barclay for instigating this project, and discovering a potential source of protection and funding for our region.

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This mechanic stops you sitting in wait with a fully charged shot ready to ambush a passing ball. Multiplayer is where Videoball really shines, though, as you can have combos of four human or AI players in local or online matches.
At the same time, a highly accurate 2016-pixel RGB sensor evaluates every scene, taking into account brightness, contrast, subject distance and color, for spot-on auto operations like Face-Priority and full-time autofocus during video capture. Use your phone or tablet as a Live View monitor to take shots without having the camera in your hands, a huge advantage for everything from self portraits to digiscoping with a Nikon fieldscope. Dual SD card slots give you additional recording time, and an all new 60i function enables smooth playback on HDTVs or external monitors. These projectiles can hit the ball, causing it to move or block your opponents' shots – and even bash your foe out of the way. The square barrier can be destroyed by opponents but forms a great alternative defence strategy, with a timely use to block key angels from which your score zone may be vulnerable.

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