Here are some techniques that you may not be aware of if you’re new to portrait photography. In addition to directing your subject’s gaze to position the eyes, also take note of the catchlights in the eyes. Aside from a great portrait tip, this is also good all around practice to improve your photography skills.
For portraits of women, showing the hand in profile with the fingers curled often works well.
I hope I’ve given you a few new ideas to try next time you set out to shoot a portrait. About cropping the head it should be cropped a little more so it wouldnt looked like a mistake .. Hi, I was just reading your tips on portrait photography & I have a question with photographing kids. If I use the portrait setting how can you get a good photo if they are constantly on the move?
I have been following the comments on this thread and am particularly intrigued by those on composition and the reaction to Jason's suggestion to crop the top of the head. I find tight framing taking off the top of head quite ok but on long shots but cutting legs off at the ankles less acceptable.
Simon - no flash for that shot in #5, as I mentioned in the comments above there's a white wall behind me that acted as a natural reflector.
Matthew - I've found that talking to the model and explaining what you're trying to achieve helps with nervousness on both sides of the lens. Several of these portraits would have been helped shooting vertical and following their own advice. This precision point-and-shoot, gun-style IR thermometer can easily measure the temperature of a surface—including hot or inaccessible equipment—from a safe distance. It takes practice, but being aware of these ideas can get you experimenting, and inspire you to try shots you might not have otherwise tried. If possible, I raise my left hand and have the subject follow my hand with her eyes until her eyes are positioned favorably. When photographing children, one of the best ways to get natural smiles and fun photos is to shoot them in their natural habitat, which probably isn’t a photo studio.
When the sun is low in the sky, you can use it as a rim light to highlight the subject’s hair. Let me know your thoughts on this article by commenting below or reaching out to me on my Facebook page.

I was criticised by someone I know for cutting tops of heads off, but I like the effect too. My partner's grandson is only 2 yrs old & he is hard to photograph whilst on the go, I have found using the sports setting on my camera works to a degree, but sometimes the photos can look a little grainy.
They just go to prove that photography is an art and, as such, much of it is a matter of subjective opinion. I am very much interested in portrait photography and I was great going thru your article with great pics.
My advice is to find an area where the background is in shadow, and there's something light in the front of the subject to act as a reflector. I mean I have been composing my portrait shots a lot more tightly and not including the tops of my subjects head.
If you can turn it into a great conversation where there just happens to be a camera present, you can get some great natural looks. I am completely self taught so, i am constantly scouring the Internet looking for how tos'. Something about trying to direct the model gets my knees knocking, but this post helps to make a good natural shot. I am old enough to have read advice on portraiture that debated how much space should be left above the head. It also has a host of applications related to HVACR systems, electrical equipment and more. Windows without direct sunlight shining through them work great, as well as clear open sky. Learning to frame, focus, and shoot before the moment has passed takes practice and patience.
This works best if you can position your subject against a darker background, like a shaded area, without loosing the light on the subject’s head. Hands are just plain awkward when there not doing something at the best of times (why pockets were invented if you ask me) and cropping out the top of the head will be something I'll try.
On a Canon DSLR with a 1.6 crop factor that lens has 35mm equivalent focal length of 80mm, which is great for portraits.
Since the sun is low in the sky, and I was shooting into the sun, the side of the houses is in shadow, and makes a darker background.
I'm sure that more images are viewed on a screen than in print form these days, and the current trend in screens in 16:9. It was not until the development of very wide screen movies that the cut-off-the-top-of-the-head abomination came into portrait photography.

I know it feels weird at first, and to be honest, I would never have tried this if someone hadn’t told me to. If there were empirically right and wrong answers to such questions then photography would be a science. Close in shots with wider angle lenses make certain facial features look bigger, meaning it distorts what the person actually looks like in real life. Look at Picasso's portraits - he sometimes put both the front & the side of the face in the same painting. A head and shoulders portrait that is going to be printed 8in x10in should be composed differently than a portrait that is going to be viewed primarily on a 16:9 screen. That does not mean that an occasional image cannot be of just the face, but should not be used often. Just look at the long history of painted portraits and see how many closeup faces are shown.
Also cropping out the top of the head (either in camera or in post) brings the eyes higher in the frame and helps you achieve rule of thirds or golden section placement of the face in the frame.
If you tight your frame in a subject it's impossible to not cut the head otherwise the frame needs to be loose.
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