As Photo Director of RIDES Magazine, when you're working full time as an Automotive Photographer, every day is a good day. In this shoot for RIDES Magazine we set out to feature a few hoodies and jackets for our upcoming spring issue.
The light setup I chose was something I hadn't tried before, two strip boxes on either side behind her for a rim light, a boomed hair light over her head, a boomed background light with a tight grid facing the background sweep, two 54" umbrellas behind the camera over my head which were touching each other and facing straight at her which sort of combined the two 54" umbrellas into one bigger light source, and finally suspended between them was a ringflash.

The ring light is then suspended between and in front of them to give me some shadows and a harsher quality of light.
She just so happened to be flying in town for an event, so we set a date and made it happen.

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