Parks and Recreation: The final season begins in January, so catch up with your favorite Pawneeites with a mini-marathon. The Great Christmas Light Fight: Only in Midland would someone have a flame-throwing light display for Christmas Season finale. A Christmas Story: It’s Christmas Eve, which means it’s time for 24 hours of people yelling that you’ll shoot your eye out.
The Greatest Story Ever Told: This is the 1965  epic following Jesus’ birth to his crucifixion.
The Wire: Just in time for a long holiday weekend, HBO begins a marathon of all five seasons, recently digitally remastered.
Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon: Nick Cannon hosts this look at all those viral videos you’ve already watched on your Facebook feed. Michael Sam: A documentary about and exclusive interview with Michael Sam, the first openly gay football player to be drafted to the NFL (only to be cut later). The Grand Budapest Hotel: Included on many Best Movies of 2014 lists, Wes Anderson’s comedic romp is one of his best films to date.

Annie: Here’s the original 1982 version of the classic musical, starring Carol Burnett, Albert Finney, Tim Curry and Bernadette Peters. My husband would strongly disagree, but I think the BEST Christmas movie out there is A Christmas Story, hands down.
Recent CommentsAlyssa and Tirzah Wilson on Huge haul of 1940s 1950s little girls’ dresses coming!
Join the Thrifty Vintage Kitten mailing list for shop announcements and exclusive discounts! The 1983 Christmas classic movie, The Christmas Story, will keep you laughing and listening to the potential of Ralphie Parker shooting his eye out. On Set with TV’s Hottest Comedies: A behind-the-scenes look at TV’s biggest comedies, including Parks and Recreation, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.
I watch it every year (sometimes more than once) and the Christmas season wouldn’t be the same for me without it. If you’re looking for a great vintage dress for you or your little girl this holiday season, be sure to check out the SHOP!

In between grabbing the best Black Friday deals, trimming our Christmas tree, and decking out our gingerbread house, I wanted to post some awesome vintage Christmas ads.
Christmas shopping is in full effect so in honor of my favorite time of year (shop-a-holics unite) here are some of the best retro-fabulous ads I could round up! He gives us a glimpse into his life for a short period of time during the Christmas season. Of course I’d gravitate toward a movie that takes place back from where my clothes originated! If not for the story, the clothing, home decor, and outside shots are authentic and charmingly vintage.

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