To get photos and video footage for the Lifester I need professional photos that are very high quality. The hardest thing, surprisingly was to whittle down to a possible few select shots and outfits from the thousands of combinations that were popping into my mind.
Keep a look out for the photos that will be spread out through the blogs on this site, our Facebook page and Instagram.
Here’s a photo of the beautiful Kii Studios where I had the pleasure and honour of shooting my friend Naomi on a personal photo project that she did last year. Want to experience your inner strength through meditation so you can do what it takes to live your purpose in life?
Fellow DPS photographer Natalie Norton wrote an article awhile back giving tips on shooting pregnant tummies outdoors. When mentally preparing for a photo shoot, it’s good to have an idea of what type of images you want to end up with. I had a giant roll of white paper still in its tube that I ordered from B&H for about $40. As a side, background paper can also be converted into gigantic paper airplanes when you’re finished. For the black background, I rummaged through our closet and found our trusty fuzzy black blanket and hung that on the opposite wall. For my setup I used 3 standard SB Nikon flashes in remote mode and two inexpensive umbrella stands. If you’re putting together a kit, I recommend you pick up a pair of barn-door attachments to better control the light coming from the strobes. My advice is to act what may seem overly confident, constantly giving positive feed back and reassuring your subject that they are looking great. No matter how good your images look straight out of the camera, you can always add a little punch in post processing. These tools allow you to convert the images to black and white, soften skin, bleach or saturate colors, and much more.
Subconsciously I tend to shoot a little wide knowing that it provides more options in postproduction. This is definitely the type of assignment that demands a good conversation with the subject. Black velvet is the best fabric for absorbing light, and will work better than most other black materials. I used a large piece of black felt when I did an at home photo session of my little guy and it worked better than I had hoped! I just used a soft box on low setting and used a dark backdrop- very soft lighting on my subject. Also, after having a great pep talk from Natalie who features on here quite a bit,I wasnt nervous at all. Maternity photography is something I would like to add to my portfolio for confidential portraits.
Very helpful, I recently did my friend and it was hard to make her feel relaxed while posing. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de Cookies pour réaliser des statistiques de visites. Please Note: Images may have been watermarked to prevent other sites from hotlinking or scraping. Disclaimer: All Logos and Pictures of various Channels, Shows, Artistes, Media Houses, Companies, Brands etc. October 2, 2014 Nick Jonas channels Mark Wahlberga€™s iconic Calvin Klein underwear advertisements.Nick Jonas for Flaunta€“Move over Justin Bieber.
Nick Jonas shows off his six pack for Flaunta€™s latest cover photo.Enjoyed this update?Stay up to date, and subscribe to our mailing list!

In this article we will show a very effective trick on how we can obtain this dreamy and hazy effect on shooting photos using a common transparent sandwich bag and some colored markers.
I've always enjoyed ethereal photography and I am also a big fan of the vintage style photography, and i'm always looking for new techniques to use to my pictures. First thing, find yourself a common sandwich bag, a plastic bags that you carry sandwiches around in. This is important, on the closed side of the bag, use your hands to tear a hole and don't use scissors, since you'll want the edges to be rough, uneven, and slightly random. Take the open end of the bag and slide it over your camera lens, you shouldn't cover up the middle portion of the frame, we'll need a clear section to see the subject through. Another important tip, if you want to customize the look you get on your photos, you can take a colored pen and draw over the plastic bag, adding color to certain parts of the bag. If this trick really works,then surely beginners photographers will be thankful for this sharing. So I called up my friend Suki who owns a gorgeous studio in west London, asked our multi-talented marketing manager to put on her photographer hat and went to town planning and styling the shoot. I’ve had a fashion blog for over 4 years so dressing up and posing for the camera is not outside of my comfort zone. Another challenge was to ensure that I was staying true to my personality because when the photos would be used to make a connection with my audience, the last thing I want them to see is a wannabe fashion blogger instead of the chilled out, happy, confident and assertive personal coach and business builder that I am.
A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality and meditation. For both studio and outdoor sessions, much of the mood in an image comes from the background.
I used duct tape to hang the paper from the top of the wall down onto the floor where she would be standing, creating what the industry refers to as an seamless background. The fuzzier the blanket is the better, as it absorbs light without bouncing it back into the camera. I started with the typical two-light setup, each at 45 degrees as shown in the diagram below, with the third flash directed behind the subject onto the backdrop to eliminate any silhouettes and shadows. You can’t go wrong at only $10 a pop and they allow you to focus the light where you want it. This relieves the pressure of having to remember all the sitting positions and lighting techniques you want to try. This usually amounts to picking your favorite raw editor such as Lightroom or Aperture and perhaps a few colorizing filters or effects. Most have probably never done a shot like that and we should make sure they are comfortable with certain aspects of it before starting.
I have several maternity sessions coming up in the next few weeks and have only done a couple in the past. It was really cheap to get what I needed from the local craft store and it can be used as a felt board background in my elementary school teaching lessons.
I have only done a few maternity shots, so it’s great to have some more firm advice to go by. A friend of mine is due in 4 weeks time, and asked me if I could take some of her and her lovely bump. You'll get some very cool effects with it and expecting mom's are often less concerned about how their figure looks in the shots :) I'd have at least one other lens handy, preferably in the 50 to 85mm range.
I've got an uber sweet wide angle, but I'm worried that it may distort the poor mama-to-be. Nick Jonas gives the singer a run for his Calvin Klein money with a new cover shoot for Flaunt magazine.
Even if the fastest way nowadays to obtain these effects is to take a shoot with a digital camera and add some awesome effects afterwards using Photoshop. With proper lighting, a great camera, a super photographer and even a dressing room with  a mirror that had those stage lights around it.

I questioned whether an article about maternity photography would be useful to many readers, but in the end, most of the tips shared here can be used for many types of portrait photography, be it mothers-to-be or couch potatoes with beer bellies. Also remember the basic rules of lighting, the brighter you make your subject, the darker the background will appear to be in the image. Once you’re set up, the three flash units can be moved about the room to experiment with more artistic and dramatic lighting techniques. As much as they seem unrelated, your ability to interact positively with whomever you’re shooting is as important as having the proper technical skills to take the picture.
Although I have learned to do most everything directly within Photoshop, these days I generally turn to products such as Viveza, ColorFX or Kubota. Lately I’ve even found myself adding in a touch of grain or noise, something I always removed previously. Notice the different feel in the two images below that is conveyed with slightly different cropping and coloring.
I will be using a small Interfit portable studio kit for the first time – and will be living on my nerves.
I will be using a small Interfit portable studio kit for the first time - and will be living on my nerves. Promoting his upcoming solo album, Jonas hits the studio with photographer Yu Tsai and stylist Joseph Episcopo.
Photographer David McGrady has a super simple trick for adding a hazy and ethereal effect to your photographs: wrap a plastic sandwich bag on your camera, around your lens.
I wanted two dramatically different backgrounds typical for this type of shoot: black and white. Also, don’t be afraid to try cutting off heads, feet or other body parts to emphasize areas of your image.
I only have 1 SB800 (my other was stolen!) – any killer advice, technical or otherwise would be much appreciated! I only have 1 SB800 (my other was stolen!) - any killer advice, technical or otherwise would be much appreciated!
Even if you're feeling flustered don't let it show on the outside otherwise your subject will pick up on the negative vibes.
Their dog Charlie was pretty cute, and very obliging when it came to holding the Save the Date sign.
Channeling the rebellious energy of Mark Wahlberga€™s iconic Calvin Klein underwear advertisements, Jonas shows a different side of himself. For this shoot I had a white tablecloth on hand and large paperclips that converted it to something wearable. Talking about the upcoming album, he explains, a€?There are songs on my record that I want people to have sex to, and songs people can listen to when theya€™re pissed off. So, to get a smoothly lit background many studios turn to the high-tech material commonly known as paper.
I yet to have a background or stand so your ideas of a makeshift background is the key for me.
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