A proper passport photo is, of course, a very important part of getting that first passport. Disclaimer: what I am describing below is valid for Germany and might be different elsewhere in the world.
Step 4: use your preferred editing software to cut the photo to passport photo proportions.
Step 5: resize the image to the size needed for the passport picture (here in Germany it is 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm) and order the prints. Pro tip: you can do the passport picture photo studio-style and place several photos next to one another.
We used them too — for both US passport pictures and German same-standards-as-passport pictures. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Create your custom birth announcement cards with our US passport or driver licenses from different states! Check our the new babycard.ca USA Passport birth announcement card for your newborn boy or girl that you can customize! For now our little double citizen will have only the German passport as acquiring the Latvian one is significantly more work.
Yet we weren’t that keen on the idea of taking our four month old baby to a photo studio. Obviously baby faces have different proportions than grown-up faces, just pay attention that their chin is at the standard height of the grown-up template.
For this you need to check the exact size of the prints offered by your chosen photo printing service and adjust the photo margins accordingly.
Get your newborn boy or girl on a People Magazine cover, Time Magazine or even get their driver license!

We’re leaving the second passport for later, most likely for when Birdy turns five and the passport will not expire as quickly. It just sounded like so much work to time it right so that she is happy and photo-ready on a specific time and date. Your goal is to get one (just one!) photo with the baby’s head kept straight and both ears equally visible, the baby looking at you but not smiling. Plus by that age having a Latvian passport might actually be important for her and help to create a stronger bond with Latvia.
As it happens, the requirements for a passport photo are not as strict for babies so we decided to try making one ourselves.

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