The image below is a stitched panorama comprised of 7 separate frames, stitched together in Photoshop CS6, using the Photomerge feature. The first step in creating a stitched panorama with Photomerge is to shoot suitable images.
Overlap the images – according to Adobe, the images should overlap by at least 40%, but no more than 70%.
Keep your settings constant – you need to keep focal length, focus point, and exposure constant throughout the series of images so that you can combine them later. The next step is to open your images in Photomerge from within Photoshop, and stitch together your Panorama. If you noticed any vignetting or distortion in your source images, select the options to correct that during the Photomerge process. I appreciate feedback, please comment below or feel free to connect with me through Facebook or Google+. Often overlooked, but superb FREE panorama stitcher comes from Microsoft – it is called Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor).
It takes care of exposure blending, projection type, camera motion type – just drag and drop all the images to be stitched in its window. Process (Tone Map) a set of bracketed images in the middle of the set that have the most average values for the set (no total dark or direct sun). Take this set of images and input them into your choice of panorama creation software and process the image to a single TIFF. This is one of my faves processed this way, it’s 24 images (3xHDR), processed to 8 tone mapped images, and then to 1 panorama. Microsoft ICE is a research project from several years ago that does a FANTASTIC job of stitching photos. Bridge users can process raw files and send them straight to the merge function in Photoshop.
And I too reckon it’s best to fix the ISO and White Balance in the camera to help hide the joins. Great summary of the process of creating a pano and I agree that the portrait (vertical) orientation is the way to go. This is a great little technique I can apply to panos I take in my upcoming pacific islands holiday! Hi, I’m having some problems in merging to panorama sunset photographs including the ocean. We are very grateful to Mirjana DeLaey, Executive Producer at Abu Dhabi Media Zone, for helping us organize our production and trip to the United Arab Emirates from start to finish. She and her colleagues not only offered help and support in obtaining location permits, but also with the entire logistics for the production and crew during our stay in the UAE.
Of the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, on an island just a few hundred meters from the UAE main land, lies the island-city of Abu Dhabi, surrounded by many other islands that are just a bridge away. The main part of the city life is concentrated on the northern side of the island where several street blocks flow out into the Corniche, an 8 km-long picturesque waterfront. One of the main landmarks on that waterfront is the luxurious five-star hotel, Emirates Palace. The City's waterfront has many gigantic skyscrapers that thrill visitors with their size and architectural forms. Although often compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi is making an impression on its own as a cultural capital of the UAE.
One of the most important historic landmarks of Abu Dhabi is Qasr Al Hosn, the first fortress of the Abu Dhabi rulers, which was built in 1793. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque one of the largest mosques in the world, named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is also located in Abu Dhabi. Emiratis are known for their love of high speed and expensive cars, so where else, if not in Abu Dhabi, would they open a theme park called Ferrari World.
Ferrari World, as well as Yas Marina Circuit — the Formula 1 speed track, is located on a man-made island called Yas.
And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the weather in Abu Dhabi: it is one of the hottest cities in the world. By now, I've already flown above the city by helicopter twice, and our website has published two tours. Therefore, when we finally planned to photograph Dubai and Abu-Dhabi with the drone, we asked World Wide Web for help with obtaining the required permits.
In the beginning, we had no idea how big of a puzzle it was — it took us many hours to fill out all the applications, determine exact shooting locations perimeters, provide specifications of our equipment.
It was disappointing that the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, is not considered a public place; so we could not fly our drone around and above its musical fountains at the base of the building. It is strikingly different from the reception of our crew in the adjacent emirate of Abu-Dhabi, where we were not only allowed to photograph the best hotels and locations, such as the Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers, but we were also offered to stay in these hotels so that we could plunge into the atmosphere and later share our photographs.
Abu-Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and it has completely different feel from Dubai.
According to the procedures described in our permit, we were required to request a corridor from aviation dispatchers for each takeoff. We were very excited about having a wonderful opportunity to shoot all over Abu Dhabi with almost no restrictions.
Filming in Abu Dhabi and in the UAE was great collaborative effort of numerous authorities, companies and media enthusiasts. And Karlie Kloss was kind enough to post an Instagram video, sharing a panoramic view of the gorgeous setting before giving the camera a quick kiss.

Additionally, Alessandra posted a pic of herself getting ready for the late night shoot:"Midnight in #Paris !!!
And unsurprisingly, the work day night exhausted the lovely ladies."7am and that's a wrap people. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. In a 2007 segment on television’s A Current Affair Ken Duncan was described as “definitely one of Australia’s most iconic image makers”. There have been hundreds of outstanding commentaries on his work by renowned reporters throughout the world.
Well known as the pioneer of panoramic photography in Australia, Ken is an originator – not an imitator – which is why his work is so highly sought after by collectors. There is another arm of Walk a While – separate from, yet aligned with the ?primary objectives of showcasing the faith inspired creative heart of the ?community. On one of his many visits to the community, three leaders shared their vision with Ken to build a cross on top of Memory Mountain – at the foot of which is a monument in honour of the four indigenous evangelists who spread the gospel through central Australia. The indigenous leaders believe that when the cross is raised up in the heart of Australia it will draw people from far and wide. The easiest way that I’ve found to do this is to take one shot on P, look at the camera settings, and then dial those settings in on manual mode. When Photomerge finishes its magic, you will have a single panorama with each image in a separate layer.
For me, the hardest part is remembering to take advantage of this feature by shooting images when I’m out an about that I can later stitch together into a panorama. Regarding image capture…I find that it helps to keep White Balance and ISO locked down also. It is VERY powerful and can give you great control of perspective and vertical lines throughout your pan. This way if you don’t like the result its quicker to undo than reload all the images again. During the construction of our house I took many panorama shots using at least two rows of images in order to get the details I wanted, but they always turned out wider than was pleasant to view, even after cropping. This will give you a set of finalized Tone Mapped images (TIFF) that have the same processing across the board. I never have done this because I don’t shoot landscapes, but I will absolutely try it. I have used that to make not only panorama but also fish-eye images; and recently also HDR panoramas together with Luminance HDR. She was our producer for over 2 weeks full time, and even after our shooting, Mirjana continued working with us over 2 months to the very end ensuring the material goes live, all in the spirit of our project, so that everyone around the globe can enjoy the sights of the UAE.
Abu Dhabi is the capital of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the political, industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. It contains almost all of the city's beachfront hotels, numerous shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, parks, children's play areas and fountains.
It is a magnificent building with 114 domes that light up at night with changing colors, and enormous greens and gardens along with a kilometer-long private beach.
The Cultural District on Saadiyat island will soon be the home to Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, Zaeyd National Museum, Performing Arts Centre and other cultural institutions. It served as a primary residence for the emirate government until 1966, and after two decades it was opened up to the public. Over the legendary race track, is the Yas Viceroy Hotel with its amazing LED grid shell roof. Yet, this type of photography does not allow the photographer to capture everything in detail, to study elements, or to go down below and come out from between structures.
However, considering the fact that I was not allowed to open even the helicopter window without a paper from the police, we assumed that our flying device would definitely arise interest and objections from the local authorities and security services. One of them was Mirjana, who was working as a media producer in a large media company in Abu-Dhabi. The cost of the permits to photograph Burj Khalifa is several thousands of US$ per day, Burj Al Arab, the sail-shaped hotel, charges about the same amount of money for photographing at its location. Firstly it is an island-city and it is a planned city – with a grid street system, just like Manhattan, it is very easy to navigate around it. They build majestic cities with unusual buildings, make man-made islands, create convenient conditions for business, and ensure safety. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.
In a leading American gallery Ken was described as “the Ansel Adams of colour photography” – a high compliment indeed. He was one of the first to promote photography as an art form in Australia and was granted an Honorary Fellowship from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry. As someone who captures the beauty of nature for a living, he is both environmentally and socially aware. When they explained they had each received this vision independently, Ken knew it was of God and said he’d be glad to help.
It will be like a stake in the heart of our nation, claiming it for Jesus and proclaiming His name over our land.
Since you’ll merge multiple frames together later to get as wide as you need, shooting vertical will give you a taller overall panorama.
If you shoot JPEG and you’re happy with your images straight out of the camera you can go directly to Photomerge in Photoshop.

Instead I prepare my images in Lightroom and apply Lens Correction in Lr before sending my images to Photomerge.
Thanks for the link to your photos, I’ve never visited the Grand Canyon, but I would love to see it one day. I’ve forced the merge together using the Cylindrical button with better results in these instances. In the above example, when you crop as you do in step 6, it seems you unnecessarily lose potential height. Like described in this description for CS, Hugin can correct for vignetting and other lens errors, but I normally pre-process my RAW images using DXO software. Then when it comes time to crop, those pesky curved borders don’t prevent you from including those parts you *thought* you captured. I especially like the idea of taking several pictures when the object does not fit into one picture.
When I have edited the pictures in lightroom 4 and send them through to photoshop cs5 my pictures don?t seem to have the editing in, they look like the origanal images. My partner and i stunned with the analysis you’ve made to make this kind of submit amazing. Corniche beach holds a prestigious Blue Flag — an award given to beachfront vacation spots where the water and other conditions meet the highest standards.
Qasr al Hosn is also called "White Tower", which is not exactly correct because its pure white coloring was acquired after the reconstruction at the end of the last century. The F1 racetrack runs around and even under the hotel allowing its visitors to watch the race from the bridge lounge running across the racetrack or even from their room. Because of this, during summer months it is far more enjoyable to view the sights of Abu Dhabi on our aerial photo panoramas in the comfort of your own home and plan your visit for the winter time.
Our shooting locations were predetermined and logged in the air traffic systems well in advance.
These two cities that we had a pleasure to visit, Abu-Dhabi and Dubai, are definitely aspired for greatness in the future.
Australian Professional Photography Magazine described him as “the photographer who is now undoubtedly Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) leading exponent of panoramic landscape photography”. There is no doubt that God has given him a great gift to capture and present the splendour of His creation. In 2009, Ken was honoured to be awarded a Medal Of The Order Of Australia (OAM) by the Australian Government for his services to landscape photography, publishing and the arts. What many people do not know is that Ken has a heart for the indigenous people of Australia – especially the youth. The cross reflects the profound vision and a deeply committed Christian faith that informs the culture, artwork and hearts desire of the people of Ikuntji.
If you shoot RAW, process your RAW images in whatever program you use, and export full size TIFF or PSD files to a temporary location on your computer so you can open them from Photomerge. There is a more vertical height to the photo and therefore more space available for cropping. What I have done after flattening the image and before cropping it, is to put the magic wand tool in the grey excess around the image to select that area, then go to Edit and Fill and use content aware to save the excess.
Tourists often visit the lobby to admire the riches of the hotel: the 13 different kinds of marble brought over from Italy, Spain, China and India, 1002 Swarovski chandeliers, and other items of luxury. The outside row of the main building is covered in 82 domes decorated with white marble, and the inside courtyard is decorated with colored marble. It is a roller coaster that reaches the speed of 240 kilometers per hour in only 5 seconds.
Being a capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi has numerous palaces and governmental institutions around the city, which explains the vigilant security. So I came back several times there to see it in every light of the day and spent a considerable amount of time admiring this work of art and trying to capture its beauty in the panoramic photos. Ken was the photographer chosen by Mel Gibson to shoot on the set of his epic movie The Passion of the Christ.
He was also awarded the photographic industry’s highest honour – the Photo Imaging Council of Australia’s Gold Tripod award. After spending time in Central Australia and recognising the community had little access to the technology most artists take for granted, Ken launched Walk a While, which was established as a Foundation in 2010.  Its mission is to walk alongside the indigenous people of central Australia, using the creative arts as common ground, to provide equipment and skills so they are empowered to tell their stories. We would be given permission to fly for 10-15 minutes, or we would be asked to wait and call back while somebody of importance would fly by not too far away. Now that our photos are published, we see how much of the charm the portrait of Abu Dhabi looses and we hope that we will be given the privilege to film Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in its entire beauty next time we are in the UAE. Since establishing his own publishing company in 1992, Ken has published in excess of 50 individual photographic books and sold over 2.5 million books. Walk a While is now listed in the Australian Register of Cultural Organisations and is able to receive tax-deductible donations for its core objectives. They did take the basic function out of it and bundle into the actual product called Windows Live Photo Gallery — also free.

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