The images can be viewed, minus the outtakes, online in a private slideshow 48 hrs after the party. I'm so excited to announce that my first book, THE I HEART NAPTIME COOKBOOK: 100 easy and delicious recipes to make than less than an hour is now available for PRE-SALE!
I also spray painted a bunch of cute funky frames with pink spray paint to display Emmalyn’s photos from her first Birthdays shoot. For the party we served pink lemonade, club wraps, chicken croissant sandwiches, chips, veggies, fruit and strawberry dip.
We had vanilla cake with strawberry filling, red velvet cake pops, royal icing cookies and strawberry cupcakes.
For the party we rented a princess bounce house and the kids had a ball jumping while the parents chatted and ate lots of cookies!
We love our sweet Emmalyn and I loved all the details that went into planning her first Birthday.
I couldn’t have done this party with out the support from my wonderful family and fabulous vendors.
I had three sightings of Fuji's new, super deluxe, faux rangefinder camera, the Pro-1x at Eeyore's Birthday party yesterday. My most joyful encounter of a new Fuji and its owner was near the main drum circle at the party. I never caught this guy's name but we showed up early, when things were just getting started. This contemporary wedding cake has three stacked tiers that have been air brushed giving subtle shades of pink on the sides.

The girls have seven days to choose their pictures and they are generally ready for collection ten days after that.
This was my first party that I’ve styled and I had so much fun creating the party decor. She enjoys trying on my pearls and her bows, so I wanted to tie that into the theme as well. I love to create decor on a budget so I found a lot of the decor pieces from Goodwill and upcycled them with pink spray paint. I converted some dollar store glass vases by pouring pink paint inside and swirling it around. I poured the pink lemonade  in mason jars topped with citrus flower lids and pink striped straws. For the backdrop I hung up ruffle fabric with mounting tape and hung pommette’s in the center.
Jamielyn aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire. Each tier is trimmed with a pink ribbon and bowBlue, yellow and other colours are available also. Of course the best entertainment of all was watching our sweet girl dig into her first Birthday cake. When she’s not creating, Jamielyn loves to chase her two little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man. Try to maneuver your position so that you can see both the top of the cake and the child's face. You can find both of those tutorials here.  I created polka dot favor bags with ribbon and a thank you tag that they could fill with candy.

If you shoot from too high of an angle, you may only see the top of the child's head, missing the emotion. At the candy station we had pink gumballs, sixlets, rock candy, gummy bears, suckers and bubble gum sticks. As people move around during a party, you'll find a lot of different people interacting, giving you a great chance to shoot a variety of group combinations. If you shoot from too low of an angle, the candles and flames may obscure the face. When shooting the photos with the candles lit, consider trying a couple of shots with the flash turned off. My daughter loves necklaces too, I haven’t been able to find a cute chunky necklace for her yet… Thanks! To hopefully save yourself a lot of editing time later, be sure to activate the red eye reduction feature on your camera. As you shoot photos using the flash, be sure you know the effective range of the flash unit.
For example, during the time of the party when people are opening presents, considering moving the birthday boy or girl near a window, so you can take advantage of some daylight. The adults may not want to remember all of the gifts, but they'll want more of a set of interaction photos with others at the party.

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