We’ve been out and about around Buckinghamshire recently shooting commercial photography for Hotel Novotel in Milton Keynes. Hotel Novotel is one of the premium hotels in town and as such through out the week it is filled with people visiting Milton Keynes for business. Of all the different types of commercial photography that we shoot at Uniquecapture, hospitality photography is perhaps one of the hardest to get right.
Our Buckinghamshire photographers had the pleasure of working for Novotel when they contacted us after viewing our website. After a full day of lifestyle photography, Novotel were delighted with what we had captured.

Product DescriptionShoot-thru-hull mount, 20 degree pod type with remote temperature (200 kHz).
However come the weekend Novotel as is the case with many hotels hope to attract a good share of the leisure market, which consists of people looking to enjoy short weekend break in Buckinghamshire.
That said it is very enjoyable because we get to visit many luxury and plush, high end establishments all over the country. Uniquecapture was selected in part because Novotel wanted to work with a local photographer here in Milton Keynes but also because of the strength of our architectural and aerial shots – you can view our portfolio here. Detailed shots were a must so using a top of the range ?50,000 Phase One camera our professional photographers were able to create close up stunning photography.

We expect to be working for themĀ again in the near future and will bring you more over the coming weeks.

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