During the photography session, we will also be sharing some historical background of the national monuments visited so that you can have a better appreciation of the shooting location.
The package includes multiple shots by the us and usage of professional software to stitch up the individual shots to produce an awesome panorama effect as a takeaway. Our photographer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the shoot in event of wet weather.
The spots chosen for the photography session are pre-determined and carefully selected to ensure that the end result is good. V360 is based in Singapore and we specialize in producing high quality Virtual Tour for our clients. 360 panorama gallery provides you with the lastest panoramic images stitched by panorama software Panoweaver. Although the online shopping is an irresistible trend in this internet era, some shoppers still prefer to get products information in physical stores. Visitors come to watch the fine objects at museum, so more details about the exhibits seem more important. Professional 360 panoramic photo stitching software as well as Flash panorama publisher from any type of photo. The basic technology that makes Easypano JTS-Rotator SPH easy and accurate to shoot panoramas is fairly simple. Photo stitching is the process of combining several images with overlapping fields of view to reproduce a sweeping landscape. Although the software is complex enough to handle difficult tasks, it’s very easy to use and it gets the job done in a matter of seconds. After that you can crop the image in any way you want to make it look perfect, like it was just one picture all along.
When you first launch it you get the feeling that this will not go as easy as planned – you’re right! If you need to stitch photos that were taken at a different angle, probably this would be the perfect software for you as it has a lot of options regarding projection and field of view. But if you don’t like the outcome or you need to get into details because the job is more complicated, you just have to click edit and a whole new universe pops up: projection settings, control points editor, color anchors, geometry and many more.
By far the simplest software to use – you launch, click file, open, select the photos and then you watch how the magic happens. You can also find this on Android and iOS (iPad version here) which is great because you’re probably taking photos with your smartphone and now you won’t have to download them anymore.
ArcSoft Panorama Maker turns any series of overlapping photos of vast landscapes, city skylines, mountains ranges, lush forests, towering skyscrapers, and cascading waterfalls into dazzling panoramic pictures in just few seconds. PanoramaPlus X4 intelligently recognizes related images and seamlessly stitches together your photos and movie frames to create the final panoramic image. PanoramaPlus has built-in editing tools which help you to crop your photos to fit any frame size, rotate stitched images, and straighten skewed pictures.

PhotoStitcher automatically aligns individual pictures and stitches them one by one into an eye-catching professionally-looking panorama. A cylindrical panoramic photo has 360 degree in the horizontal line, but less than 180 degree in the vertical line.
You may not require costly equipment to shoot a video in 360-degree as the world's first 360-degree live virtual reality (VR) streaming camera for smartphones is here. Therefore the clients are strongly advised not to choose their own shooting spots at will and to listen to our photographer’s instructions on the actual day of shoot.
Rather than producing static photos, we believe that Virtual Tour is the new revolutionary way to create a different photography experiences for all travelers and a better approach to capture memorable moments in life. On scenic spot publicity, comparing with traditional text description and local plan photos, 360-degree panoramic virtual tour are more capable to introduce the entire scenery spots. 360 panoramic virtual tours can show online visitors the museum pavilion and their favorite exhibits. For example, during your trip if you took a series of overlapping images of a landscape and wondering how to combine them to produce a panorama or wide-angled, high-resolution image, then don’t be worried.
If you just need to stitch 2 photos all you have to do is go to file, new, select the 2 photos and that’s it – you don’t need to do anything else, it has a mind of its own which completes the job.
You can then export it as a JPG, PNG or even to a PSD file, which can be edited with Photoshop (you have the option to export it as a flat or as a layered image). Although we like and admire all the options available in Hugin, if you’re just looking to put two photos together and get it over with, this is not the right one for you.
You launch it, add the photos click on detect and you get what you were looking for – the two photos stitched into one, which you just have to save and that’s all. In order to get clean photos you need to upgrade to the paid version, Autopano Giga, which is $130.
Not only does the software make the stitching by itself, but it also knows that you probably don’t need editing so it will export the final result for you and then open it so you could see it.
The stitching process works in two dimensions, creating vertical as well as horizontal panoramas. With one click, you can send your panoramas directly to any installed version of PhotoPlus for advanced editing.
Just staying at home with their PC, the tenant and buyer can view the house in all directions.
Whether you like its interior trim, how about the space, and whether it has a sunroof, how about its performance and audio system. 360 store panoramas may provide buyers the convenience of online shopping and the reliable quality service and experience of physical store. Guests can view the 360 panoramic lobbies, the restaurant, and conference room of this hotel.
They can view the object detailed image by clicking the hotspots which also hinted with related introductory texts.

Several photo stitching software available in the market as perfect solutions to your problem.
If you need it, the software gives you the possibility to save the final version as a HD photo, which can be very useful.
You first have to add the control points so that it knows what the common parts of the photos are. The funny part is that if you delete the final version and you click on detect again (so that it stitches the two photos again) you will not get the same thing. The same thing happens even if you have 2 or 7 photos, just that it takes a little bit more time in the second case.
You just have to snap some overlapping images, select the relevant images, and click the ‘Stitch’ button. Embed the 360 panoramic tours to your website, the visitors may easily view the sight and have a strong immersive feeling, which will arouse their interests to travel. The car panorama provides you an immersive experience, which helps you to find a car suitable for you.
When they found their favorite dresses or suits, they can click on the hotspots linked by images to see the details. Museum Panorama combines the traditional exhibition and modern panorama together, which has been more and more applied to exhibition and other educational institute. Luckily, it doesn’t need too many, we managed to do it with only 2 control points and the result was “a very good fit”.
Even if it’s simple, Autostitch has some editing options: output size, blending methods, matching options and auto crop. The unique feature about PTGui is that it stitches most panoramas automatically, but also provides manual control over every single parameter. It will automatically split movie clips into still frames, and allow you to select the ones you want. When there are not enough matching points, manual photo stitching should be applied to insert matching points manually.
Professional and Batch can stitch both fisheye photos and normal photos, while Standard edition can stitch only non-fisheye photos. You just need to ensure there are no misalignments or shifts in color and brightness in the series of photos you take. To create 360 x 180 degree spherical panoramas, it is recommended to shoot fisheye photos and then stitch with photo stitching software- Panoweaver.

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