Almost precisely one year ago GoPro announced their new GoPro cameras; the Hero3, that ultimately cemented the status of the Hero camera as the most popular point of view video camera for all action sports. The black edition has gained a new redesigned lens that, with the new sensor, gives an even sharper image, not that the hero3 footage ever was un-sharp by any means.
With the Hero3+ cameras GoPro has also announced a couple more accessories to fit the new line of camera. GoPro cameras were not really designed for underwater videography and in a way their immense popularity among divers is due to extremely clever marketing.
There are a couple of things to remember before you chuck all your existing underwater photo gear out from the window. Recommended as long as you remember it is not a replacement for your traditional underwater camera. Read my post on Macro Photography, Street Photography, HDR Photography, Canon Digital SLR Camera, Lens and Accessories reviews. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged in flash bracket, lighting, macro gear, macro lighing, photogaphy gear, speedlight.
The lenses on most cell phones are dreadfully inadequate.  Of course, there are others solutions out there, but Photojojo (besides having a funny name) have a nice setup going. Structured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that works with the systems already in the home, anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for future home technology and smart home enhancements.
Imagine a house full of theme music, where every room carries the same tune as you move about the home. Structured Wiring panels were developed as a means to centralize and organize the miles of Cables and individual System Panels required to distribute Multi-Room TV, Camera Video, Phone Service, Multi-Room Audio, and PC Network & Internet services, to each room in a home.
Structured Wiring Panels vary in size; plan on a wall area of no less than 4' high by 4' wide for the Panel and Cables in a service area such as a garage, attic, or basement. Multi-Media Outlets Convenient plug and play points throughout the house provide the multi-media outlets for telephone, digital audio, high-speed internet, cable TV, DBS, HDTV, security camera.
Your home future-ready By distributing the cable-tv, internet, telephone, audio signals throughout the house, you can conveniently access the subscription based services where you need it, and block it for parental control. Convenience, Comfort & Security Imagine storing your entire music collection on a home computer and accessing it anywhere in your home. Investing in your home A proper structured wiring installation increases the value of your home by 1 to 2%.
Here is a small list of some of the main advantages to concider when choosing to implement a Structured Wiring system. With all of the cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel you can easily change how and what these individual cables are connected to and what they are used for. Each of the cables can be individually isolated from the rest of them and tested for shorts and opens if need be.
Splices are taboo here because they are prone to failure and can pickup noise and interference and, quite simply, aren't needed here.
More consistent signal quality - with all cables running back to the Central Wiring Panel they can all be connecter to the same source and get the same signal level. A basic structured wiring system can be purchased and installed in a new home construction for approximately $1 for each square foot of living space.
A bundle of wires routed to many different rooms may sound like a pricey investment, but the wire itself is relatively inexpensive. Retrofitting structured wiring is not always an easy process, depending on the home and what the homeowner wants the system to do. Ironically, it may be easier in homes built before 1950 (depending on the region), which often have cavities behind the floors, ceilings and walls. In newer homes with concrete floor slabs, minimal space within wall cavities, and more complex designs, installation requires removing wall linings. Sometimes you can run wiring along floors and walls behind hollow moldings, but Cerasulo cautions that this option is a better choice for telephone and other low-rated wires than for structured wiring. The easiest time to install structured wiring is when a bigger remodeling job requiring new power wiring is already in the works. The wires included in a structured wiring bundle vary by manufacturer, but look for at least two coaxial cables of RG-6 quality and two twisted pair cables of Category 5 ( CAT -5) or higher quality.
Structured wiring distributes a variety of data signals to electronics in the home, such as cable television, telephones and Ethernet computer networks. Structured wiring typically uses RG6 cabling for video signals rather than the prior standard of RJ59, which cannot transfer digital images. Besides the improved networking capabilities, Category 6 wiring can also become the basis for extensive home automation systems, including security systems, energy use controls and more. And the many benefits offered by structured wiring may be tempting enough to reach for the drywall saw and install a new network, even if there are no other plans to remodel. Category 5e cable, or Cat 5 as it's commonly called, is used for networking and telecommunications. A structured wiring package means that multiple data distribution options are readily available in the home. Homes of Tomorrow's many years of experience, multitude of projects and exquisite project management assures your success and the success of your project. Using Homes of Tomorrow home automation & networking intellers assures you that your system is not only well-designed and manufactured to quality standards, but that it also is installed correctly, professionally and safely. All installation technicians & systems designers working with Homes of Tomorroware assisted in becoming certified by the industries leading certification and training organizations and represent a commitment to continual improvement in product knowledge, job skills, customer service and quality of workmanship. Category 5e wiring and coaxial cable travel behind the alls to connect each outlet to a central distribution device (inset). Structured wiring systems allow for maximum bandwidth which will increase the overall quality of the look and feel of your new home theater, security, communications and home-automation. In one sentence Structured Wiring can be described as combining all of the communications wiring in your home and treating it as one wiring system. The exterior services terminate at a network interface device typically located on an outside wall of the home. The distribution panel contains all the necessary equipment to support the various networks.
From the wall jacks, various applications can tie-in based on what amenities are desired in each room.
Cables are run from one outlet or jack to the next outlet or jack and then on to the next and so forth. One of the main features of this is having a central location and how all of the cables from the outlets go back to the central location. Used for cable TV, digital satellite, cable modem and high-speed interactive video services.

While never really intended for underwater use the Hero cameras also have become extremely popular amidst the diving community.
You still don’t get the 2.7K and 4K modes but you are rewarded with the 720p 120 fps slow motion mode that used to belong to the Hero3 black’s domain.
Although the camera has remained the same size the company has redesigned its housing to be smaller. There is a new touch screen bacpac kit, which essentially is the old screen with new housing backdoor.
The original idea of the GoPro camera is to mount it on your head and free up your hands for something else. GoPro is a one trick pony; it shoots extremely nice wide-angle video (and time-lapse of course) but nothing much else. It is unlikely anybody could even reach the steps of the high castle GoPro currently occupies.
Light is the number one problem that every macro photographers have, especially when you get closer to the subject, with my simple setup I was able to get some pretty descent shots. The diffuser, you'll need this to make your light softer and bigger, you can use any diffuser you have. Imagine never missing a moment of the DVD your family is watching, because the video feeds throughout the house, allowing you to watch it while you make a sandwich in the kitchen. Structured wiring takes the concept of structured cabling, as practiced in demanding commercial applications, and combines it with multimedia. Please include the desired products from each of the three product groups that comprise Structured Wiring Systems: Modules, A Structured Media Panel, and the Multi-Media Wallplates. With a structured wiring solution in place, you can add home automation technology easily, allowing you to control various appliances from any where in the home and remotely via the Internet. You can easily avoid having some outlet passing through more splices or splitters than others. This system would consist of a control box capable of simple video and telephone distribution and four wire bundles running to wall plates in each bedroom, the living room, the garage and kitchen. And it doesn't compare to the cost, time and inconvenience of opening walls to pull wires after construction is completed. If you're just adding dedicated communication and data cable lines, a whole-house structured wiring system may not be necessary, says Cerasuolo. McClellan reports that installing a fairly basic system that covers windows, doors, and lights is pretty simple. This is advantageous as a bundle is easier to install, and the stronger wires (RG-6) help to protect the weaker wires ( CAT -5) during the installation process. For voice and data transfer, the system uses Category 5 wire, which is four pairs of twisted, unshielded, solid copper.
Cat 5 cable contains four pairs of twisted wires that can support data well in excess of 100 Megabits per second. The Systems Shop installs structured wiring in homes and businesses, and specializes in stereo and entertainment applications.
If you are trying to go the Do It Yourself route here you first need to ask yourself what you think your personal capabilities are.
This can include wiring for a home network, telephone, video, audio, alarms, infrared remote control and anything else you choose to throw in. All outside services tie in to the distribution panel, including cable TV, telephone lines, etc. It terminates external services to the internal networks, and it allows easy connection of outlets to the services. Now the company behind these successful and diminutive cameras have announced their latest model of Hero action cameras the GoPro Hero3+.
The basic white edition stays the same and has not been granted a pass to the executive plus club.
For everybody else but divers this is a good update as the whole combination now looks more streamlined but the reduction of materials has led to a 40m depth rating instead of the customary 60 meters. On top of this the cameras have been mounted on almost any imaginable sports equipment from kayaks to motor bikes to planes.
It’s a fixed focus camera so everything nearer than 10cm starts to go gradually out of focus. The new GoPro Hero 3+ cameras might be seen only as incremental update by some and the big ultra-high-definition modes are still missing. I don't have the money to spend on expensive macro ring lights, so I look around my stuff to see what I already have that I can use without spending more money and luckily I found these items. I also use the regular diffuser like the Fotodiox Flash Diffuser Dome for Canon 580EX 580EXII 580 EX II Flash Speedlight, but I find the result of a bigger diffuser better.
In today's techno-savvy world, the benefits of structured wiring in the home range from computer networking to elaborate home-automation systems. But it is likely a shrewd move when building a new house and it allows the homeowner to customize their wiring design to suit their needs for today, and the future.
Many of the Modules are compatible between the two manufacturers, however it is usually best to select the manufacturer of your choice and plan your entire system with their products.
The total cost to purchase and install the same system in an existing home can cost up to twice as much.
Retrofit installation, however, is a very doable project if the rooms are already drywalled and painted. Many of the functions of a home automation system can use the power lines already in the home, or be improved through wireless technology. The coaxial cable used in structured wiring is the same basic type used for purposes such as connecting a VCR to a television.
With good quality wires, there will be no loss of performance or interference from bundling. For example, a single coax cable can provide cable channels, satellite signals, as well as closed-circuit channels for outdoor security cameras. The first cable line carries a signal from a control box to the wall plate—for example, a satellite TV signal. An advanced control box , commonly known as a router, will be able to decipher the data, and send it to the correct location. I'll do my best to expose you to the details of doing things yourself here and include links to other who may be able to do a better job of explaining things. The distribution panel allows the homeowner to select what services are available for each outlet throughout the house. The network interface is connected to the distribution panel through at least one 4-pair Cat 5 cable.

The distribution box may contain an amplifier, and the cables coming out of the box distribute the signals. The cable runs of Cat 5 wiring should terminate to modular 8-pin jacks; coaxial cables have different, coaxial connectors.
Typically one outlet plate is used for all of the wiring types - phone, video, network or whatever. Although not as big an evolutionary step as the previous upgrade from Hero2 to Hero3 quite a few things have changed. I’ve not really tested this feature yet but basically it stretches the vertically wider 3:2 frame to a more useable wide screen format.
For most divers the 40m depth rating is of course enough and if you need to go deeper you can still buy the old Hero3 housing as a spare that has now been re-named the dive housing, not to be confused with the old Hero2 flat lens dive housing. Luckily if you happen to have the screen already you can, in the near future, just buy the new housing door, which can be easily swapped. Because of the changing positions of a diver’s body during a typical dive there is no really good place to mount a camera. If your lens have a tripod collar like the ones that came with most 70-200mm lens or 100mm macro lens, you can attached the flash bracket there to move it closer to the front. I'm thinking of getting a small flash like a use Canon 270ex or 270ex II in the near future. A comprehensive structured wiring system provides the infrastructure to create a well-organized communications network from room to room, and floor to floor. Whether you are pre-wiring your new home, remodel wiring or a working on a do it yourself project, we have the right cables for your application.
Technology moves fast and provides solutions in ways that were previously unthinkable or impossible. Structured wiring comes into play when there is a greater demand by homeowners for entertainment, which is often only necessary in a few rooms in the house.
RG-6 is a rating of quality; some manufacturers use RG-59 or lower grades, but these lower grades may reduce picture and audio quality.
It features 8 conductors, which makes it a great cable for multi-tasking,” says Green. Thus, data coming in over a high-speed Internet connection will be sent to the correct computer, allowing for multiple users to share a single Internet connection with no interference. Before you invest your time and money in this you should be reasonably sure you will be able to do this kind of work. So a jack used for a phone line today can easily be used for a computer-network jack tomorrow. Little attention was paid to good wiring techniques - as long as the wires were touching every thing would be ok.
The most popular head mount just don’t work as underwater photo and videography is often about putting the camera into awkward and upwards shooting positions where person’s neck will not (hopefully) bend.
True there are some close-up lens set-ups available but without longer focal length options you are always stuck on wide-angle. The structured approach when installed during new construction eliminates the need to retrofit a coaxial cable through a finished wall, or cut open the wallboard to relocate a Category 5e cable. Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of residential wiring products that distribute a variety of data signals throughout a home. An electrical power source in the distribution panel provides power to various powered devices installed in the panel. The signal quality and strength at the end of the chain would be seriously degraded and inconsistent.
I’m sure this can be useful a feature for some people but not if you want non distorted footage, you had better try to fit everything you want into the standard 16:9 frame without this mode on. The new Hero3+ housing port is also slightly different in shape to the previous Hero3 housing and annoyingly this will mean that the current filter contraptions like the SRP or Polar Pro will not fit anymore. On top of this to capture anything sharp and nicely colourful you have to push the camera really near your target.
But when I'm using a short lens, I just attached the flash bracket the usual way, under the camera.
It is called twisted pair as it consists of two wires that are twisted around each other (the twisting actually improves the quality of the signal). Depending on the wires included in the bundle, the outlet will have from two to eight different ports to attach devices to the wiring. With the appropriate hardware, this DVD signal could then be amplified and sent back over all outgoing cable lines on an unused channel number on every television. If one of the connections were to fail all of the devices connected further on down the chain would fail as well.
As always the Hero3+ black edition is still the only one that comes, as standard, with the splash-proof Wi-Fi remote control. But when holding your camera in your hand you easily capture very shaky footage as the camera is so light and every little tremor transfers from your hand to the film. For example, with the four-wire bundle described above, the wall plate would have two cable jacks and two phone jacks.
With this method the phone lines follow different paths through the home as the video which are different again from the network. The old Hero housing buttons were always hard to press and quite small and were hiding under quite tall button guards. There are many ways of combating the shakiness and various trays and arm set-ups have been dreamed up for the GoPro system. It has no exposure compensation and no real custom white balance modes so if you want colourful stills you will still need your traditional compact shooter. Generally higher numbers indicate better quality, although you should note that CAT -5e is one step better than CAT -5. Don't bite off more than you can chew - but then again - don't underestimate your ability to learn something new. Ultimately, though the successful end result is up to one important step: The post processing. Putting together a nice 10 minute film can be an intensive exercise that can easily swallow the whole weekend if you are not well trained.

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