One of the most perplexing feature omissions from the iPhone was the lack of support for the MMS protocol.
In this day and age, almost all mobile phones have not only a phone number, but an email address. Using iPhone's email picture function, you can still get your photos over to your friends' phones by emailing it to their phone. Worth pointing out to those not clued in to it - you can send pics to everyone's phone this way except iPhone owners. If I want to send a picture from a non Iphone to an Iphone without the person with the Iphone having to go to some website, how can this be done, if even possible.
This is the basic method to send MMS on iPhone which allows you to either select a picture from your album or record it on the go while sending that MMS. Once the selected file is attached, you can enter the text that you want to send and then tap on Send option which would send MMS on iPhone.
Here, instead of entering an email ID, you can send to the carrier while mentioning the recipient’s phone number. No matter what kind of type the iPhone 4 file is, this iPhone 4 to PC Transfer can help you easily copy it to your PC for backup and safety, with lossless quality, amazing processing speed and high efficiency. This iPhone 4 Transferring application has sensitive identification to instantly recognize your iPhone 4 and show all its detailed information, including type, capacity, version and serial number.
This function can help you make sure that your iPhone 4 files are always consistent with PC ones.

This function allows you to define what kind of iPhone 4 files should be shown or not, which makes iPod to PC Transfer more convenient and user-friendly. When you connecting multiple Apple devices to PC, This iPhone 4 to PC Transfer allows you to decide which Apple device should be connected to PC. This is a 4-in-1 multi-functional application, also can be called perfect solution for iPhone 4 users.
You can freely convert any DVD disc, DVD Folder, IFO files and any kind of video files to any Apple device compatible formats. With easy-to-use editing functions, you can easily edit any DVD movie and video source file to create personalized video work to share with friends or on the internet. The Refresh function can help you make sure that what this transfer reads are always consistent with your iPhone 4 files. When you connecting multiple Apple devices to PC, This iPhone 4 Transfer allows you to decide which Apple device(s) should be connected to PC. One can only assume that this was a deliberate choice by Apple, though it is hard to determine why.
In fact, most mobile phones have two emails - one for plain text messages, and one for MMS. Slightly less convenient than MMS itself, but a very viable solution if you know what networks your friends use. And the best part about iPhone is the fact that you could explore it more and more while using.

Now simply enter the recipient’s phone number, add text (if you want) and then tap on Send button. All you need to do is enter the recipient’s phone number followed by the email prefix for their provider.
With the backup Contacts file, you can always find the contact information of your friends and families. By emailing your picture to their phone and not their email, they'll receive it like a normal MMS message, provided they have MMS support on their phone. If your iPhone won't send email, then we'll look over some things that may be causing this problem and show you how to fix it. Furthermore, it has wonderful Backup Function to change all your SMS, Contacts files to database files for safety. In a busy world where time can be limited, most of us rely on communicating while we're on the go. Furthermore, you are allowed to connect multiple Apple devices to PC simultaneously, which means that you can transfer any files between any two Apple devices directly. If you are having difficulty with this, or are receiving the "Cannot Send Mail" error message on your iPhone, we are going to run through a few common causes and solutions.

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